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Smelly Sponges


Smelly sponges, now there is a nice topic. But maybe I am the only person in the world who has problem with her sponges always being smelly. They get stinky long before they wear out. I was complaining to Angie, who told me her trick. She soaks her sponges overnight in water with some oxiclean. Well she is right it works great. I also add a drop or two of lavender oil, to sweeten the non-smell. If you have a sponge cleaning tip, I would love to hear it.


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I think that is an awesome tip: to put lavender oil in with it, can't wait to try it on my stinky sponge!


The Glitter Fairy

Nuking them for 30 seconds kills all the little bugs!


I stopped using sponges for this exact problem. I love the oxyclean tip, thank you! I also love the bundle of lavender!

Alice Gunther

How you manage to make a post about smelly sponges beautiful is beyond me, but you did it!


After one use I toss them in the washer/dryer with the towel load too. They come out of the dryer all dry, shrunken, and hard (and thus unable to harbor bacteria). When water hits them the puff up like magic.


LOVE the lavender idea for sponges! And THANK YOU for your encouraging words re my blog. I really appreciate them.



I do as many do...microwave if I am in a hurry for freshness and later to the wash they go.

Another sponge tip...cut them up and put in the bottom of a planter before adding the dirt- they absord the water and will feed your plants if you forget.



I use vinegar to soak my dirty smelly sponges. In fact, I use vinegar to clean my counters after I mix and use essential oils. It breaks the smell of fragrance just like that.
It's an alternative to bleach.
Some people don't like the smell. I kind of like it.
I also use it to clean my windows.

Jill 00


As you know I just stopped using sponges and use disposable Handy Wipes and throw them in the laundry until and reuse until they start to fall apart. I like your idea of using the Lavender Oil. Love, Mom


Natural bath sponges I always leave to dry thoroughly after each use. Kitchen sponges I also ensure are thoroughly dry, after rinsing and squeezing in very hot water. I microwave mine on full (850w) for 3 minutes. I don't trust the diswasher to get an absorbant item, such as a sponge, clean through. HTH Gill.


I was just going to repeat the dishwasher and microwave comment above... but remember stinky means bacteria growth so leave them dry after each use and sanitize with vinegar and water or a drop of (gasp) bleach diluted in water ---or as mentioned above.


My dear mother-in-law soaked hers overnight in a small bowl with a drop of bleach. She rinsed it thoroughly and always had sweet-smelling sponges. ~Adrienne~

Susan P.

Another girl who throws hers in the dishwasher!


I run mine through the dishwasher. It always works.


I also stick mine in the dishwasher. The super hot water also sanitizes them.



Gee, I just throw my sponges in the washer (and then the dryer) with the dish towels.


You can put them in the dishwasher or microwave them (while wet) for 30 seconds.

Actually, I put loads of things in the dishwasher. Hard plastic toys, bathtub toys like rubber ducks, etc.

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