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We have moved on from strawberry heaven (I have 70 pounds in my freezer) to raspberry heaven. I am busy putting raspberries into lots of things. This raspberry galette was a big hit. It is sooooooo easy to make.  But there is just a few things I want to say about the recipe. Of course!!! I am so sorry my recipes posts are always so long but there is a lot I want to say about the recipes. I really want you readers to understand what I am doing and why. I get a lot of questions about recipes and the thing I see over and over again is that people do not understand what they are doing. It is sort of like math. You can do the equation but you do not get why or what you are doing. I think if everyone understood cooking better they would feel more confident.

So first of all a galette is a French term for a cake or tart, often filled. What I made is also called a free-form tart because I just slap a piece of dough on the parchment paper, filled it with filling and pull up the sides. It is not precise or perfect, as you can see with mine.

It is usually made with a pie crust but mine is made with puff-pastry. And there is a good reason why. Puff-pastry cooks faster and that is important in this recipe because we are using fresh raspberries. You do not want these raspberries to cook long. You do want them to cook but still mainten some shape. So puff-pastry is perfect for berries or fruit that really does not need a long time cooking. Like peaches and plums.

The other thing is use only fresh berries, not frozen. The fresh berries extract a bit of juice but frozen ones, would extract a LOT and this crust can not hold a lot of juice. It would be running all over the place. so no frozen.   


1: Roll out a defrosted sheet of puff-pastry to size you want. Do not worry about the shape. Put pastry on a sheet of parchment paper (it will make life so much easier to get the pastry of the sheet after you bake it). Set in the center enough fresh berries but keep a good 2 inches around side clear. I use about 2 pints here.


2: Just fold edge over berries and sprinkle with sugar. I also sprinkled the bottom of the crust with sugar before I set the berries on it. Put galette on a cookie sheet or flat pan and set in fridge for 1/2 hour to let the dough rehard. Then it will puff better. While galette is in fridge Pre-heat oven.


3: Bake as package directs. Mine was 400 for 20 minutes. Pull out and cool. Serve with a generous dollop of homemade whipped cream and more fresh berries. I really like having the contrast of the cooked berries and the fresh berries with the yummy whipped cream (with a dash of cassis in the cream. Framboise would also be good but I did not have any) sandwhiched in between the berries. Some grated chocolate over the top when it first came out of the oven would be lovely too !!!


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Mrs. L

I made this recently and am linking to you on my blog. Thank you so much for the recipe, it was wonderful and so easy with the puff pastry!

Jennifer Paganelli

Lots happaning at story book woods oh dear me shame on me for staying away so long...love it all thanks for mentioning me in your collages excerpt
so sweet of you ...love all the decorrating you've been doing those pillows are yummy!!! love, Jennifer

Laura at Blame It on Paris

Sounds delicious! Although I would probably eat all the raspberries before I ever managed to put any in the tart.


Mmmmm...raspberries! I've never actually baked with raspberries, too precious! You're tempting me to try though!


Just beautiful, Clarice! Raspberries are my favorite fruit!


Oh Clarice....you tempt me so. I have had a long standing love affair with Monsieur Raspberry. And Cassis. Your dessert looks so amazing. Truly!!!! now I am so hungry!!


Yum.. this would be good too if you spread some sweetened cream cheese under the raspberries before baking. maybe with a hint of orange zest in it. mmmmm....


Looks great.
And strawberry heaven is still to be found over in my blog today.....come take a look.


Clarice, what I love most about your recipes are the antecdotes and explanations that you include. Also the photo presentations help alot---til someday when I can visit and see you in action in your kitchen!! (I wish) Thanks for teaching me something new almost every day!

Lady Laurie

Oh this looks divine ~ I love rasberries(I think I love all the berries) I think you must be some baker!


How yummy all this looks and sounds!
also enjoyed your 'breakfast' post...something to aim for that's for sure.

blessings to you, Dear Clarice.

little jenny wren

Oh Clarice that looks divine. I know wht I'll be making once raspberry season comes to town. Such a simple but elegant dessert. I have done a similar thing with lightly poached apricots plus I sprinkle with brown sugar and almond meal. Yummy.

Gumbo Lily

Now that's my kinda yummy!


I see you linked the Cassis - thank you. I enjoy learning these gourmet flourishes from you. Cheers!


Delicious!!! Love your explanations, Clarice. It's the story behind the photos that makes it extra fun. Two questions: What's in the wine goblet? And what is "cassi" in the whipped cream? Inquiring minds must know!



Jill 00

Alice Gunther

WOW! I am drooling!

This looks beautiful and absolutely delectable!

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