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If You Are Hungry In Port Townsend



Port Townsend is one of those towns with some really wonderful restaurant. They have just started a slow-food chapter there. Here is two favorites of ours. For breakfast I love Sweet Laurett. I have to tell you the brioche fill with raspberries and lemon curd I had was to die for. Also next door is  the charming Petals shop. I always want everything when I go there.

Sadly there are not very many tea rooms in the area but there is a new one. Dame Agatha Twigs (she does not have a site and is new, so I am going to post her phone number # 360-379-0301.  Tell her storybook woods sent you). It is a very British tea room. Lots of antiques and imports from Britain. She has a yummy high tea and her cheese selection was quite wonderful. But my favorite was her Cornish pastie. It was a lovely flaky crust filled with tender beef, potatoes, carrots. Perfect with a  pot of tea on a blustery day.



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Squeal! I love tea rooms!! I'm trying to set up a nook in my kitchen for tea. I'm getting lots of ideas from your photos!! Thank you.

Gumbo Lily

Someday when I come visit you......



What darling places and the food sounds so delish. I've been enjoying your earlier post, you have a lovely blog....I'll be back. Have a happy day. Linda


Why can't you invite me along on one of your Port Townsend jaunts??? Love it! Thanks for posting-it makes me want to go!

Love, Angie

Michelle Gregory

My mouth is watering already. I can imagine myself sitting there, meeting my homeschool Coffee Shoppe friends for dessert.



What a delightful place!


It looks so cute and fun. I love a nice tea room.
Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I am back now after a few days without a computer. I got a new one after mine died.
I missed you,


Oh yes, the table with the yellow chair, there by the window, is where Bonnie and I had tea! I would love, love, love to be there right now! And the pasties --- she was making them when we were there, but since I'm veggie, I opted for the afternoon tea tray. She told me to call ahead next time and she would make me some veggie ones. I can hardly wait! It's a lovely and wonderful shop. I haven't been to the other places you described, but will put them on my list. I did go to the tea shop on a side road. . .what is it. . .Wild Sage? It was interesting but not overly friendly (sadly). What an interesting town. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

And how are you?


Junie Moon

It all sounds and looks so lovely. We have tea rooms here in Tucson but I'm ashamed to say I've not visited them yet. I've had good intentions but obviously got side-tracked somewhere along the line. I'll renew my efforts to visit them.


These all sound like marvelous places to visit. I love Port Townsend. It's so pretty there.

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