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Apple Night Clarification


Well I have gotten a several e-mails asking me when apple night is. I am so sorry for the confusion. I am not good at this writing thing (how I have a blog defies logic !!) There is not an official date for apple night. It is just what is good for you. We do not have a specific day we do apple night. This time of year is very crazy for David and we just do it when he is around. We were not going to do ours for another week or so but had an impromptu apple night last night.

I thought I would share how casual, fun but very thrown together it was. I ran to the store and got sausages (maple for the girls, potato for us), different yummy Cheddar's (we loved the smoked Cheddar wrapped in smoked paprika), a loaf of rosemary bread (no I did not make it ;-p, seven different apples (see the slips of paper under the apples saying what they are), different mustards, cider to make hot cider and hard cider for mama !!! I was not up to dealing with yest, so no donuts. Instead I made apple fritters. Which I loved because you make the batter 2 hours ahead of time and put it in the fridge. Thank you Miss. Kelly for the recipe. Wish you had been here to enjoy them with me xoxoxox

We pulled out every fall picture book we own, lit candles, ate and read next to the wood stove. It was a veryyyyyyyy stormy evening, so it was perfect. I was thinking why do we do this evening besides having a dinner to honor the apple. I think it is to be thankful for all the bounty that we have. We have family, a warm fire, a full fridge, a summer harvest, a freezer full of berries. Lots to be thankful for. I really think that is the spirit of apple night. If you do have an apple night please let me know. It thrills me to no end to encourage others to spend time with their family and make memories.



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Gumbo Lily

Yum! I' love hearing about your apple night and it always inspires me to do it too.

Thanks Clarice, for good food and good memories.




I think Apple Night is APPLEICIOUS!!

Jill 00


Very special. What a great time you had --- I can just picture you in your cozy house enjoying apple night.

Tonight I'm celebrating in my own apple way. I'm making an apple pie! Yum!


Junie Moon

I'm one of the guilty Apple Night questioners--it is such a lovely idea. I'm planning such a night and will be sure to let you know.


Sounds like the perfect evening!! Love your ideas. I'm glad Apple Night can be whenever you want it to be.
Have a great weekend,


Hi Clarice,
I always enjoy viewing your blog and taking part in the blogland events you set up for us, I just wanted to come over and let you know I have awarded you the 'You Make Me Smile Award'Thank you for making me smile and bringing much happiness..........

Priscilla x

Mary Isabella

Oh the perfect evening. Mary


What a nice idea, and a great blog you have here!


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