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Thank You and A Great Idea


You know how blessings seem to come in groups, well I have had a couple of weeks of blessings. I am always amazed how giving the blogging world is. Whenever I think people do not care I always remember how generous everyone has been and realize that is not true. Linda sent me the most adorable mini autumn quilt. Isn't it wonderful. She tea dyed the fabric, embroidered the pumpkin, added ribbon and included a stick to hang it from. Linda for years owned a holiday shop and you cans see what a great eye she has.

I thought this was such a clever idea, even if you do not sew. The quilt is about the size of a pot holder. If you had some special hot pad or vintage pot holder you could do the same idea. Thank you Linda soo much. It is just beautiful and I see every time I cook. Also thank you for the inspiration, I am sure the ladies can come up with some very clever ideas from your hanging mini quilt. PS. your sewing is sooo perfect !!!!


Dear Jill at Bittersweettreated me and girls to her amazing soap, some fresh bittersweet and paper I had been drooling over. Jill has one of the most giving hearts of anyone I know. Thank you Jill for blessing my girl too, it meant soo much to them. And as I told you they treasure their gift. xoxoxoxo


Janet(Janet is new to the blogging world, go say hello) was kind enough to offer some acorns to me. I do not have any that grow around here and was thrilled that she offered. But I was not expecting them to come in such a beautiful old tin and also oak leaves. Thank you Janet for taking the time and being so kind.



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What wonderful presents! Yes, it is amazing, this blogging world, isn't it. Always so much fun visiting you. I love all your acorns! I don't know what it is with me and acorns--I must have been an oak tree once. :-)

Laura at Blame It on Paris

What lovely gifts! I love them all. What a wonderful week it would be to find one of those in the mail--a tin of acorns, a pumpkin quilt, beautiful paper and soap.


You are very welcome!!


What wonderful gifts you received, that pumpkin quilt is precious and I love how it hangs, Jill's package is beautiful, and a beautiful tin of acorns is a wonderful treasure.


How wonderful, Clarice ~ what beautiful gifts!


What lovely autumn treasures! And the biggest treasure of all --- friendship!



Hi Clarice,
I have missed you. I love what you have received from your blog friends. Beautiful.
Isn't blogging the best? Love the acorns!!
I just returned from the wedding weekend. I posted the first few pictures. Can't wait til you see.

karla nathan

I always say that bloggers are the most generous people I know.


What nice Autumn surprises. I love things that are natural. I'll have to steal the little quilt idea for one of my small counted cross stitches. Love, Mom

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