How The Leaves Came Down
Corner Of My Home

Leaves, leaves


I am hoping you can see these fabric leaves well in these pictures. They are so darn charming and easy !!! I made a garland out of them but you could do a zillion things with them. Make a small wreath, add them to a package or make tiny leaves and make a pin with them. The sky is the limit.

You must check out the yummy pumpkin-cream cheese filled bread recipe and cinnamon/cider soap (Cathy makes soap) giveaway at Cranberry Cottage 

Thank you Cathy for contributing to Autumn Bliss week !!!!!!

Today Junie Moon is offering a lovely Victoria tea

I am making my little corner of bliss right now. Thank you June for the inspiration xoxoxo

Picture1126_edited1     Picture1129 

How to make fabric leaves

1. To make a leaf pattern, find a leaf or feel free to use one the the silhouettes below (click on picture to make bigger) and cut a leaf shape and size you want out of paper for a pattern.

2. Cut two squares of fabric a little bigger then your leaf.

3. Cut a square of double-sided iron-on HeatnBond paper, 

the same size as your fabric squares.

4. Cut a 5 inch length of thin wire.

5. Take your bottom (or underside of leaf)  fabric, wrong side facing you. Set wire in middle of square, only half way up the leaf. Cover fabric and wire with heat-bond paper. Follow heat-bond directions. But you set heat-bond with paper side up and iron. When cool peel off paper and set top fabric right side facing up on heat-bond paper and iron again. You should have a square piece of fabric, with wire and heat-bond paper sandwiched in-between.

6. Now hold or pin leaf pattern over square. Make sure your wire is at the bottom of the leaf and cut out leaf. I have found after doing a couple, it is better to free-form cut. Then each leaf is a bit different and looks more natural.

7. It is important to have the wire in the middle of the leaf. Being able to bend and manipulate the leaf makes a big difference. These are wonderful and I encourage you to try just making a couple. I think you will be very happy that you did xoxoxo

Leaf1    Leaf3 LeaffLeaf2



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Ivory Spring

What a lovely blog you have - I will definitely be back to visit.

Thanks for the tutorial on the leaves!

The Glitter Fairy

Thanks for the tutorial, Clarice. I'll have to try making some soon.


Ooooooh ahhhhh! I love the leaves! I bet the little one and I could do this over the weekend :)


Thank you for a very simply lovely idea.


These are gorgeous, Clarice! Thanks for sharing the instructions. I will definitely add these to my project wish list.

Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me

I love the ideas presented here!

Wonderful posts this week. :)


I made a bunch of these last year-- by your suggestion -- and I love them. I need to go get them out again. Thank you for reminding me of them. Your leaves are very earthy and autumn-y.


karla nathan

Blissful leaves!



Love those leaves! I especially like the ginkgo..

Have a great night!

Jill 00


Thanks for linking me in your Autumn Bliss! It's been fun. I love your leaves! Wish I had time to make some for the "Art in the Square" that I'm in on Saturday. There's always next year... :)


Wow, Clarice! This is a beautiful project. One of my favorites ever. Thank you for the instructions and for the leaf patterns. Truly, this is lovely.

Pearl Maple

How gorgeous, what a great idea, now not matter where you are in the world, we can all decorate our homes with a colourful fall garland and wreath

Terri Pollhein

I think I have some of that bonding paper if I can only find my iron, I'll try and make a few of these this weekend. Thanks!


I love the fall leaves. So pretty!
Have a lovely day!

Junie Moon

How beautful! I love your project and your instructions are very clear and helpful. What a perfect autumn idea to make a wreath of leaves. Thank you so much for sharing this with us today.


Oh my, SO beautiful! I love the leaf, wreath creation. It's lovely!!!

:) LaTeaDah

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