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My good friend Angie has finally gotten sick of listen to all of us ladies talk about our blogs and decided to start one of her own Island Hearth & Handicrafts.  She is a very gifted doll maker, as you can see from the elf she needle-felted above. I have posted one of her dolls before. She is also my foodie friend. She is the one I can call when I get all exited about a certain type of whole wheat flour or want to discuss leaf lard. She puts up with me and she is an amazing cook. Both her and I are brutally honest (especially me, see I told you she puts up with a lot) and we know when one of us says something is yummy, we mean it. Also she has her own outdoor wood-burning oven were she makes unbelievable bread. I am sure she will post more of her charming farm and old farmhouse that was her husband grandmother and now they raise their sweet children on this little slice of heaven on Bainbridge Island. ( the girls I and I want to move in or at lest live next door)


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karla nathan

She sounds like a great friend to have, she makes elves and bread both???

Lady Laurie

After I am done visiting you ~ I am off to check out her site!


I'll hop on over to welcome her to blogland! Thanks for the link.


Gumbo Lily

Angie is one talented, incredible woman! Thank you for sharing her blog with us.

Isabella in the 21st Century

Can you imagine how much I'd like an outdoor bread oven Clarice? What a nice blog, I love those dolls!


Thank you for this wonderful link.
Angie has a wonderful way of writing, and I can tell she sees and appreciates all the wonder around her.
Thanks for more terrific sounding recipes too!

Susan P.

Clarice, your friend is so talented! I will definitely stop on by when I leave here. Isn't it wonderful to have a friend that you can share a common love with?? BTW, what in the world is leaf lard, or do I want to know? LOL!!



Your friend Angie is very creative.
I can't believe those dolls!
Outdoor Oven, oh my gosh!!

Thanks for sharing her web site.

Jill 00


Thanks for sharing your friend's new blog with us.


I checked it out. It's great. I'm excited to see what she shares with us. Love, Mom


An outdoor wood burning oven! That's delightful!!!!


Clarice! Thanks for the wonderful plug for my fledgling blog. You're the best. I don't know what I'd do without your sense of taste (culinary and otherwise), generosity and quiet faith in my life. I appreceate how you keep me updated on the parts of the world I like but don't want to investigate for myself. I especially appreciate how encouraging you (and Mary and Kristin, too) have been in regards to my needle felting. I wouldn't be doing all this if not for you guys!! How's that for a gush? It's all true. Love, Angie

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