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Would you mind posting more about the books that you pictured? My eyes bugged out of my head when I saw them. How lovely!



How cool is that faceless lady and those books!
Do you know how to image transfer onto fabric?! I see the most spendid moon face on her... in black and white. But that's me and my weird eclectic taste....
Enjoy the rest of your wkend!!!


I'm glad you are feeling better, Clarice!! The pillow lady is gorgeous..wow!! My Father-in-law has loaned us the same set of books but we haven't read them yet. Are they good?



Hope you're feeling better Clarice, and having a good weekend. I love your treaures ~ everything is beautiful!


Sorry you didn't feel well.
Love your new treasures.
Take care,


Clarice, I think I faintly see a design printed on. Do you embroider? If not, I would be happy to 'finish' this for you if you'd like. It wouldn't take long and I'd be happy to stitch if for you if you'd like. Just choose your color. . .let me know.

:) LaTeaDah


You can be sure that I'm over here on the eastside, drooling! I love your treasures, especially the beautiful pillow slip. I have a similar pair my mother made me --- and am in the process (set aside; I must find them) of making a pair as well. I'll need to see if they have faces. Is there a design stamped on for the face? Or is is blank? Simply beautiful!

Enjoy a nice day! Hope it isn't too hot --- we're baking over here!!!! And not in the kitchen (unfortunately).

:) LaTeaDah

Gumbo Lily

Oh boy! You hit the jackpot Clarice!
The lady pillowslip is FAB! Love the lace edging.
The redware is yum and the books, well.....those look like they will give your damsels in Storybook Woods lots of ideas with which to play fairytale. If you could judge these books by their covers, I'd say these are Gems!


You know what's nice about that pellowcase is it's a pattern I've never seen before, pretty unique. What will we do when Christmas House is gone. Love, Mom

Blame It on Paris

You're right, that pillowcase is delightful.

Isabella in the 21st Century

Ooh Clarice! Tummy bugs are just horrible. Keep well my friend...those books look like just the kind of thing my DH would like!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Oh, Clarice, do take care of yourself until you are quite well!

The pillow case is great, I like her just as she is!! And, Oh, that plate is just gorgeous. What wonderful finds.

Miss Eagle

Clarice, I love the not-quite-thereness of the lady. It gives her an ethereal quality. Lovely pretty things! I do hope you are feeling better and building yourself up to a cheerful equilibrium.

Blessings and bliss



I like that lady pillow case too.
I'm glad your feeling better..

Have a great weekend.

Jill xo

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