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I have never really kept a journal. Maybe it is because I HATE writing, although I love communicating. I wish I could just have you all over for tea, it would be soo much easier. So when I saw journals on-line were people were cutting out images from mags, well that I could get into. I am the queen of magazines and have pilesssss of them around. At first I just cut out a lot of pretty pictures and let that express my thoughts. But I really do want to feel more comfortable with writing, as I also want my girls to. If you have not noticed, mostly how I teach is starting with me and the girls seem to follow suite.


I started to think about how I could incorporate more writing. I looked for pictures that would motive me to write. I actually made a box, were I put phrases and quotes to encourage us to write. The girls and I will pull out our journals, pick a quote and write about it. This and 70 glittery gel pens have made writing much more fun.


But I do not just use this book just as a journal. Actually there are lots of different ways to journal. I wanted my girls to see me using my book in different ways, so they would not feel bound to "journal" in only one way. I have horrible handwriting. The actually act of writing, just makes me bonkers. What you see here is after 2 years of diligently trying to have better handwriting and it is still bad. Better then before, but still sloppy. So I do lots of copy-work and practice.


I've added poems, house-hold tips, I copy books (like image above is from Joie De Vivre book), how I think the world should work, pretty pictures and why they are pretty. Anything that speaks to my heart and encourages me to write. So I encourage you if you are not one who likes to write or journal, maybe cutting up a pretty magazine might inspire you.



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Oh- I love these. I love scrapbooking but with 5 kids can't much esp. since I homeschool them. I also love making lapbooks within their schooling and I am a list making and creative gal. I love all things creative. I have a notebook of quotes, have done altered books, and my older kids love all thingis creative too. I think I am gong to start on of these as something just for me. An inspirational mom/wife/woman journal. I think I will include a lot of greeting cards, too. I often love greeting cards so much.
Thanks for your wonderful inspiration!


" I think the world should work..."

Now THAT is an EXCELLENT journal prompt if ever I heard one!! lol

Thanks for sharing your journals Clarice, I love them! I keep meaning to add a photo album of mine on my site (and I DO NOT write in them--although you have inspired me to maybe start). Yours are very inspiring!!

Isabella in the 21st Century

I think these will be real heirlooms in times to come. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will probably love them! I often see hand written antique recipe/household tips books up for sale and they're wonderful because they're so personal. What a nice thing to do!


Your journals and your thoughts on the journaling process are quite lovely and ever so helpful. I jump from book to book writing, pasting pictures, drawing little things, or taping in bits and pieces of this and that. It all makes me happy!


Clarice, I admire you for making the effort to write although you 'hate' it. I also dislike writing ~not the handwriting part, but trying to express myself~ I'm not very good at putting my thoughts into you can tell from my very short blog posts :)
Your journal is wonderful and beautiful, and how nice they will be to look back at as the years pass.
Have a lovely weekend!



ohhhhhhhh.....I loved seeing your journal inspiring! I've always just written in my journals, but I like the idea of using pictures too! I was just thinking the other day about how I really need to improve my seems to get so sloppy as I write. I think I just get in to big of a hurry, afraid I'll lose my train of thought or something :) Thanks for sharing, Clarice!


Lovely work, Clarice. I really appreciated your comment about starting new projects for yourself, with an eye toward the girls joining in. What a pleasant way to learn. You inspire always!


Gorgeous! I keep meaning to do this!


Great idea for a way to get started AFTER getting my yummy supplies in order. I've never liked writing too much either.

Cheers! LA


I have terrible handwriting. It's so bad, that my teachers used to ask me not to use fine point pens. Yours looks so much nicer than mine. My sister, mom and stepmom have beautiful handwriting. My sister's teachers used to have her come to the front of the room and demonstrate on the blackboard. I'm pretty happy to have all of the wonderful fonts on the computer to work with now.
I think your journal is very cool, and full of interesting ideas. Thank you for sharing it with us.


While holding your beautiful journal in my own two hands, it was the hydrangea page that I fell in love with . . . *sigh* It's even more lovely in person than in the photo here!


I love your journaling ideas.
Have fun!


I do this same type of journal and it's so much more fun than just writing, isn't it!? I got the idea from Eyes of Wonder a couple of months ago.


Clarice ~ your Journals look really lovely...enjoy my friend!
xo Kali
p.s. You are such a wonderful Mum.


What great ideas! I enjoy writing but I wouldn't say I'm good at it. It's just for me. I've started adding different things to my journals, too, but they aren't nearly as pretty as yours! I just quickly add this or that (maybe a note from one of my children or a pic, etc.)
Thanks for the wonderful ideas! My kids would enjoy this!


Now that is a fabulous Idea! I can type and express but with dyslexia writing is frustrating. My hands cant keep up with my mind. I can type fast though and it uses a different part of your brain. Journaling with image and clips of quote is just a perfect solution. Thank you for sharing this great idea. Pre- spelling this is good for the kids too.


Oh Clarice, Wish we lived closer. I adore magazines too and I had so many that I took two bushel baskets full of wonderful magazines to the recycling center on Tuesday. I am feeling really good about the magazines I have left but I would have much rather given you a chance to look through them before I took them there! Oh well, your pages are wonderful.


I'm happily adding snips of this-and-that to my journal too, and I love it! I don't know why, but there's something about a "pretty place to write" that motivates me too, Clarice! I like the idea of writing about a favorite quote and how it speaks to your heart. I especially like the one you feature here: "Use what you have." I think I could write volumes on that one. You too?

Thank you for sharing this with us.


Oh what a great idea, a journal. I enjoy browsing inspiring images and poems, facts, etc. What a nice way to keep them and to write about them. I think I may start my own journal Iam not sure what I would start with but I really like the idea.........
Priscilla x

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