Leaves, leaves
Caramels and apples

Corner Of My Home


I thought I would share some Autumn corners of my home. A fairy chair on moss and chest of drawers under glass. 


A gift of pine-cones and hazelnut shells from a very sweet boy !!!!


I was good mama this year, I let Chloe decorate the china cabinet. I usually hog all the decorating, I am so bad :-)


Wormy apples from our only apple tree.


Chloe also has her doll house ready for fall. I love the leaves and the leaf garland over the door. She will be adding her pumpkins soon.


You ladies are just blowing me away with all your wonderful Autumn bliss ideas. Thank you so much xoxox

Ohio Farm Girl has a lovely fall corner

Pearl Maple has the most delish looking maple cookie

The girls and I will be making these this weekend, thank you.

Junie Moon, lovely Autumn card idea

I wish we were neighbor, oh the fun we would have !!!

La-Te-Dah, what can I say the prefect woodsy Autumn Bliss Tea

It is just killing me I could not be there xoxoxoxo



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Please tell Chloe that I love her doll house.

Clarice you are so inspiring.

Jill 00


I love all the autumn touches! I really need to get busy with some seasonal decorating around here before fall passes me by!


Sweet, blissful corners.
Thanks for sharing, Clarice.


Terri Pollhein

I want a doll house too! Only one that looks just like my house....sort of what Tasha Tudor has.

And the fall/apple meal sounded wonderful!
God bless.


I love the Fall Dollhouse!! I wonder if my girls would mind my kidnapping their doll houses... heh he!


I am loving your Autumn Bliss posts, Clarice!! Your fairy chair on moss is darling and I love how your girls helped you decorate. The china cabinet is beautiful and Chloe's dollhouse is very welcoming!

karla nathan

A fairy chair!! that is right up my alley!

Junie Moon

What beautiful photos of your home and how gracious your sharing them with us. As a member of Club Little House and eagerly awaiting our soon-to-arrive box of tiny goodies, I zeroed in on the dollhouse. How yummy that house looks!

Amazing fall treats and creative endeavors today from fellow Autumn Bliss Week adventurers. I've learned so much doing this and seeing other's awesome ideas.


Your decorating is really nice and fallish.
I love the dollhouse too!
Have a fun fall weekend!

the feathered nest

The leaves on the roof of her doll house are a wonderful touch! I think I like the picture of your wormy apples best!



It all looks really pretty, and perfectly autumn! My compliments to Chloe too!


So beautiful, cozy, and Fall-ish!! Tell Chloe she's done a really great job with the china cabinet ~ I see she has some of her mom's decorating genes!
I love all your little vignettes, Clarice, especially the hydrangeas with those gorgeous vintage red books.
Thanks for all the Autumn Bliss!!


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