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I got sick of cleaning dust off my mixer all the time. I use my mixer a lot and wipe it down but it still seemed to get dusty. Especially the top and back. Maybe because I have no carpets in my house and everything is dusty ;-) I saw a cover for a mixer in a catalog but it was $50. Sooo my mind started thinking, what could I use that I already have. Yeahhh for reusing. A vintage pillow case seemed to fit my kitchen-aid mixer perfect, only it was to long. So I measured the hight and added an inch extra. Cut off the excess and stitched it closed. Added some pretty seam binding and wha-la. Make sure if you use some ribbon it can be something you can throw in the wash. Also you can see my pillowcase has satins. I did not want to use something to precious. Like I said I wanted to use something that I could throw in the wash. I think I will make a second one as a back up.

PS. Look at my 50 cents bark cloth !!!!!!



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Oh my gosh, you are brilliant!!!! I've been wanting a cover for mine too, but not just any ol' cover! This is perfect.. and it gives me the perfect reason to start eyeballing vintage linens again!


I ~adore~ your cover! I would be looking at it all day, smiling. And bark cloth for 50 cents? Wow!


You are a clever lady!!


Oh, I should do that. I hardly ever use my mixer and it is probably greasy as well as dusty. Love, Mom


Wonderful idea! It looks great!

Gumbo Lily

Clarice, that's a GREAT idea! I think your cover is cute and vintage chic!


I *love* this idea and I have no problem stealing it : ) Also, I like how the photo worked out with the backdrop. If you want, I can retake the photo of that other thing you gave me and give it a better backdrop than my white wall . . .

hugs : )


Very cute cover! I have that same dusty problem, but never once thought about doing something about it. What a good idea!


Adorable!!!...I have a few vintage pillowcases...I may have to borrow your idea!! Hope your feeling better now!


Fantastic idea!


Very resourceful! I love it!
I have one I found at a, that has a bluebird on it!
Too cute!


If you wanted to, you could use a bleach pen on those stains. (Not that I am stain obsessed or anything. LOL)


What a wonderful idea, Clarice!! Such a sweet, vintage cover, I love it!!


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