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Well it is a party. Our dear Karla's home is featured in the latest issue of romantic country. I still need to get my copy. But seeing all the amazing pictures of Karla's home I can only imagine. Karla's home is full of creative, inspiring ideas. I always walk away with some new to try for my home.

She is having a "what you love about your home" party. Thank you Karla. I always love a party and am excitedly off to see everybody's lovely homes.

I have lots of favorite corners of my home but since it is autumn my favorite corner is my library. It is very British with lots of black, red and caramel colored walls. This is my sitting nook, were I have my fall tradition every year. In the beginning of fall on a cool gray day (which is easy to have here in the NW) I pull out my copy Susan Branch's Autumn book. I savor each page like an old friend. Even though I adore tea, in my library I have a glass of port. I have a little bar my husand made me to hold my port decanters. The small etched glass is from my fathers collection of glasses he got when I was a child. I am not sure which country this glass comes from but it is my favorite. So Karla as sit in my fall corner, I raise a toast to you dear friend xoxoxox



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Clarice, I love the comfy nook you have shared with us. I am longing for autumn but I'm afraid it is still terribly hot here. I just can't get into the mood yet. I could curl up in your chair for hours on end, sipping tea (or perhaps a little sherry) and chatting. It's just perfect.


i too, love a glass (or of port now & again....

but i love, love, love that tablecloth!!!


I love your library, Clarice ~ the plaid curtains, the old books, the transferware ~ it all looks so beautiful, warm, and cosy. Wish I could join you!!



What a beautiful setting. Your glass is beautiful. I'm a Susan Branch fan! Thank you for sharing.


Very beautiful room! Love your tablecloth!

Have a wonderful day,


Very cozy, your home ! Beautiful !


Oh I just love your 'nook'! And I *adore* your vintage New York tablecloth!!! :)


Thank you for having me. I enjoyed having you visit my "house" too. Love the strong colors you have used. Would love to see more.


Found you through Karla's glad that I participated in the party so I could find such wonderful blogs. Yours is no excemption! Love your library corner....yummy and cozy. cherry


I really like your library, and the colors you've chosen for that room. So cozy, and perfect for a library too.
I recently brought out my Autumn's a favorite fall tradition of mine too!


Very warm and inviting. Love the black chairs!



Hi Clarice, thanks for visiting me. Your library is just as a library should be. So rich and warm looking and that is a mighty fine looking port you have there. Love the dingle dangle on the bottle and the pretty saucer your glass is sitting on. I'll be back to visit again! Rachael -xo

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

What pretty colors you have here! I love the reds with the blacks...just perfect for fall. I haven't seen that book yet..will have to check it out! Heather


I love the black, red and caramel and Susan perfect!


Tank you for visiting my blog!
I really adore the way you turned your home in autumn colours, its beautiful. I will visit you again and read more about the beautiful knittings and recipes. Have an very nice autumn. Please, if you want me to translate anything written in my blog, just post me a comment and I will write some words in english. /linnea-maria

Flea Market Queen

So very inviting...
thanks for sharing!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Oh, I love Susan Branch's style. I will have to look for that book.


So beautiful! I can just picture it!

:) LaTeaDah


It all looks so cozy and nice.

Junie Moon

I love all the ideas you present on your blog as well as your thoughtful celebration of the seasons. Everything looks so wonderful and I'm enjoying the music you've provided as I read. Thank you--as the song says, it's "unforgettable!"


I LOVE your room!!! I'm not a pastel person in my own're giving me inspiration!!! And I had just ordered Susan Branch's Autumn book and am waiting for it to come!!! Thanks for inviting us!!


What a lovely library you have - so warm and inviting! And I just love that cameo arranged on the port!


Very warm and inviting!

She's Sew Pretty

Beautiful little vignette. I love that tablecloth!


What a lovely "British nook"! I wish I had one! I so love your chair!


Just stopped by from Karla's. Your post is so inviting with your wine decanter, NY tablecloth and pretty plaids. Thanks for sharing.

the feathered nest

This looks just so warm and inviting! I love your chair and the bottle with the cameo is so clever and charming. Just beautiful!


Beth Leintz

I love the cameo "necklace" on your decanter- and I love your New York tablecloth- what fun!

Karen Young

What a lovely table scap in your library. The port bottle is beautiful.


Daisy Cottage

Just beautiful!!!!!



Looks very cozy and snuggly. I am on my way to the NW tomorrow; I will be waving from the ferry dock.

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