Personal Journal part 2
Lavender Tea

Personal Journal part 3


Lastly I wanted to share a few journals that inspired me. Remember your journal is only for you, it does not have to be perfect (see all my mistakes) or amazing. It only has to make you happy.If you know of any or have a wonderful journal on-line, send me a link and I will add it to the list.

Sis Boom

By Sun and Candlelight


Gumbo Lily

Eye Of Wonder

The Garden Of Pink Shadows

Several of you have said you hate writing or have sloppy handwriting like me. I have to tell you practicing calligraphy has helped me sooooo much. It is sort of like knitting, in that it forces you to slow down and focus on each step. For me while I write my mind is racing with all my thoughts and trying to add using my hand while all that thinking is going on, is very hard for me. So I sort of end up all over the place. Calligraphy  (just like knitting, I think every dyslexic should learn to knit) has helped me focus and slow down. I will tell I personally hate those calligraphy pens with the nibs. I like calligraphy markers much better. I have two kinds, one wide and one narrow. So find what works for you. Here is some links and practice paper to help you xoxoxox

Calligraphy Lessons

Lefthanders Learn Calligraphy

Calligraphy Paper

Handwriting Paper


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Good day Karla,
I know it is not the cheapest but I like scrapboooking glue. It is easy, holds well and with a coupon, it is not too expensive. It is frustrating when those edges start to peel up.Clarice


Several years ago, I started a journal like the one above you have featured. My problem is that when using clippings from magazines I can't get them to stay glued in. Any ideas?


Forgive me Clarice it's been way to long!! Hoping you are well and enjoying life I hope Clhoe got my letter in the mail shes my shining star.


lvoe these journal pages Clarice!!


I started a similar journal this summer, and for the very first time I've stayed with it! 3 months - wow! I think the pretty pictures help. ;)


Thanks for the links and for sharing your journal. All very inspiring!


Clarice, I found that practicing calligraphy did the exact same thing for me. In spite of years of cursive practice through school, I still had scrawly, ugly handwriting. After working on calligraphy for a long time, my cursive writing became beautiful. I always get compliments on my handwriting now. Don't know why, but it worked!


Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us.
Have a nice holiday weekend.


I've really enjoyed this set of journaling posts Clarice. You are VERY encouraging and have such good ideas. I was sharing this with my DIL yesterday and she's even more inspired to keep a journal because of your ideas. Thank you for sharing a wee bit of YOU.



i've been keeping journals like this since the 1990s. my problem is once they're full you can never close them again. nevermind, filling them has become a favorite activity that teaches me a lot about myself.

Lady Laurie

Your journals are lovely! I am not crazy about my handwriting either. My Mom used to to calligraphy and she was so good at it ~ one of these days I may give it a try.


It was fun looking at what everyone is doing. I might have to give this a try sometime.Love, Mom


Awesome post! Totally lovely journal!!!! You are SO creative. Thanks for the inspiration. This looks like fun.

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