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I have not done a huge amount of crafting this summer, summers always seem to be like that. But I did make a pillow. My mother made me this amazing pink pillow for my birthday. I LOVE the pale blush pink and the peal gray together, very Coco Chanel to me. Look how she used a large gray mother-of-pearl button and a smaller pink mother-of-pearl flower button. . Well she bought one skein of the same yarn in this luscious sea green-blue, but fried-out on knitting after my pillow. So she also gave me the skien. I knitted it in the seed stitch and only did one big front panel. Then I took a large piece of bark cloth and wrapped around the front. I sewed it on three sides and added the large gray mother-of-pearl buttons. It was soo easy and I am happy the way the bark cloth pulled all the colors together. I will save these for Christmas, for this year I am having a pink and blue Christmas

PS. You will never guess who is coming to my house tonight, for a lavender tea. I will share all soon xoxox






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Clarice, these pillows are beautiful! I love how they are the same, but different and the colors are so pretty together.
Thank you for your sweet words and for showing me how much you care.
You've been a wonderful blog friend. I appreciate it.


Love, love, love your cushions!! How perfect they shall be around yours at Christmas time Dear Clarice :)


The pillows are so beautiful! I think the colors make them extra special and adding the barkcloth was a great idea.
I have bookmarked the site with the instructions.
(Thanks for the sweet comment about the knitting bag!) :)


sara, the wine makers wife

Yes, so French chic!! I would buy one in an instant!! Gorgeous buttons too. Ok, so what gives- who's coming for tea???? And may I say- Nat King Cole is my favorite Crooner.


Such pretty pillows !Thanks for the pattern info .:)


Hi Clarice,
Those pillows are cozy! How was your tea?
Warm regards,

Gumbo Lily

So sweet! They look so cozy too.


Hello to you Clarice. I just read your comment in Dear Mrs. Staggs lovely blog. You wrote such beautiful words there, that I just had to come over here, and say this. Thank you.


Wild Rose

Hi Clarice

I found your beautiful blog via Rose's Petite Maison. The pillows are beautiful and I love the colours and attention to detail with the mother-of-pearl buttons.

Marie x


Those are beautiful!! I love the use of barkcloth on them too and the pearly buttons... yum!


Both are beautiful! You did a great job and they look so cozy-comfy. :) Blessings, Debra

karla nathan

Beautiful detail on those pillows! and don't they make you want to cuddle up with a book and snuggle in?


How pretty! The colours are gorgeous and ice cream like! Very feminine.

Pearl Maple

Great combination of textures


Enjoy your lavender tea with your mystery guest...whom I happen to know adores lavender! Have fun together!
Love those romantic and soft-looking pillows!
Great job!


Oh, how lovely, Clarice! The pink pillow your mother made is beautiful and I love how you added some pretty fabric to your blue one. What a cozy little corner!

Mary Ellen Barrett

Simply lovely!



I agree very Frenchy looking. I really like them. They look lovely on the white sofa.
I also like the idea of a blue & pink Christmas.
Have a great evening.

Jill oo


Love the pillows and the colors.
So pretty!

Susan P.

Oh Clarice, those colors are so luscious~ reminds me of sherbet ice cream! They also look as if they would be extra soft and comfy. The buttons are so lovely, too! I'll take two please;o)


Those pillows are beautiful! I want the pink one for my bed!! lol! Lovely buttons as well.

*I* want to come to your house for lavender tea! :-)


Both pillows are gorgeous--I love the colors, both separately and together. I also like the way you used the barkcloth on one of them. Just wonderful!

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