A Row Of Pumpkins

Autumnal Pin


Well this is my last Autumn Bliss post and I had such fun doing it. I want to thank each of you who stopped by and those who joined in the fun. It made it all that much more enjoyable. I know I am much more in a fall mood now. So thank you again.


I wanted to share some lovely fall posts I have been enjoying,

Gumbo Lily has the most yummy Sunday Autumn Dinner !! 

Princess Nimble-Thimble Autumn Annie Embroidery Pattern

Thank you Dannielle for sharing with all of us xoxox

You have to see the pumpkin with the fairy door at Chez Fifi

Oh my gosh a cupcake with a donut on top !!!!

Mrs. Staggs easing into the season xoxox

Kelli's wonderful acorn embroidery

Rosespetitiemison lovely post about Half Moon Bay

I love this post because when I was a little girl every October we would go to Half Moon Bay to pick pumpkins. If you do not know about HMB, it is the little farm town on the ocean. Imagine fields of pumpkins growing by the sea. I know it it has changed in the last 40 years. But when I was a little girl, it was this small Victorian farming community. I have sweet memories. Thank you Rosemary for the reminder.


After I posted about the fabric leaves and mentioned making a pin out of them, I thought I would actually do it. I cut flowers from felted wool and one from wool felt.

How I cut a flower is to cut a square and fold it in half and then in half again. I trim the edge in a heart shape. Do not worry about it being perfect (as you will see above mine is not) because I then go around the edge and trim it more. Plus you really only see one side, so do not try for a perfect round flower.

I cut two small leaves. I glued the leaves, a length of ribbon and topped with an acorn.

If you do not have any pin-backs, you can glue a safety pin and cover it with a bit of ribbon.

You know pine-cones, dried leaves, berries, feather would be wonderful. I am thinking these would be so charming pinned on a ribbon package.





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A beautiful pin! Thanks for the week of Autumn Bliss and for all the links you've also shared. You're so wonderful to inspire us!


I like both pins, but probably the first one the best. Love, Mom


Dear Clarice, I have really enjoyed your Autumn Bliss week. It truly is my favourite season. Thank you for such lovely ideas and for linking up to so many other lovely blogs for us to visit with. Autumn is here for sure in Norway, I have got out all the woolly socks,hats and mittens already and there was 10cm snow up in Lillehammer yesterday! Well, the harvest is in and the fields are reseeded. We are ready for a quieter and more indoors time now. Have a cosy week; Gill.

Susan P.

Clarice, your pin is just lovely! I love all of your "autumnal" ideas and now that the wedding is over I am excited to roll up my sleeves and start decorating;o)

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Clarice, This has been a fun series. Thanks for sharing it!



Don't you just love the word "autumnal"? My daughter looks at me like I'm loony every time that I use it. I think my biggest anticipation of Fall is that I get to use the word profusely!

Your pins are wonderful!!!

Blessings, KJ


Thanks for the Autumn Bliss; such a thoughtful idea. I love the pin, but I have a ? Is that what acorns look like in Washington? I am coming to Washington next week for the first time and I am excited about seeing the flora and vegetation. I imagine it to look like something from a fairytale or maybe storybook woods.


Thanks for the great week of autumn bliss. Your pin is really charming, but I have a question. Is that what acorns look like in washington...sort of an elongated version? I will be in Washington for the first time next week and I am excited to see what the vegetation/flora looks like.


Clarice, I had so much fun reading your Autumn Bliss posts, what a wonderful idea! Your Autumn pin is darling!!! Happy Fall!



Thanks for sharing such fun Autumn ideas!! I love them
fondly, Deena


I really like your autumn pin, Clarice. Thank you for sharing your good ideas and the links to all the blogs that participated in Autumn Bliss. It was fun!



So pretty, Clarice. You have successfully put me into the autumn mood! Thank you for hosting such a fun, fun week!

Happy Autumn Bliss to you!



The pin is adorable. I love it.
Thanks so much for mentioning my blog post.
What's better than pumpkin farms by the sea??
I love it there so much. Can't wait to visit again.
Well your Autumn Bliss was a great idea, and so much fun.
Thanks so much for doing that for all of us.
Have a wonderful day,


This is such a good idea, and your pin has really turned out charming Clarice. I'm thinking I might try making some of your oak leaves using brown kraft paper on one side of the leaves, and a light brown printed calico on the other.
"Pumpkins, growing by the sea"....just the very sound of it, has evoked a lovely image.
Thank you for all the wonderful autumn ideas, and links. You have truly inspired me with them.

Junie Moon

Your autumn pin is beautiful and I appreciate your helpful notes about making them.

There are indeed wonderful autumn ideas and I'm quite enjoying them and appreciate your sharing yours and the links.

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