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Do you remember I mentioned a surprise,

well I am quite excited on November 7th. best selling author Susan Wittig Albertwill be a guest post in celebration of the release of "The Tale Of The Hawthorn House". It is the fourth book in the series of Cottage Tales Of Beatrix Potter. Susan will be posting about the way the Peter Rabbit books evolved, from children's picture letters to a self-published book to a publishing phenomenon. Susan is quite an expert on Miss. Potter and I am very interested in reading her post and learning more. Susan will be doing a blog tour and a little bird has told me there will be a give away, a cool giveaway :-) You can find more info on the blog touron October 29.

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the book. I have already posted about how much I love this series, so it is no surprise I would love "The Tale Of Hawthorn House". I have to say I think it is my favorite. Although is a toss up between this one and the first, "The Tale Of Hill Top Farm". I think I love "The Tale Of Hill Top Farm" because it was the first book. You know kind of like a first love. But I have to say "The Tale Of Hawthorn House" held me in complete fascination throughout the whole book. I could not wait to see what happened to baby Flora. I really try to savor Susan's books and not gobble them up as I do with other mysteries. But is was quite hard for me to do that with this book.

Susan I so enjoyed "The Tale Of The Hawthorn House". I really think you outdid yourself this time. We are all looking forward to your blog tour. It will be quite a celebration. I only wish we could have it at my house and I could make you a cup of tea (oh and something yummy to eat) xoxoxoxo

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The feathered nest

Ooooh sounds good! I haven't read any of her books, but will check Amazon.



Squeal of Delight! My daughter and I love these books and will be waiting anxiously to "meet the author"! Thanks for hosing this, Clarice. How wonderful!


I am reading this now!!! I just checked it out of the library on Monday and I am almost finished. It is absolutely delightful! I haven't read any of the others but I know that these books need to live in my own home. So I'm off to Amazon.com!



Lady Laurie

I enjoy this serious of books and I also like her China Bales series as well.

Junie Moon

Wow--I count this as a major blessing! I really enjoy her books and look forward to hearing her new work.


Oh How exciting! what fun that will be a blog book tour... lucky author--- no airplanes to travel to get there!

Gumbo Lily

Oh how exciting! I also loved (and savored) The Tale Of Hill Top Farm. It'll be fun to read Hawthorne House too. Thanks for telling us about the new book.


Susan P.

How exciting, I can hardly wait!!


That is so fantastic!!! How lucky for you.
Sounds like a great time.

Pearl Maple

Wow, this sounds really interesting, thank you for sharing.

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