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Hydrangeas, Lots Of Them !!!


My china hutch is a hand-me-down (as is most of my furniture). It does not quite fill the space, it feels a bit small. Plus I like my walls filled, not lots of air around them. Someday hopefully I can get something that will fit the space better but until then I need to make this work. I am planning on painting it the tea color of my walls, to make it blend in. Living in a hundred year old house I have high coved ceiling and I wanted to add height to my hutch. I am blessed that my mother has two large hydrangea plants and let me have a bunch. I have been drying them. Stacking and filling the space about the hutch. I have to say I am quite happy with the results and it so fit in my budget. I took a long skinny basket I had, filled it with foam blocks and stuck the bottom hydrangeas in and around the basket. The rest are just sitting on top of the bottom ones. Easy as pie. Do you know anyone with hydrangeas they do not want ? I am sure you could find a space in your home for them !!!!


I Will Miss You


My father and his wife will be here for a week, so I will not be around much. If I can I will post now and then. But if I do not do not worry I will be back soon. Have a lovely week and remember to do something yummy xoxox

I also wanted to thank Debra, As I See It Now for the peaceful award. It meant a lot to me, because I hope my blog (and my life) is a peaceful place, were one always wears rose colored glasses. I also want to thank you Debra for always causing me to think and to live what I believe xoxoxo

Romantic Country Party



Well it is a party. Our dear Karla's home is featured in the latest issue of romantic country. I still need to get my copy. But seeing all the amazing pictures of Karla's home I can only imagine. Karla's home is full of creative, inspiring ideas. I always walk away with some new to try for my home.

She is having a "what you love about your home" party. Thank you Karla. I always love a party and am excitedly off to see everybody's lovely homes.

I have lots of favorite corners of my home but since it is autumn my favorite corner is my library. It is very British with lots of black, red and caramel colored walls. This is my sitting nook, were I have my fall tradition every year. In the beginning of fall on a cool gray day (which is easy to have here in the NW) I pull out my copy Susan Branch's Autumn book. I savor each page like an old friend. Even though I adore tea, in my library I have a glass of port. I have a little bar my husand made me to hold my port decanters. The small etched glass is from my fathers collection of glasses he got when I was a child. I am not sure which country this glass comes from but it is my favorite. So Karla as sit in my fall corner, I raise a toast to you dear friend xoxoxox


Jonny Appleseed Day


Thanks to Dawn at By Sun and CandlelightI was reminded of Johnny Appleseed's birthday (the 26th, this Wednesday). We decided to make an impromptu day of it. We had so much fun. We read Johny Appleseed by Will Mosesand looked at his Great-Grandmothers art work. We had an apple tea. We did soft-pastel drawings of apples and a fun craft. Paper quilts called Apple Core. We just used the template below and cut out papers and glued them till we filled a page. I printed up small version using wallet size on my printer. For a dinner we cooked baked apples and apple sausages with caramelized onions.

I wanted to say that my quilt represented Grandma Moses (right), Aubern'es her favorite colors (middle) and Chloe's is half her girl side and half her tomboy side (and her inner-struggle ;-) left). I think this may become a tradition. This is the type of day I homeschool for !!!!!


Baked Stuffed Apples

4 apple's cored

1/4 cup softened butter, 1/2 stick

1/3 cup rapadura sugar (it has a molasses flavor) or brown sugar

5 dried figs, cut into small cubes

1/8 cup raisin

1/2 tsp. salt

1/8 cup toasted, chopped walnuts

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon and ground ginger

Pre-heat oven 350%

In a bowl mash together everything but the apples. Fill the core of each apple with butter mixture. If extra make a mound on top of apple. Drizzle each apple with a bit of maple syrup and 1/8 cup of water. The water will help the sugars not burn.

Bake uncovered 30 minutes or till apples are tender. 


An Island Story


Believe it or not there was something else about our journals I did not mention, what we listen to. My girls are pretty versed in history. They find it a fascinating subject, so I decided this year in true Charlotte Mason form we would just focus on some of the historical fiction we have been meaning to read but had not gotten to. I discovered LibriVox this summer and what a wonderful (and free) resource this is. It is listening to stories read by volunteers (thank you volunteers). They have quite a collection of classics. Our hands are so busy sewing, cooking, writing, knitting, ect., this seem a prefect way to do all we needed and wanted to do in our day and still have time for wonderful literature. Multi-taking at it's best. We have been enjoying An Island Story by . H. E. Marshall. 

Our Island Story was first published in 1905 and became an instant classic. Beginning with the Romans and following the triumphs and foibles of the good, not so good and the downright despicable figures of history; we are treated to a dazzling montage of kings, queens, barons, knights, explorers, movers and shakers that have played a key role in the history of England. Marshall freely mixes folk tale with historical fact and in so doing paints a very vivid picture of the past in a style reminiscent of all that is finest in the children’s story telling tradition.This is the first section of that work and will carry you from the time when Tacitus first sang the praises of Britannica to his Roman readers up to the vicious and bloodthirsty confusion that is the War of the Roses (about 1500 years).

I actually own this book and several others by Ms. Marshall. Aubern'e love her Scotland story book. Even though this is suppose to be a story for children, I thoroughly enjoyed it and encourage you to try listening to it. The next book we plan to listen to is A Connecticut Yankee In King Aurthur's Court by Mark Twain. 

What Miss. Charlotte Mason has to say about learning history

"The fatal mistake is in the notion that he must learn 'outlines,' or a baby edition of the whole history of England, or of Rome, just as he must cover the geography of all the world. Let him, on the contrary, linger pleasantly over the history of a single man, a short period, until he thinks the thoughts of that man, is at home in the ways of that period. Though he is reading and thinking of the lifetime of a single man, he is really getting intimately acquainted with the history of a whole nation for a whole age. Let him spend a year of happy intimacy with Alfred, 'the truth-teller,' with the Conqueror, with Richard and Saladin, or with Henry V.––Shakespeare's Henry V.––and his victorious army. Let him know the great people and the common people, the ways of the court and of the crowd. Let him know what other nations were doing while we at home were doing thus and thus. If he come to think that the people of another age were truer, larger-hearted, simpler-minded than ourselves, that the people of some other land were, at one time, at any rate, better than we, why, so much the better for him"

Thank You xoxoxo


I have several thank yous. Dear Carolyn at Laughing Duck knows how much I love lavender and tea. She sent me some of the yummiest citrus-ginger-lavender tea. It is made by her son-in-law's family Mountain Farm. It is very delicious and we all love it. Thank you Carolyn for even thinking of me. I would love to bake you something yummy as a thank you. But the stress would kill me xoxoxo

Also to Jody at Gumbo Lily for her gingerbread recipe. Chloe was bit unsure when she saw me put mustard in it ;-) but we loved it. And I hardly changed at all. I add a TBL. of vanilla, half whole wheat pastry flour and some chopped candied ginger. I served it with caramelized maple apples and whipped cream. It is a very moist, intense, rich cake. It was a hit, thank you. By the way you just keep a running list of what you want me to cook for you and when you come visit someday, I will make it.


Also to Zee at Pixie Blossoms, who sent me this wonderful little house pot-holder. Isn't it the sweetest. I love it. Thank you Zee, you are so kind !!!





      THE golden-rod is yellow;
      The corn is turning brown;
      The trees in apple orchards
      With fruit are bending down.
      The gentian's bluest fringes
      Are curling in the sun;
      In dusty pods the milkweed
      Its hidden silk has spun.
      The sedges flaunt their harvest,
      In every meadow nook;
      And asters by the brook-side
      Make asters in the brook.
      From dewy lanes at morning
      The grapes' sweet odors rise;
      At noon the roads all flutter
      With yellow butterflies.
      By all these lovely tokens
      September days are here,
      With summer's best of weather,
      And autumn's best of cheer.
      But none of all this beauty
      Which floods the earth and air
      Is unto me the secret
      Which makes September fair.
      'T is a thing which I remember;
      To name it thrills me yet:
      One day of one September
      I never can forget.

by: Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885)

PS. don't you love my .25 cent bowl !!!

Autumnal Pin


Well this is my last Autumn Bliss post and I had such fun doing it. I want to thank each of you who stopped by and those who joined in the fun. It made it all that much more enjoyable. I know I am much more in a fall mood now. So thank you again.


I wanted to share some lovely fall posts I have been enjoying,

Gumbo Lily has the most yummy Sunday Autumn Dinner !! 

Princess Nimble-Thimble Autumn Annie Embroidery Pattern

Thank you Dannielle for sharing with all of us xoxox

You have to see the pumpkin with the fairy door at Chez Fifi

Oh my gosh a cupcake with a donut on top !!!!

Mrs. Staggs easing into the season xoxox

Kelli's wonderful acorn embroidery

Rosespetitiemison lovely post about Half Moon Bay

I love this post because when I was a little girl every October we would go to Half Moon Bay to pick pumpkins. If you do not know about HMB, it is the little farm town on the ocean. Imagine fields of pumpkins growing by the sea. I know it it has changed in the last 40 years. But when I was a little girl, it was this small Victorian farming community. I have sweet memories. Thank you Rosemary for the reminder.


After I posted about the fabric leaves and mentioned making a pin out of them, I thought I would actually do it. I cut flowers from felted wool and one from wool felt.

How I cut a flower is to cut a square and fold it in half and then in half again. I trim the edge in a heart shape. Do not worry about it being perfect (as you will see above mine is not) because I then go around the edge and trim it more. Plus you really only see one side, so do not try for a perfect round flower.

I cut two small leaves. I glued the leaves, a length of ribbon and topped with an acorn.

If you do not have any pin-backs, you can glue a safety pin and cover it with a bit of ribbon.

You know pine-cones, dried leaves, berries, feather would be wonderful. I am thinking these would be so charming pinned on a ribbon package.




A Row Of Pumpkins


I was inspired by these wonderful tea cups at {MINuTia). I wanted to do something similar with the girls but with a autumn theme. I found a pumpkin silhouette (below). I cut out pumpkins from cereal box and painted them white. We had lots of fun embellishing them and as you can we each did our pumpkins very different. I just glued them on a length of ribbon and hung the garland in our front room.

I know this is suppose to be my last Autumn Bliss post but I have one more fun post for tomorrow xoxox

For a final post Junie Moon is talking about love letters

and not what you think. Thank you June for all the hard work and wonderful posts you have written this week. It was lovely to get to know you better and you are a veryyyy creative gal xoxoxoxo

You must go and check out Gumbo Lily charming front porch

a wonderful use for those fabric leaves !!!




Caramels and apples


This Autumn meal was a big hit last weekend. I cooked apple chicken sausages (from Costco) in a caramelized onion sauce with lots of mustard. It would be very good over mashed potatoes, but I made an oven baked risotto. Which is not as yummy as real risotto. But the real thing is a bit too rich for this dish. Think of this recipe as an easy and delish rice dish.

To keep in the apple theme I made an apple slaw. I made it with a vinaigrette instead of a mayo dressing because the sausage dish is rich and a  vinaigrette would balance the meal.

Dessert is fun and veryyy easy. A quick caramel sauce is just melting caramels with heavy cream. You could use anything for toppings, but we love toasted pecans and chocolate !!

There is a wonderful fall bounty at Gumbo Lily

A lovely post about the importance and beauty of journaling at Junie Moon


Apple Sausages with Caramelized Onions

1 large (or two medium) onion, thinly sliced

1 TBL. olive oil

2 TBL. butter

1 TBL. Balsamic vinegar

3 TBL. Dijon mustard

1 tps. of maple syrup

8 apple chicken sausages

salt and pepper to taste

In a sauce pan over medium-low heat saute onion in butter and olive oil till very soft and caramelized. About 1/2 hour. Add balsamic vinegar and sausages and turn heat up to medium. Cover and cook till sausage are cooked. Pull sausages out and set aside. Add mustard, syrup, salt and pepper. Taste sauce and adjust to your liking. Should be very mustard with a slight sweet taste. Also if it does not seem saucey enough you can add a little water. Serve sauce over sausages.

Baked Sage Risotto

Apple Slaw

1/2 head of cabbage, finely shredded
1 apple, grated
1 large carrot, grated
1 ½ tablespoons maple syrup
2-3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

2 green onions, finely sliced

Quarter the cabbage, remove and discard the central white core. Shred the cabbage by cutting very thin slices along the length of each quarter. You can use the shredding disk of the food processor for this. Place shredded cabbage, carrots, apple, green onion in a large bowl and toss. In a small jar combine maple syrup, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Shake vigorously, pour over veggies and toss.

Apples with Caramel Dip

Put in a sauce pan 20 unwrapped caramels and 1/8 cup of heavy cream.

Set sauce pan over medium heat and stir till caramels are melted.

Serve warm with apple slices and a bowl of chopped toasted nuts and a bowl of chopped chocolate or mini chocolate chips. Dip apple slice in caramel and then in nuts and chocolate.


Corner Of My Home


I thought I would share some Autumn corners of my home. A fairy chair on moss and chest of drawers under glass. 


A gift of pine-cones and hazelnut shells from a very sweet boy !!!!


I was good mama this year, I let Chloe decorate the china cabinet. I usually hog all the decorating, I am so bad :-)


Wormy apples from our only apple tree.


Chloe also has her doll house ready for fall. I love the leaves and the leaf garland over the door. She will be adding her pumpkins soon.


You ladies are just blowing me away with all your wonderful Autumn bliss ideas. Thank you so much xoxox

Ohio Farm Girl has a lovely fall corner

Pearl Maple has the most delish looking maple cookie

The girls and I will be making these this weekend, thank you.

Junie Moon, lovely Autumn card idea

I wish we were neighbor, oh the fun we would have !!!

La-Te-Dah, what can I say the prefect woodsy Autumn Bliss Tea

It is just killing me I could not be there xoxoxoxo


Leaves, leaves


I am hoping you can see these fabric leaves well in these pictures. They are so darn charming and easy !!! I made a garland out of them but you could do a zillion things with them. Make a small wreath, add them to a package or make tiny leaves and make a pin with them. The sky is the limit.

You must check out the yummy pumpkin-cream cheese filled bread recipe and cinnamon/cider soap (Cathy makes soap) giveaway at Cranberry Cottage 

Thank you Cathy for contributing to Autumn Bliss week !!!!!!

Today Junie Moon is offering a lovely Victoria tea

I am making my little corner of bliss right now. Thank you June for the inspiration xoxoxo

Picture1126_edited1     Picture1129 

How to make fabric leaves

1. To make a leaf pattern, find a leaf or feel free to use one the the silhouettes below (click on picture to make bigger) and cut a leaf shape and size you want out of paper for a pattern.

2. Cut two squares of fabric a little bigger then your leaf.

3. Cut a square of double-sided iron-on HeatnBond paper, 

the same size as your fabric squares.

4. Cut a 5 inch length of thin wire.

5. Take your bottom (or underside of leaf)  fabric, wrong side facing you. Set wire in middle of square, only half way up the leaf. Cover fabric and wire with heat-bond paper. Follow heat-bond directions. But you set heat-bond with paper side up and iron. When cool peel off paper and set top fabric right side facing up on heat-bond paper and iron again. You should have a square piece of fabric, with wire and heat-bond paper sandwiched in-between.

6. Now hold or pin leaf pattern over square. Make sure your wire is at the bottom of the leaf and cut out leaf. I have found after doing a couple, it is better to free-form cut. Then each leaf is a bit different and looks more natural.

7. It is important to have the wire in the middle of the leaf. Being able to bend and manipulate the leaf makes a big difference. These are wonderful and I encourage you to try just making a couple. I think you will be very happy that you did xoxoxo

Leaf1    Leaf3 LeaffLeaf2


How The Leaves Came Down


How The Leaves Came Down

"I'll tell you how the leaves came down,"

The great Tree to his children said:

"You're getting sleepy, Yellow and Brown,

Yes, very sleepy, little Red.

It is quite time to go to bed."

"Ah!" begged each silly, pouting leaf,

"Let us a little longer stay;

Dear Father Tree, behold our grief!

'Tis such a very pleasant day,

We do not want to go away."

So, for just one more merry day

To the great Tree the leaflets clung,

Frolicked and danced, and had their way,

Upon the autumn breezes swung,

Whispering all their sports among—

"Perhaps the great Tree will forget,

And let us stay until the spring,

If we all beg, and coax, and fret."

But the great Tree did no such thing;

He smiled to hear their whispering.

"Come, children, all to bed," he cried;

And ere the leaves could urge their prayer,

He shook his head, and far and wide,

Fluttering and rustling everywhere,

Down sped the leaflets through the air.

I saw them; on the ground they lay,

Golden and red, a huddled swarm,

Waiting till one from far away,

White bedclothes heaped upon her arm,

Should come to wrap them safe and warm.

The great bare Tree looked down and smiled.

"Good-night, dear little leaves," he said.

And from below each sleepy child

Replied, "Good-night," and murmured,

"It is so nice to go to bed!"

                        By Susan Coolidge


Well Junie Moon did it again with a wonderful post about how to paint a gourd

I think she should be hosting Autumn Bliss, she has such perfectly fall ideas !!!

Toasted Almond Milk


I always like to come up with some new recipe for each season. It is sort of how I mark my years. Since I will never remember your name but will remember what we ate 20 years ago. So when I have lavender hot chocolate, I remember that Christmas. My recipe for this fall is Toasted Almond Milk. Now I did see this idea some were and now I can not find it. I had to make up my own version, so now it is my recipe ;-)

Do you remember in the lavender chocolate mousse recipe I talked about how you infuse the milk with the lavender. This is basically the same thing. You toasted almonds in the oven, infuse the milk with it and make hot milk from that. If you have not infused milk before, this is a great way to add a bit more to your recipes. Also if you are on a food budget like me, it is a fairly inexpensive idea. Now I remember in the recipe they threw away the almonds away after they infused them. Horror, almonds are expensive. You can save the almonds (they still have an almondy taste) for your oatmeal the next morning (store in fridge) or I just ate mine with my hot milk as a yummy snack. This milk does taste like toasted almond, but it is a soft taste, not strong. If you want it more almondy, add more almonds. Enjoy on a nice gray day.

Oh you must go see the beautiful grateful page at Pearl Maple

There is a wonderful pumpkin pie recipe and poem at Priscilla's Cottage

A pumpkin grown in a pot, who would have thought !!!

Today Junie Moon's Autumn bliss is homemade furniture polish and the most adorable cleaning clothes

You go girl !!!!


Toasted Almond Milk

2 cups milk

1/2 cup almond, toasted and very coarsely chopped

pinch of salt

2 TBL. maple syrup

fresh grated nutmeg

In a sauce pan add milk and almond. Scald milk and set aside for half an hour. Stain out almonds and add salt and maple syrup. Reheat on stove. Fill two mugs and top with a dash of fresh nutmeg.

* A shot of amaretto added is lovely too !!!

Schoolhouse Wash-Cloth


Welcome to Fall Bliss week,

I am busy cozying up my home. I always crave the color red in the fall. I do not have a lot of it, it seem to strong for my home but in the fall I am pulling it out what I have. Dear Alicecommented on mysmelly sponge post, how one  could write on such a subject and make pretty was beyond her. Well I am attempting to do it again Alice  ;-) I have to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I am putting my sponge in the dishwasher about every 3 days. I also try to nuked it once a day. But I am still playing with what will work best for me. I also decided to use my sponge for only scrubbing and use washclothes instead for general cleaning. But I only had one, so I have been knitting away. I have knitted several and want to knit some more. (But now I am knitting a shawl, so soon I will get back to the washcloths )

Being fall I need some fall inspired washclothes. I had seen this pattern for little house clothand knitted it up but I was not happy with it. So as usually I tweaked the pattern. I used Lions 100 % cotton yarn in poppy red. I see Debbieloves the same color.


You must have a look at Dollie Dille's wonkey halloween bags !!!!

Also there is a wonderful list of favorite fall things, including a yummy recipe for cranberry orange muffins over at Aubern'e Ancalimon

Check out the wonderful Acorn Project at Junie Moon


Schoolhouse Wash-Cloth

Materials: 1 ball Cotton yarn, Size 5 needles, US.

SSK: (Slip, slip, knit.) Slip the first and second stitches knitwise, one at a time, then insert the tip of left-hand needle into the fronts of these two stitches from the left, and knit them together from this position.

Cast on 49 stitchess or a Multiple of 12 stitches +1

Knit 3 rows for border.

Begin pattern: Row 1: Purl. Purl all wrong-side rows.
Row 2: K1, *yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k1, repeat from *.
Rows 4, 6 & 8: Repeat Row 2.
Row 10: K1, *yo, ssk, k7, k2tog, yo, k1; repeat from *.
Row 12: K2, *yo, ssk, k5, k2tog, yo, k3; rep from *, end last repeat k2.
Row 14: K3, *yo, ssk, k3, k2tog, yo, k5; rep from *, end last repeat k3.
Row 16: K4, *yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k7; rep from *, end last repeat k4.
Row 18: K5, *yo, sl1 – k2tog – psso, yo, k9; rep from *, end last repeat k5.

Knit stocking knit for 4 rows.

Repeat pattern 2 more times.

Knit 3 rows for border.
Cast off

Name Game

Priscilla's Cottage has tagged me for the name game. Here are the rules: Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.


Motherhood-Chloe 4 year old, my favorite age


Icing on the cake


Carmel-The Tuck Box, I remember going there as a child


Hats-I love them but never seem to wear them


England-I do not trust anyone who does not love England


Lavender-a serious addiction


Edith Holden-my first introduction to nature study

I tag xoxoxo

Jill at Bittersweet

Jody at Gumbo Lily

Debbie at Homespun Living

Aubern'e Ancalimon

Mrs. Staggs at A Happy Miscellany

Isabella in the 21th Century 

Susan at T-Cozy

Autumn Bliss


I am getting quite excited about Victoria magazine being published in November. At first I was a bit dubious about a new Victoria magazine, especially hearing that Hearst was not actually publishing it. But the few pictures I have seen, have given me cause to hope.

So in celebration and anticipation I would like to host a Autumn Bliss week. I have several autumn crafts, recipes, ideas. I plan on having Autumn Bliss the week of 10th through the 16th of this month. If anyone feels like joining in, send me a link to your post and I will post it. It can be any idea, craft, poem, corner of your home, recipe, ect. Also feel free to use the image above.

I have been nomiated for Nice Matters award. Thank you very much. It means so much to me that you think I am nice  (and have a pretty blog) xoxoxox

Dear Sharon at Violet Cottage


Oh Night Divine

Lavender Tea


    Well I had the pleasure of meeting La-Te-Dah of Gracious Hospitality. She was on a trip with her dear friend Bonnie and was coming through my neck of the woods. Now anyone who reads Gracious Hospitality know two of La-Te-Dah's passions are tea and lavender. Which happen to be two of mine, so I had to give her a lavender tea. It is so fun meeting a fellow blogger. But one always wonders, will they be like I think they are. Well La-Te-Dah was as sweet and generous and kind as I thought. We immediately hit it off and would have probably talked till late in the night, if we could have. She is one of those bubble people who immediately makes you feel accepted and comfortable. She has a large heart and smile to go with it. The girls and I had soo much fun getting to know her and Bonnie. They both homeschooled, so it was also so nice to meet fellow HSers. Thank you La-Te-Dah for taking time out of your very busy trip and come to my house for lavender tea.

    I served La-Te-Dah and Bonnie lavender/rosemary tea, biscuits with lavender honey, lavender chocolate mousse and espresso hazelnut cookies. I have been meaning to create a lavender chocolate mousse and was soo glad to have the tea as a perfect opportunity to try it.

    This is my same easy 60 second chocolate mousse, just tweaked, again. Essentially you are infusing the cream with lavender and then adding that to chocolate mousse. You could do this with other herbs and spices by the way. 


Lavender Chocolate Mousse

makes 5 small ramekins


1 cup heavy cream

1 cup bittersweet chopped chocolate or chips

1 egg

dash of salt

5 stalks of fresh or dried lavender or 1 TBL. lavender buds or cheaters method *

(make sure your lavender has not been sprayed with pesticides)

In a sauce pan add heavy cream and lavender, stalks and all in pan. Push lavender down in heavy cream. Bring cream to just boiling and pull off heat. Let sit an half an hour and strain out lavender.

In a blender add chocolate, egg, salt and sugar. Heat cream again in sauce pan again until just hot. Quickly pour cream over chocolate and blend for one full minutes on high. Remember to put cover on blender, so you do not get covered in hot cream. Pour mousse into small containers and fridge at least 3 hours. Best served if you pull out of fridge for a good 1/2 hour to let soften a bit and will help bring out the lavender flavor.

* Cheaters method: if you do not have dried or fresh lavender, lavender oil will work. You have to make sure you are using food grade lavender oil. You will only need 3-4 drops. That oil is potent. At lest add a drop or two, then taste. You can always add more but never take out.