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Look at this wonderful portrait I just got of my beautiful mother (don't roll your eye mom). She found it going through some boxes. It had an ugly gold, brown frame, I painted it white and what a difference it made. The reason why I love this portrait so much is because it is how I remember my mother as a child. I look at this picture and I remember sitting at the kitchen table in Saint Louis (were we lived when I was 3) and coloring. I remember my mother coloring me the most wonderful pictures. I know she thought they were nothing but I was in awe.

Also I wanted to say thank you for all the name sugetions, I loved them all and am having a hard time chooing. But I will soon.

Lastly David has become an inspector (for the airlines, he was a structural mechanic before) and this has changed our whole schedule and days off all around. So I am influx while I try to find a new rhythm (I like that word better then schedule). So my posting my be a bit erratic, but hopefully not.  Just bear with me xoxoxo


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Oops. Sorry to post that item in amongst the lovely praises for your mom! I was reading your blog backwards!!


Hey, throw your sponge in the microwave for 3 minutes every day. It kills the bugs.


What a great portrait of Linda! What a beauty! I can't wait to see it in person..
Love, Angie


BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture of your mom! How precious and what a treasure!

:) LaTeaDah


How lucky are you to have this beautiful portrait of your Mother!

Isabella in the 21st Century

Oh, that's a lovely portrait and your mum looks so pretty. I too love her glasses. Congrats on the new job to your DH.

alice Gunther

I see such love and beauty in your mother's eyes. No wonder you turned out so well!

Joy For the Journey

That is loads of fun!! Thanks for sharing!


What a stunning portrait of your mom...such a classy and glamorous woman!
I love it! and the frame is perfect in white....all so very elegant!
Love the glasses, the pearl necklace, the white dress and the lovely smile with dimples and all!
Thank you for sharing!


A lovely portrait of your Mother! What a treasure!


A very pretty mom.
Love her glasses.

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Congratulations to your husband on the new job!! Woo hoo!! And good for you for looking for ways to adapt the family to his new schedule (rhythm, sorry!).

I love the portrait of your mom! What a fun piece to have in your home!


What a beautiful mom :)


Recently came across some self-portraits I did decades ago back in art school -- your blog reminded me of their potential meaning to my children when they recall their childhoods spent in my studio. What a great treasure you have!

karen reilly

What a beautiful mom.....she reminded me of the early 60s...and times in high school and college. Seems like yesterday.


I LOVE her eye glasses!!! Your mother was quite fashionable!


I see now where you get your beautiful smile, Clarice. I'm so happy for you to have this special piece 'MOM'-orabilia.

Congrats to David too!


What a great potrait of your mom! It's like a perfect little slice of time : )

Gumbo Lily

Mom is a beautiful woman and I see a very strong resemblance to her in you, Clarice. The frame is a good look for the portrait.

I loved to color with my mom too.....she was the BEST!



That portrate takes me right back to that time too. Love you, Mom


I LOVE your mom's portrait. What a neat thing to have. And her glasses are fab...I think I have some very similiar in my attic.

Now...we should all go get our portraits made immediately! :)


Your mom is just lovely, Clarice! I think the white frame is perfect with her white dress and pearls!
Congrats to David on his new job!

Susan P.

Clarice, that portrait of your Mom is a true treasure. You are so blessed to have such wonderful memories attached to it! I think we all thought our Moms were the best "colorers" in the whole wide world;o) Your Mom is a very lovely lady!



Your Mom is beautiful!

She looks fun loving and happy in that picture and she has beautiful brown eyes.

Jill 00


Aww! How cool!!! And I'm totally diggin' her glasses! (I've been on the hunt for a perfect pair of vintage cateyes for a few years now)

I know all about schedules and rhythms! I can just never get them to play the same tune.


Fabulous portrait!! I would cherish that too. Like you, I remember thinking my Mom was the best color-er in the whle wide world!!!


That is a lovely portrait. Your mother was (and I'm sure still is) a beautiful woman.

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