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I hope you do not mind another veggie pasta dish but that is what I have been craving lately. We love this pesto, green bean, potato and pasta dish. Now potatoes and pasta together may sound a bit strange but really they are very yummy together.

You all may know this but pesto freezes really well. I like to make big batches of pesto in the summer. I freeze the pesto in ice cube trays and then transfer the cubes to freezer bags. Also if you do not have a lot of basil you can use half spinach.

A yummy tomato and mozzarella salad on the side is a perfect complement. If you are feeling the need for some meat you can make the salami version.

Zucchini's are starting to come to the market. I love my zucchini cake with lime curd and whipped cream fraiche. You can make the lime curd a couple of days ahead to save some time.

I think this meal is a wonderful healthy way to highlight summer veggie !!! 

Pesto Pasta with Potatoes and Green beans

This is basically a pasta tossed with pesto, cooked potatoes and green beans. There is several way to cook the veggie. You can steam or roast in the oven or stir fry your potatoes and green beans. I have made it all three ways and it is yummy but I love the roasted way the best. It is what sounds good to you at the time.

Mozzarella Tomato Salad or

salami version

Zucchini Cake with Lime Curd and Whipped Cream Fraiche

Picture by Beatrice Emma Person


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lauren Mumford

Sounds delish Clarice, veggie dishes are so perfect for summer, don't you think? And that picture in the post is just beautiful!!!! Love it!

Gumbo Lily

Now THIS is my kind of eating! Thank you for sharing your ideas and recipes with us. It's nice to have something "new" to try for supper!




I really like the sound of the tomato salad, that's right up my favorite food alley.
I also like zuchini. I try to incorporate it into all my pasta dishes.
I thought of you the other night as I made some whole made granola. I am addicted to this stuff!
Thanks for sharing your timeless recipes.

Jill 00
P.S. I bet you picked up your Grandfathers baking gene. I believe we do that.



I just made that salad the other night. Love your recipes.


Hello my dear! I have a huge kitchen glass , by the sink, full of fresh basil, but it won't be fresh for long if I don't do something with it! I love this pesto in an ice cube tray, brilliant idea! I'm going to try that on Thursday night. do you have a pesto recipe you prefer?


You would be proud of me! I actually have been cooking. LOL

Have you tried Felicia Sullivan's curry pasta salad yet? we had it last night and it is delicious! ( I can send you the link if you want it.)


I've neverheard of the salami version. I'll have to try that. Love, Mom

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