Happy 4th
Vintage Storybook Woods


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Not to worry, Clarice- no one will mention the missing limoncello at the next Ladies' Temperance League meeting; I know there was more then one teacup with some "special" lemon flavour :)


Oh Clarice, you outidid yourself yet again with your wide array or refreshments. And, yes, once more, I indulged just a tad too much. As the heat rose and the lemonade went down as smooth as candy, I should have known to stop at 3 or 4. But, as always, I just had to have one more and end up dancing with old man Hillard! And you and Mrs. Staggs just giggling as he swung me around as if he were 60 again! Woosh. Thank you for finally saving me from his dance-floor grips! I so look forward to our little gatherings in Merryville. So happy to see you there! xo


Oh wow, I am thinking I needed to be there in Merryville! That special lemonade sounds so fabulous!!


Happy 4th to you! You best find that limoncello! A nice glass of icy cold lemonade spiked with a little limoncello is the perfect hot day cocktail.


What a lovely place! I'm glad I found you.


Love that limoncello! Thanks for sharing ;-)

Happy 4th.


Oh Clarice Dear,
I think we'd best be brewin' up some coffee!

Happy 4th of July to you!


Happy 4th!!
Love the music.


Dear Clarice Thank you so much for the reminder! How glad I was to make it just in time for the parade and how happy I am that all of the dollies are dressed in their finest patriotic attire with bonnets and parasols against the heat...and I have just had a drink of your most delicious lemonade... somehow I feel quite giddy with delight!
Happy 4th! N

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