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Bliss, my Victoria came today. Without trying to sounds too mushy, it was like seeing an old friend you had not seen in years but time had not really passed. I will admit that I was doubtful they could really recreate the luscious magazine from the past, but I feel they did it. They kept with what Victoria was and did a beautiful job. There was so much I loved but I picked these pictures from the article about Tasha Tudor's dress collection. Not just because I love Tasha but because to me it is what Victoria magazine does so well. It is creative, interesting touches but not so over the top. Still Victorian but a detail richness that I will come back to again and again and see something new. A new inspiration.

Now I do not like to be someone who focuses on the negative but for honestly sake (and in case someone from the magazine sees this post) there were two areas were I was disappointed. First the fashion page. After all the richness I saw on the article about Tasha, it was so disappointing and quick frankly (in my opinion) boring. Victoria's fashion has always be a favorite part of the magazine for me. I always took away a little something, a touch to add to my wardrobe. But these outfits were fairly uninteresting.

Second being the foodie I am I was not impressed with the majority of the recipes. There were some really smashing ones. I am dying to try the Grand Marnier Buttermilk Panna Cotta. But herb rolls and eggnog cheesecake, well (sorry) kind of boring. So dear Victoria, you have my heart and subscription. But please step it up just a notch in the fashion and recipe department. And readers if you do not have a copy on October 30th run to the store and get one. Also a good piece of chocolate to have as you savor the magazine. xoxoxox   



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Teresa Clark

I know this is an older magazine page, but the dress above yellow, with green ribbon and pink flowers is so beautiful. Does anyone still have this issue featuring this dress? Thank you!

Trendle Ellwood

Your pages are beautiful! I am a follower!
I have been looking for such as this, what a slush pile, but at last, here I am! Thank you for your inspirations.


I was a little disappointed, too. Basically, I guess I felt they covered stuff I already knew about. I want to make wonderful discoveries through Victoria! I hope they'll have more 'new' (yet still classically "Victoria-n") stuff as the months go by.


I rec'd my issue and have gone through it twice and each time have come to the conclusion of *it's nice but something is missing.* There's a certain softness missing from the new Victoria, as there was in the last few years of the original magazine. I prefer the early issues.

As to the pictures you posted, the model appears angry. Why did they do allow that in the magazine? Victoria should be serene and content.

Sorry to post such negative comment about the magazine...

Gumbo Lily

I've been enjoying Bliss Victoria this past week. I'm trying to read through it slowly like eating a good piece of chocolate. I really loved the Tasha Tudor Dresses article too. Wouldn't it be fun to dress up like that for even a day?


molly mcgovern

OHHH I received my copy as well! Pure bliss, as you said!

little jenny wren

Don't know if the new Victoria magazine will make it here.The old one was available but only at certain newsagents so I'll have to wait and see. It might be a good time to look over some of my old copies and pretend.


Mine came yesterday!

I only gave it a once-over...I looked at all the pictures but haven't read all the articles yet.

My first impression was that it's nice, but something is missing. I haven't quite put my finger on what's off. And maybe I'll find that missing bit once I really sit with it and read.

I am so glad it's back though. It was the very first magazine to which I ever subscribed.

Mary T.

Memories of yours and Dave's little Santa Cruz cabin come back to me when I think of you and Victoria magazine, I'm not sure why. What an incredible time in our young married lives those days were. Thanks for the head's up about the 30th store date, I'll be on the lookout. The Pumpkin Chai Pots de Créme recipe looks interesting from the website.


Hi Clarice,
I still have not received my copy in the mail. I can't wait. Thanks for the sneek peak.
Have a great weekend!


Well, we're all different aren't we? I loved the fashion page...classic. I can wear those clothes they won't wear me. Nice to see for a change.


I hope my issue makes it over the water to me soon! I can't wait!

How is your thumb now Clarice? I fell really clumsily recently and wrenched my thumb trying to stop myself falling face first into the farmyard mud...probably would have been better if I had just relaxed and fallen, as I ended up breaking my front tooth too. How ever I am all back on my feet again and just finished up our Autumn porch decorations and squeezed in a few last bulbs ready for spring. Love to you and yours, Gill.

Junie Moon

My copy of Victoria arrived today, too, and I'm so happy. I think overall they've done a great job. The fashions that we were used to seeing in the old Victoria had a richness to them that didn't quite make it into this winter issue. For example, the photos you shared of the outfits the blonde girl wore seemed more spring-like to me. I remember warm velvets and exquisite wools, textures more suited for a winter issue.


You know I can't believe how many of my favorite blogs love Victoria Magazine too. I went looking for the magazine at several places today, but none to be found. I can't wait. I have stacks of old Victoria magazines that I have literally moved with me from New Jersey to Hong Kong to Toronto and back to the States. I cherished them so much, and love that they are back again. Tasha Tudor is my favorite, in fact my guest room has two of her prints from Corgeyville. My sister gave me her video, and sometimes I watch her with a cup of tea and feel totally inspired. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into Victoria. Blessings, Karen


Thanks for sharing this Clarice. I did not subscribe because I thought it might be a disappointment, apparently not. I'll run to the store on the 30th and get my copy.
Thanks again



I can't wait to see the mag. I too always thought Victoria was a cut above magazine.
I have to wait until the end of the month to pick it up at the market though..
The anticipation is killing me!
Thanks for the tid bits.
I love Tasha! I just dug out her cookbook I had gotten several years back, reviewing the "receipts", as Tasha says in her cookbook.

Jill 00

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