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Chloe found this beautiful butterfly out in our yard. It was so stunning and we never find anything like this, it need to be showcased. I love the shadow boxes in Martha's new craft line at Michaels and it was very easy to use. I tried to get a better picture (it is so hard to take a picture of something with reflective glass) I found two papers with reverse colors and did half and half. Also have you seen the velvet rick-rack !!!!!!


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I went CRAZY the first time I saw all the Martha stuff at Michael's - it is SO much fun...and all that glitter!!! You've reminded that I need to spend a little "woo-hoo" money and get some fun things to play with. I didn't see the little shadow boxes!!

Gumbo Lily

"B" for butterfly and beautiful! I like how you've framed her so prettily!



Beautiful idea, Clarice! I love Martha's craft stuff, but had not yet seen the shadow boxes. I really like the letter 'b' you added!



This is so pretty! I love your style... I want to download your book, but my computer has been funny about downloads lately. I might try tomorrow, as I'm running out the door in a minute for a school meeting tonight! ugh. Always something in motherhood land!

The feathered nest

It is hard to take pictures of something with glass. That shadow box is gorgeous. I really like the papers you used. The Martha line has lots of fun stuff!


Susan P.

Oh Clarice, that is so lovely! Never heard of velvet rick rack ~ gonna have to check that out!


So pretty Clarice!!
I love Martha's new line too.

jennifer Paganelli

so darn pretty Clarice..


It is lovely, Clarice.
Velvet rick rack? !!!!
I will have to take a drive about 30 minutes away, or so to the nearest Michael's store and look into all these wonderful things.


Clarice, you are so talented! I love what you've done with this butterfly and just love that I can picture it in your house! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Enjoy a beautiful day!


Beauty of a butterfly!

I must check out the velvet rick-rack!!

Martha's on the best roll of her life!

Have a great week and weekend.

Wish you were here for the Autumn Market too.


Jill xo


Ooh, so beautiful, Clarice! I haven't been over to Michaels in a while ...

sara, the wine makers wife

Clarice! I think we should have a swap! One Cali girl to another.b ^_- What do you say?? We could both compile a box of treasures for the other and ship it off. Doesn't have to be expensive, but designed to bring a little extra cheer and magic to the other!

sara, the wine makers wife

Oh my! Isn't that gorgeous! Shadow boxes are so fun!

Junie Moon

It's gorgeous! I saw those shadowboxes and would love to work with one. Your idea is fabulous.

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