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Thank You xoxoxo


I have several thank yous. Dear Carolyn at Laughing Duck knows how much I love lavender and tea. She sent me some of the yummiest citrus-ginger-lavender tea. It is made by her son-in-law's family Mountain Farm. It is very delicious and we all love it. Thank you Carolyn for even thinking of me. I would love to bake you something yummy as a thank you. But the stress would kill me xoxoxo

Also to Jody at Gumbo Lily for her gingerbread recipe. Chloe was bit unsure when she saw me put mustard in it ;-) but we loved it. And I hardly changed at all. I add a TBL. of vanilla, half whole wheat pastry flour and some chopped candied ginger. I served it with caramelized maple apples and whipped cream. It is a very moist, intense, rich cake. It was a hit, thank you. By the way you just keep a running list of what you want me to cook for you and when you come visit someday, I will make it.


Also to Zee at Pixie Blossoms, who sent me this wonderful little house pot-holder. Isn't it the sweetest. I love it. Thank you Zee, you are so kind !!!


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suzi finer

enjoying the pics...


Hi Clarice! I must try to bake some ginger men for the kids, they love it. Very close to home is a coffe shop and they sell ginger peeps. They cry for them!
I am glad that you liked the pot holder!!!

the feathered nest

That looks pretty and yummy! What thoughtful gifts from sweet friends!


Gumbo Lily

I really like the leaf stencil! I'm so glad that you liked the gingerbread too. Candied ginger sounds like a good addition.



Hi Clarice, I haven't commented here in waaaay too long.

Looked back through your Autumn Bliss posts. Some wonderful ideas there.

Mrs. Staggs is right, this is a great place to visit.



You are so blessed, Clarice....because you are a blessing others :)
I love that little pot so cute!

Junie Moon

What wonderful and thoughtful gifts--certainly bits of love for you to cherish. I love that cake photo with the powdered sugar leaf design--it's beautiful.


Yummy. . .pretty. . .and sweet friends! What a pretty list of thanks you's and pictures!

:) LaTeaDah


How nice. You have great friends!
Have a great day,

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