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I always enjoy your 'things I love' posts, because I know I'll probably love them too. I just printed out Natalie's post to read later, and I think I'll head over now and check out the shawl.
Thanks Clarice!



Wonderful links, Clarice! The article by Isabella has me thinking a lot, too. I shared with my husband (my brief review of it) and he agreed, too! We're happy in our own little home and maybe someday he won't have to be gone so much. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on this!


You've shared some wonderful links. Thank you!

little jenny wren

Natalie's post was great wasn't it.And thanks for the link to the Tasha Tudor shawl.


What a fabulous group of goodies! I LOVE THAT CHAIR!!! I am really enjoying seeing your inspiration 'collage' sheets. And I adore your little 'wee gardens'! especially those shoes!!!
Hugs to you!


Hi Clarice, how are you? I love your journal down below, it's a very nice idea. I used to have journals...I miss that time. Decorating it it's the best part!!!
You can send me your address to [email protected] and I mail the pot holder for you! Thanks so much for participating. Xoxo.

Isabella in the 21st Century

Hi Clarice
I'm really glad you liked my post, it's a subject that's been on my mind for a long while now. BTW thank you for those links...that Tasha Tudor shawl, WOW! many great patterns so little time, it's the knitter's dilemma!



Great blogging! So many things to check out, something to look forward to when I get done with the web site.

Thanks for sharing....
Happy Autumn!

Jill 00


Clarice, thank you so much for sharing about my are a sweetie! I will have to check out the other things you love!

Junie Moon

What a lovely post! So many good things to explore and try--I really appreciate your sharing them and the links.


Nice post today. I will check those links out today.


Wow, that chair looks fit for a queen!!!


I'm glad you like the note card idea...I would love to see what you and the girls make and the other links you share here sound delightful!
Thanks for mentioning me :)


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