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The Thank-you Susan Apron



I do not know if you have seen it, but Susan Branch has new free patterns. I saw this scalloped apron and knew I had to make it. I have been unable to find an apron I love. I am large, curvy girl ;-) and I knew I needed an apron with curves. This turned out so prefect for me. If you read this Susan thank you for being so generous with all of us.

But as I said I am big girl so I was a bit afraid her pattern would not fit me. I will try to explain as best as I can what I did to make the apron bigger. I added one inch to each of the three middle pieces, so that gives six inches extra. What I did was move the smallest side piece down as far as I could (click on pictures below). To determine how far I could move that piece down, I started at the other bottom and laid the four straps, reversing wide end to narrow end, so it took up less room. I place the small piece above that and then the other three pieces. I had room to add the inches then. I just took one of those fabrics pens that vanish when fabric is wetted and drew a line in inch out from the pattern. The pattern calls for 7 yards of seam binding but if you buy those packages, they are four yards. So two packages will give you the extra seam binding. The only thing is I really need a pocket. So another day I have to figure out how to add one. But I LOVE this apron and the fabric.

Lastly I have never really worked with seam binding before and it was not easy. But about half way through I started getting the hang of it. But if you look close you will see places were the fabric popped out and I had to sew it down (shock)

Thank you for all the kind comments. It cheered me up and made all the last weeks negativity go away. Having spent a lovely day at home sewing and baking and reading all you kind words have made me feel right as rain xoxoxoxo

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Hi Suzanne. I did first method you mentioned. I have never seen the other method, although this post was quite a while ago. They know so much more ideas now. Good luck and the apron is so charming. Clarice

Suzanne Eagle

What bias binding method did you use? I am about to start mine and have seen two ways (the sandwhich and top sew and the one where they sew the edge first than flip the bias back over to top stitch). She doesn't say in her pattern which way to do it. Thank you for your time and great ideas for bigger girl sizing.


Hello.will you please kindely send the original pattern ba susan branch to my email please? I would really appriciate it. I tried much but I couldn't download it any where.actually many of the download sites are firewilled in my country.
thanks in advance


My goodness you did a beautiful job on this apron! I love how you're modeling it too, the colors are absolutely perfect for the season. I made the same apron quite awhile ago and it fits well. It really is flattering to all figures just as Susan promised! Thanks for sharing this.


I love your apron - it is so flattering - thank you so much for the tip on enlarging it, I am also made in generous proportions.


I just saw this apron but can't find it on Susan's website. How do you find it to download?

Susan Branch

Oh you are SO welcome . . . it's only fair considering all the wonderful inspiration given so freely by YOU! When I found out that apron gave me a waistline, it became my favorite pattern of all time! So glad you like it . . . it looks darling on you. Thank you for doing the sizing part of it! Have a great day!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'm so glad I stopped here tonight. I saw that pattern and thought it would never fit me, but it was so cute. I think I can figure out how to make it fit with your tips. I'm a "fluffy" girl too (16 on a good day). Your fabric and trim is great. Thanks so much for sharing!

karla nathan

YOu look wonderful in it, like a story book heroine in that skirt and top!


That is an AWESOME apron... and you are so clever to size it just so... ~sigh~ If I had an ounce of that talent.....~sigh~ Great job!!


It is beautiful!! I wish I sewed. I would have to put a lot of extra fab in mine! You, my dear, look lovely. xo


That is just sooooo pretty:-)


I love the fabric you chose for this and it turned out beautifully!! I want to make one now!!!


BEAUTIFUL apron --- it looks very nice on you! Are you the model in the photo? Hmmmm --- did you get your hair cut?

Hope all is well with you. I shared your blog with Dad and Alma last evening and they enjoyed their visit very much. I also told them all about our wonderful tea party together! They loved your house and decor.



The apron is a nice pattern, I like it. What I really like though is the skirt. That's my type of skirt!

Gumbo Lily

It's terrific! The fabric and trim is very nice! I'm going over to Susan Branch's to get the pattern too. I love aprons!

Thanks for sharing, Clarice.



That is a pretty apron!!
So glad you are feeling better.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Junie Moon

What a great apron! I did get the pattern but haven't made it yet--I truly need to check into the nearest cloning hospital as there are so many wonderful ideas I want to try. Thank you for your notes about how you modified it--very helpful.


I love this apron pattern. Vicki made one too, only in blue. It is very flattering. Great choice of fabrics Clarice, and a sweet model posing too!
I'm glad that you're feeling better now.
Take care.


Wow, that is wonderful!! Very flattering, and the fabric is beautiful! Great job Clarice.
Have a lovely weekend,




I love that apron!
I am so glad you made it!
It looks lovely on too.
That is very nice of Susan to share the apron pattern.
I love it when people share patterns.
Have fun wearing your apron while your cooking up some Clarice recipes.
Have a great weekend!!!


Jill 00


Cuuuuuute! Now...where's the pic of YOU wearing it?? (Your dd is adorable of course, but I'd love to see MOM in her creation as well....) *wink*

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