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"When I am in Flaujac, it is usually summer and I try to eat breakfast on the stone porch outside our kitchen. As the roster crows from across the fields, I prepare a fragrant, crunchy baguette with butter from the local dairyman. I slather the baguette in jam made from last month's crop of strawberries. Some days I prefer to try some local honey, fresh from the honey comb and purchased last Saturday from my local farmers market, or le marche. In fact, when eating this breakfast, I know that everything is grown or made locally.

  From the porch, I can see across the nearby fields and smell the wildflowers that the bees visit for nectar. The honey that I am eating comes from those flowers and smells like those flowers. I can also see the fields of wheat being harvested by my neighboring farmer and I know that, eventually, this grain will become the bread that my family enjoys each morning."

    Now doesn't that sound like how our breakfast should always be. This is from the Joie De Vivre by Robert Arbor. I love this book and reread it from time to time when I need inspiration on making the most of my life. Joie De Vivre is much more then a cookbook or a book about the way the french live. It is a book about how to stop and smell the roses, how to make the most of what you have, about how to really be in the moment, all witha French touch!

   The reason I pulled out the book is I needed breakfast motivation. I love breakfast but HATE to cook first thing in the morning. Breakfast is such an important meal and I tend to skip it. I wanted some motivation and found it in the idea of breakfast brushette's. I love the idea of this and have been able to make it work for me. I took a picture of my brushette, a walnut bread, honey Greek yogurt, blueberry brushette and tea.

    Here is my plan because I do have my budget to consider. I am going to Costco and get the La Brea demie-baguettes. There is 6 of them, so I will cut them in half and freeze them. This way I will always have yummy bread on hand. Then I got a few bits and bobs. Some slice prosciutto, fresh fruit, cheese, ect. Below I listed a few sweet and savory idea. Some from Joie De Vivre and some of my own. But really the sky it the limit. I think being pre-pared it what is important. Making sure you have the bread and a few items and then let your creativity flow!

    One last thing, make your breakfast something to remember, a special moment. Pick a lovely spot in your home, make sure it is clean, pull out a special piece of china and tea cup. Use a pretty cloth napkin, maybe some lovely music in the background. These really are small things but will help you start your day on the right foot. If you have children I think this sends two important messages. Eating is something to be savored and appreciated. Also momma is to be appreciated. We do need to teach this to our children!

Breckfast bructa 2


Breakfast Brushette

Sweet ideas:

almond butter and peach slices drizzled with coconut sugar

ricotta and berries drizzled with honey

yogurt (Greek honey yogurt is perfect for this) with fresh plum slices

butter sprinkled with coco-powder  and sugar

nuttella with sliced bananas

orange marmalade and a pice of bittersweet chocolate

Savory ideas:

olive oil and mozzarella w/ salami

ham and swiss cheese

olive tapenade and goat cheese

sliced avocado and mushrooms

melon or fresh figs and prosciutto

scrambled eggs, tomatoes and pesto

gilled veggies and fontina cheese



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What a gorgeous tablecloth! Please tell me more!


What a wonderful thing to remember, Clarice. Breakfast is a rushed time in our household. The mornings are so beautiful lately, I've been wanting to sit outside and eat breakfast-something we never do. I think I may just do that. I think coffee tastes so much better sipped outside on a fresh morning! (okay, or tea!) Thanks for the yummy post! Must borrow this book from you sometime....OOXOOX

Alice Cantrell

I, also, LOVE this book and re-read it often for the exact same reasons.


Joie de Vivre is one of my favorite books in the world! What a lovely breakfast you created.


The beautiful sentiments, a delicious breakfast menu, pretty photographs, everything wonderful...except for the tea. I urge you to take time to savor the preparation and drinking of tea. Icky teabags don't do your breakfast justice.

Laura at Blame It on Paris

Great ideas! You are right about savoring.


Wow, Clarice! And now--I am hungry! ; )

Susan L

Oops! I guess it was "Isabella" who posted about the toast with jam! :-)


Susan L

Clarice, I bought this book a few years ago because of you, and I love the spirit of it, too! (So, thank you!)

I am a breakfast person. Nothing heavy, but I love mornings, and I do like to fix myself an enjoyable breakfast. And I do get picky about my dishes and where I sit, too! :-) Today, I made myself a shirred egg baled with homemade goat cheese (I told you about this cheese), and I topped the baked egg with a lot of fresh-from-the-farmers'-market tomatoes and basil (sometimes I dollop fresh pesto on the egg before baking). Unlike you, I do enjoy a good cup of coffee, so I got my French press going and took it, a pretty mug, and my baked egg out to my little table on the back deck. I enjoyed my al fresco breakfast and wrote in my journal. I always take my time, and this is nice. Sometimes I make scones for breakfast. I always try to have fresh, in-season fruit, too.

Breakfast is a fun time for me, and I'm always eager to make something for anyone who is around (but I don't really do the eggs, potatoes, bacon thing-- not for breakfast, anyway). In the fall, we have a favorite, fluffy baked apple pancake that we make for breakfast. I like to eat that simple no-knead bread of Mark Bittman's toasted with good homemade jam for a simple breakfast (like Susan P above). We do lots of different things!

Your bruschetta looks yummy, and the plate is pretty! And I like all of those good ideas you listed!



Oooh, I am the same way about breakfast. Love to eat it, hate to cook it... wish I had a chef! Or a really great friend next door who loved to cook! ha!
That looks delicious though!


Well, I'll have to look for that book! It sounds right up my alley. I've never tried yogurt on a bread before. I'll have to give it a go. Loved this post, I'm all about finding pleasure in the little moments!



Such a lovely post, Clarice! I printed out all the yummy bruchette ideas and my mouth is watering. :0)


Susan P.

Clarice, I can't believe you have that book, too!! It is one of my very favorites in my collection!!! The book is truly inspiring to me, as well as your wonderful post today. I need to start planning how I am going to make our breakfast "extra special" at our Home Place tomorrow!

Isabella in the 21st Century

Your post reminded me of my time in France, we always had very fresh baguette and jam served with good coffee or cocoa. Definitely a simple breakfast but very good. The French really are perfectionists when it comes to food, the result being even bread and jam is heavenly!

Your walnut bread and blueberries looks just gorgeous and I love your suggestions.

Actually, I may have a go at making brioche in my breadmaker, setting it so it's done for breakfast. Quelle Joie!


This was just the inspiration I needed!! I to skip breakfast too much and needed a push in that healthier direction. I am going to add that book to my wish list~Thanks again



That's my kind of breakfast. Blueberries are my favorite!
I also love to eat walnut whole grain breads.
We have a family owned company locally that makes this bread and I will eat no other but theirs.
You are absolutely right. What a wonderful way to start you day. How on earth could you have a bad day after indulging in such a pretty landscape and table setting?

Thanks for sharing the book and the breakfast ideas.

Jill 00


That is one of my favorite books. I can read it and reread it. I have it in a stand so I can see it everyday.
I just love the way they do things in France.
Thanks for sharing.

The Glitter Fairy

So does this mean I can't stand up at my kitchen island, while stirring a pot, washing a dish and glittering something while I'm eating my possibly not-very-nutritious breakfast on a paper napkin???
I do love the idea of savouring food AND mamma! I need to write this 100 times on my blackboard and then have the kids do the same. Thanks for the words of wisdom.


YUM! Gorgeous pictures and delicious list! I think I might have to pick that book up!

Gumbo Lily

I just LOVED this book mainly because the author, a fine chef and restaurant owner, lives very simply and cooks simply. I think it's time for me to read it again.

I would love to eat any of these breakfast choices at your table but I really do need that good cuppa strong coffee in the morning.

Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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