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We celebrate the Harvest Moon, as well! This was a fun way, thanks for sharing the moon image!!!


Clarice, if you ever wrote a book its title would be "Better Living Through Glitter" ; ) I LOVE the glittered version of Mr. Harvest Moon! It's just so darn Clarice-y : )


Wonderful moon images! We get such amazing harvest moons here in California! Cookies look yummy! oh and my hubby loves this song and sings it all the time - unforgetable...


I love that moon image! I just got back from an anniversary trip (5 years) and am just catching up on my blogs. I love your blog. I loved the leaf idea (where you made the gingerbread and then rained powdered sugar on it over leaves leaving a leaf pattern on the top) and the apron pattern. THANK HEAVENS I have found someone the same size as me! I am also a size 18 AND we big girls are HOT. Large but beautiful. Yes yes yes. Was that you in the apron photo? I thought you looked super. And you are always so kind to share recipes and books. Man, I would LOVE to take that story book trip, either one of them. The one to England AND the one to Hans Christian Anderson's stomping grounds. Great idea. Well. Back to it. I have to get my house together before the kids get home from school. Dental appt.s today! Have a great week! Wendy
p.s. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your "friend" post on my blog. I gave you credit, but found the hyperlinking technology a little too much for the busy moment I was in. But I will put a link to you in today for that apron pattern. I think everyone should make one. I haven't sewn anything in ages.

teresa mcfayden

How sweet and adorable that cookie is. Must have been yummy!!


What a wonderful way to celebrate, Clarice! The cookies look yummy and thank you for sharing the beautiful harvest moon printable. So pretty!




You are the greatest MOM!

Jill 00


Cookies look fantastic, and your glittery moon is soooo autumnal!!
I'm so envious of your perfect Sunday!!


What a great idea. I love the glittered moon face!


very cute. love mom


Oh, fun, fun, fun! I wish I could have been there to share the day with you and yours! The harvest moon is darling. Give Choe a hug for me and tell her I think she did a great job on that cookie!

:) LaTeaDah


We recently found this moon image in the Victorian Papers catalogue and fell in love with it, too. Love what you did with it! Hope you have a good week this week!

the feathered nest

That harvest moon face you did is just wonderful! Love it!



I've missed your blog, Clarice! Where did you find those sweet little pumpkin teacups, may I ask?

Junie Moon

Oh, I love the Harvest Moon picture and the cookies! Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm going to try my hand at this, too--great ideas.


Very cool... I wish I paid more attention to little things like this to celebrate!


I love the harvest moon that you made! Those cookies look really good.
Sounds like great fun Clarice!

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