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Apple Night

Isn't She Beautiful


I do not know if you remember this beautiful pillow case I got and how her face and arms were not finished. Well La-Te-Dah (who I had never meet at the time, but we are good friends now) offered to finish her for me. Isn't she just beautiful. I could never have done such a lovely job. Actually I never would have even attempted it. So thank you soo much for taking the time for someone you did not even know and doing all that work to finish her. Isn't blog-land full of the kindest people xoxoxoxo


I wanted to thank Ohio Farm Girl for my blogging star award. Thank you so much, you have always be such a good friend and a shinning star to me.


Also The Wine Makers Wife gave me the Break Out Blogger award which is very sweet but I think it is the perfect award for you Winemaker. I love that you get my foodie obsession and if I am not in CA eating all that amazing food and drinking all that perfect wine, you can do it for me !!


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Pearl Maple

Congrats on the Blogging Star and Breakout Blogger, well deserved. The story behind the embroidered pillowcase makes it all the sweeter. Thanks for sharing your news about apple night. There is so much in the season to be celebrated.


Somewhere in my trunk of UFO's there are a pair of pillowcases with similar ladies, started and not finished. I wonder if I should go dig them out.

Yours is beautiful and just that much better because of the friendship involved.


Mary Isabella

Yes it is beautiful and she did a nice job. mary


How cute!!
What a nice friend to do that. Isn't blogging the greatest?

Junie Moon

Congratulations on your awards--you deserve them and more! What a sweetheart La-Te-Dah is to help you with this gorgeous embroidered pillowcase.


What a very kind thing for La Tea Dah to do for you. Your pillowcase turned out lovely.
Congratulations on your awards!

Gumbo Lily

I think your embroidered pillow case is just beautiful! I had an early peek at her since visiting La Tea's site a few days back. I love the golds and browns in this piece and now she has such a sweet face!



So pretty!
Your friend did a wonderful job. I love the tiny flowers falling from the basket,and her sweet little face.

I love that apron. You girls are sharing some unique pieces. Thank you.


Jill 00

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