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Apple Night


I was just talking with a fellow blogger about apple night and though I should write a note to remind everyone to celebrate apple night. You know it is my mission to make it the next big fall holiday : -)

If (shock) you do not know what apple night is, you can read about it here and here. It does not have to be a big deal (or can be if you are into that). I think we will make donuts this apple night and seek out a new cheddar to try. So light a candle, grab an apple, gather the family and let the celebrating begin !!

If you decided to do apple night and post about it, feel free to use the image above.

This would be fun to do for apple night By Sun and Candlelight 

PS. I have a surprise for you ladies (which you will love) I will share about it soon !!!


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Oh I do enjoy taking part in things like this, the Autumn Bliss week was great fun. I am looking forward to seeing what I can find to do with apples, baking is always good, I love a sweet apple crumble! Ill come by again soon to see when we are enjoying this night......

Priscilla x

Awwww, yes! I'm all for apple day or night, either one! The pickers on our block are busy harvesting Fuji's this week. The huge bins of apples look so delicious and crisp! Have your dear daughters ever found the star in an apple? I used to enjoy doing that with the boys. During our homeschool years we ALWAYS had 'Autumn Adventure Day' this time of year. The boys never knew when it would happen. They would wake up in the morning and I would have their backpacks packed and clothes set out for them. And I'd say: Let's go! It's Autumn Adventure Day! I had everything planned out and the day jam packed. We'd gather acorns, visit a bakery, pick apples, take them to Grandma's and she'd read a story, go out for tea at a tea room, and more --- all on the SAME day! As they grew older our adventures grew more sophisticated! One time Dad drove them to the train station (I went too) and we gave them their tickets and climbed aboard. They had no idea where we were going! Four hours later we were in Portland where Grandpa picked us up. That day we went to the zoo, visited a mansion, went to the Oregon Trail Museum, and more. Such memories! Well, I'm way off track --- but I'm all for APPLE DAY! You go, girl! Get that T-shirt designed! I want to buy one!



What fun! Apple Night, a wonderful idea. I haven't been to visit for a apple night a certain day? or any night in October? Our family tradition is to go to Apple Hill which is up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mtns. near Placerville, Ca. We went on the first weekend of October and ate our favorite apple donuts, bought apples, bosc pears, pumpkins, you name it, everything to do with Autumn. Autumn is my favorite season. I have been baking up a storm at Sea Cottage. Come on over and see...
by the way, I love your glittery harvest moon! It's fabulous!!!

The feathered nest

Apple Night sounds fun - is it any night you choose to have it? Can't wait to see what the surprise is!



I think you're right~apples deserve their own holiday! I'll be making applesauce this week as I have baskets of apples from my dad's trees.
I'll be waiting anxiously for the surprise details!



dear Clarice,
what a lovely idea...I wish we lived closer to real orchards. My son & his wife live in Hood River Oregon where there are apples growing on every hill as far as the eye can see. The air is scented with apples of all kinds and the open air farmers markets have huge wooden baskets and boxes just brimming with every variety imaginable.
We'll have to make our own Apple day with them.
You do the loveliest things here, I always enjoy my visits.

Mary Isabella

We had apple slices with melted chocolate for dessert tonight LOL: mary

Mary Isabella

We had apple slices with melted chocolate for dessert tonight LOL: mary


Oh, Clarice, thank you for the link! Your Apple Night sounds divine! I might have a few more appley-posts up my sleeve. ;)


Apple night sounds like fun!!
Can't wait to see your surprise.



That is so wierd. I made applesauce today, and am going to blog about apples tomorrow.
I found a great recipe site I wanted to share with everyone, and she has a yummy recipe for applesauce.

I remember reading your apple blogs from last Autumn and am glad you linked them again.

Jill 00

karla nathan

I could definately be a part of apple night, I have to go to the store for more apples at least twice a week. We should plant an orchard on our land, we buy so many apples.

Junie Moon

Apple Night--what a great idea! I shall dig out a recipe and give it a go. When exactly is this celebration: tonight or are you giving us a heads up on a specific date so we can coordinate things?

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