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Personal Journal part 2

Personal Journal part 1


Mama loves butter, don't you see?

And-on good biscuit-so do we !

Mama loves something better than that-

She loves her Children plump and fat .


I have been meaning to share my birthday gift to myself. The girls and I each have each have sketchbooks and copy-work books. But mine was getting shabby (not in a shabby chic way) and needed a new one. Plus I wanted to breath some new life into our books. I have seen several journals on-line (I will write about those in another post) that really motivated me. In this post I will share what I got and next post some of what we have been doing.

I decided since this was my birthday gift, I was going to get good and pretty supplies. I knew I wanted a large sketchbook that was spiral bound. I wanted it to be able to expand as I added thing like ribbons and buttons to it. I also wanted a hard cover, not a floppy one. I found one (after looking at 8 stores) at Barns and Noble. One of the things I like about this sketchbook is the inside edge is serrated. So if you want to pull out a page it would be easy and have a clean edge. The cover was icky, so I gussied it up !! I want to thank Andrea, because of my order from One Hundred Wishes, my cover turned out so charming. I even used her business card and ribbon. I thought the sentiment was perfect for my journal.

Because I am so scattered, I have found it best to keep all my craft supplies grouped together (Like all my felted wool in one suit case). So I made a little bag to hold all my supplies. I love Bend the Rules clutch. I just made a long, skinny version.

The poem above is from the picture on the journal. Ofcousrse it is a mama and her babies. I loved this poem, it made me smile.   



My list of supplies:


fine tip sharpie

calligraphy markers

gel pens






Andrea posted about these wonderful metallic pencil's. I love them, thank you xoxox

Coccoina Glue Stick

Oh my goodness, I can not tell you how yummy this glue stick is. It is made in Italy and smells like the world's best marzipan. The only thing is I want to bake every time I journal !!!!



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Something about this time of year makes me want to get new supplies and start something like this. Thanks for sharing yours. I might need to order up some supplies!

Cheers! LA



I hope your journaling those wonderful recipes you share with us.
I love the keepsake, charming indeed!
The bag is perfect for keeping your goodies safe and together.

Great post Clarice!



Oh my gosh, it's a beautiful Wish page!!

I'm going to have to check out your overnight recipe.... see if it's something even kitchen-challenged-me can make! ha~

Andrea S.

Love your journal cover! So glad you could use the supplies!
xo andrea


Lovely post as usual Clarice!
Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Nice Matters Award (((hugs)))


What a wonderful journal, Clarice. I like what you've done with the cover very much. It's a clever idea, to make something nice to carry your supplies in.
I've had a bone folder for years. I've been really surprised at how useful it is. I use mine all the time.


Clarice, I love your journal/sketchbook! What fun! I like your floral satchel that holds all your journaling supplies too.



Your new journal is gorgeous, Clarice and I love the poem too! Thank you for sharing what you store your supplies in..very nice!



What a gorgeous journal--I love all the little creative details and thought you put into it. I also appreciate your comments about how you organize things--sometimes I'm tempted to organize according to other people's ideas but I really need to be true to how I truly work and create. It is so refreshing to read about your honest evaluation of how you work.


a glue stick that smells like marzipan...yummers!

karla nathan

YOu're right, if my supplies aren't together, I can't find anything! But what a cute way to store them, that is a pretty pouch.


I love what you did with that journal.
So pretty!
Don't you just love the pretties from Andrea's 100 wishes site?
Have fun!


You've done a such a beautiful job creating your journal Clarice. When you mentioned a sewing project in my comments over the weekend, I was dying to know what you were working on ~ it must have been the pouch, right? Looks great, and I love the fabric!


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