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Hydrangeas, Lots Of Them !!!


My china hutch is a hand-me-down (as is most of my furniture). It does not quite fill the space, it feels a bit small. Plus I like my walls filled, not lots of air around them. Someday hopefully I can get something that will fit the space better but until then I need to make this work. I am planning on painting it the tea color of my walls, to make it blend in. Living in a hundred year old house I have high coved ceiling and I wanted to add height to my hutch. I am blessed that my mother has two large hydrangea plants and let me have a bunch. I have been drying them. Stacking and filling the space about the hutch. I have to say I am quite happy with the results and it so fit in my budget. I took a long skinny basket I had, filled it with foam blocks and stuck the bottom hydrangeas in and around the basket. The rest are just sitting on top of the bottom ones. Easy as pie. Do you know anyone with hydrangeas they do not want ? I am sure you could find a space in your home for them !!!!



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Those hydrangea colors are gorgeous. I only have a blue bush (which I love), but the late spring frost kept it from blooming this year. Thanks for sharing.


I don't think I've ever seen a prettier display of hydrangea blooms :)


A wonderful display! My hydrangeas never have such fabulous colors!


Beautiful colors - last breath of summer.


Love the hydrangeas...so beautiful. The music is wonderful too Carice! Autumn greetings to you!!

jennifer Paganelli

Love the apple and leave projects and love the new look sorry for being away so long.....the Holidays started in August so busier than a Bee should bee!! Talk soon, Jennifer


They are very pretty. Someone I read today was looking for ideas as to how to dry them.


I have never seen such beautiful colors. They are simply breathtaking. Mine are always bland once dried. Lucky you!

tongue in cheek

These flowers are wonderful at every stage. I think they are a good lesson for us to see beauty has stages and each stage is good.

karla nathan

How did you dry those so beautifully??? I love it!


Your hydrangeas are the most beautiful colors ~ I wish mine were as pretty! It was a great year here for them, my bushes were covered with blooms. In fact I took pictures for a similar post for next week :)


Gumbo Lily

I like it!
So many vari-colored hydrangeas.
You're blessed to have a mom who shares.


Soooo beautiful! Hydrangeas are my favorites anyhow...but yours have such great colors!
Thanks for sharing with us!


Beautiful! Hydrangeas are one of my favorites!

Did you know you can preserve them with glycerin? It's supposed to keep them supple so they're not as fragile as dried. And they're not as likely to turn brown.



I love hydrangeas. My dried ones got squished during the move, though. sad face.


It looks beautiful Clarice. I'm like you, I don't like empty space either lol


I love them! They look beautiful up there! You are just like me --- I don't like empty space!!!! My mother-in-law thought something was wrong with me! Teehee. I have worked very hard at keeping spaces empty on my walls, but it is SO tough! I'm for filling them up, just like you are!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your guests yet.

:) LaTeaDah


Wow....this looks amazing! I love all the different colors that you have.
What a beautiful way to display them Clarice!


I am drying out my hydrandeas from my yard.
They look so pretty up on top of your hutch.
Have a great weekend!


Oh! How lovely, Clarice.

I love hydrangeas. We have those three huge bushes right out front, but they are an unfortunate pale blue that I'm not as fond of. I think I can change somewhat their color with additions to the soil, but I never think of that in time. :-)

Absolutely gorgeous colors you've got there!


I envy you! We had an early frost that killed all my blooms on my hydrangeas.
I have really missed the cuttings.
They look beautiful! Such color variations, and what pretty colors too.
Hope you enjoying your week.
Have a great weekend.

Jill 00

Junie Moon

I love hydrangeas and chose them for my wedding flowers. The time of year for them was wrong (July 4 in Florida) but I just had to have them anyway. Your hydrangeas look so sweet displayed on top of your china hutch.


This is so pretty; love hydrangeas! What a perfect idea for the top of your hutch.

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