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My Over-night Maple Rolls


My good friend Susan, shared her grandmother's version of over-night dough, that can be made into cinnamon rolls. Thank you Susan. I love overnight things, so I do not have to cook as much in the morning ;-)

I changed Susan's recipe a bit because I wanted make a maple version. I added maple syrup to the dough and made a maple glaze. I also added toasted pecans, because I think they go so well with maple. But feel free to play with what you like. I listed my ingredients and Susan's, so you can see both and see what you would like bestI did want to say I changed the baking time. I baked mine at 325% for 5-10 minutes longer and found the rolls cooked without the edges burning and I did not need to cover with foil. So as I have said before, everybody's oven is different, but try baking these at 325 instead of 350 and hopefully that will work better for you

PS. Look at these baby shoes filled with baby tears plan. I saw at the fair and I thought these were so sweet. What a wonderful way to use those outgrown baby shoes !!!!!

My Over-night Maple Rolls

2 cups water

1 cup maple syrup

1/2 cup butter, 1 stick

1 tsp. salt

1 pkg. yeast

2 eggs, well beaten

3 cup whole wheat pastry flour

3-5 cup all-purpose white flour

Spread dough with 1/4 cup soft butter, 2 cups chopped, toasted pecans, 1/4 cup sugar and cinnamon.Follow directions below to make and bake dough. This make two rolls, eight pieces each. I cooked one roll and put one roll in the freezer. I just set the frozen rolls in a pan about 5 at night and they were ready in the morning to bake.

Maple Glaze

Drizzle maple syrup in 1 cup confectioner sugar until you get desired consistency.

Susan's Overnight Rolls
4 c. water
2 c. sugar
1 c. shortening (butter)
1 T. salt
1 cake or 2 pkgs. Yeast
4 eggs, well-beaten
12-15 c. flour

Boil water and sugar 5 minutes. Add shortening (butter). Remove from heat. Cool to lukewarm (you can hurry this by placing in the fridge, but don't let it *overcool*). Stir in salt, yeast, eggs. Add flour a cup or two at a time, slowing down when dough approaches a nice soft (not sticky) * dough texture. You may not need to use all of the flour (don't get to the point where the dough is heavy). Knead.

Make dough at 2 p.m. Let rise, covered, in a large, clean, oiled bowl til 5 p.m. You can use two bowls if you don't have a large bread bowl. Gently knead down. Let rise again, covered, til 8 or 9 p.m. Shape into buns. Place in greased pans. Let rest on counter overnight. Bake in morning at 325 degrees for 20-25 minutes. ( You may need to cover with foil partway through baking if rolls are browning quickly).

I simply spread butter over the rectangle of dough and sprinkle liberally with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon (I don’t add soaked raisins or nuts, but you could). Roll up the rectangle. Seal the end. Slice into rolls a good two inches wide (high). Place them an inch or so apart on cookie sheets or in pans (metal works best). In the morning, bakes as directed above, but make sure they’ve cooked long enough to be done. You really don’t want them *too* done—they’re just so soft and moist and delicious when done right. Mix a glaze (almost a frosting) with some butter and powdered sugar and enough milk to make it between pourable and spreadable (oh, and add some vanilla, too). I glop some of this on each roll, spreading with the back of the spoon so that it touches the entire exposed surface of the roll. Use plenty (this is not a health food!). It runs all down through the spirals of the rolls

* I noticed this recipe says to not have sticky dough but with adding the maple syrup instead of sugar the dough will be sticky. I also leave my doughs on the wetter side, because as they rise they loose the stickiness and make a moister bread.


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I did the baby shoe craft a few years ago, it is so cute. I still have a baby shoe collection


Love the baby shoes and you lucky, lucky girl - what a find!

Gumbo Lily

I can vouch for this recipe. It's simply the best. I want to try your version, Clarice, for maple rolls. That sounds YUM to me!



Oh, I love the sound of the maple rolls...this sounds like a good recipe for Christmas morning!


These sound so yummy....and I like the idea of adding the maple and pecans...thanks, Clarice.


doreen frost

Hello. Love your blog. Your recipes and such are just wonderful. I will definitely be back often to try some of these out. YUMMM>>

Thank you

Lady Laurie

The baby shoes are adorable ~ and such a clever idea.
I would love to try the maple rolls ~ they sound delicious!


oh yum, sound so delicious. Those lil' baby shoes planted up are so sweet!


Those rolls sound SO delicious! I would love to make them next Sunday!

Isabella in the 21st Century

Wouldn't it be nice to plant herbs in those shoes!

Anyway, thank you for the recipe...the look on the family's face if I produce those on a Saturday morning would be lovely!! I like Janet's tip about putting the glaze in the bottom of the pan and serving them upside down, very clever.

The Glitter Fairy

Ooooh! Those rolls sound yummy! Thanks for the recipe. Love those little shoes...great idea.


Those little shoes are cute!
Over night dough rising, gotta love that!

Jill 00


Thanks Clarice - they sound yummy and I love sweet rolls!


the Feathered Nest

Thank you for this recipe. I love things you can leave overnite and then pop into the oven. I'll definitely try this and Janet's version with the syrup and nuts sounds good too!


Sheila a.k.a. Mrs G

adding my thanks for the recipes :)


Sounds really yummy!
Thanks for the recipe.


Thank you so much for the recipe; it sounds delicious and I'm going to try it.

I love the picture you posted and think the little plant signs are so adorable as well as being helpful--the little sun phase pictures are so cute.



Being a native Vermonter ( stuck in Massachusetts) I make cinnamon rolls with maple syrup also. Instead of glazing mine, I put syrup and nuts in the bottom of pan, then add rolls. I just eyeball the amount of syrup. I serve them "upside down" with the sticky glaze on top. Sometimes I drizzle just a bit more syrup on top. My family loves them. Give it a try sometime.


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