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Portrait Love


Look at this wonderful portrait I just got of my beautiful mother (don't roll your eye mom). She found it going through some boxes. It had an ugly gold, brown frame, I painted it white and what a difference it made. The reason why I love this portrait so much is because it is how I remember my mother as a child. I look at this picture and I remember sitting at the kitchen table in Saint Louis (were we lived when I was 3) and coloring. I remember my mother coloring me the most wonderful pictures. I know she thought they were nothing but I was in awe.

Also I wanted to say thank you for all the name sugetions, I loved them all and am having a hard time chooing. But I will soon.

Lastly David has become an inspector (for the airlines, he was a structural mechanic before) and this has changed our whole schedule and days off all around. So I am influx while I try to find a new rhythm (I like that word better then schedule). So my posting my be a bit erratic, but hopefully not.  Just bear with me xoxoxo

Joie De Vivre

    Breckfast bructa 1

"When I am in Flaujac, it is usually summer and I try to eat breakfast on the stone porch outside our kitchen. As the roster crows from across the fields, I prepare a fragrant, crunchy baguette with butter from the local dairyman. I slather the baguette in jam made from last month's crop of strawberries. Some days I prefer to try some local honey, fresh from the honey comb and purchased last Saturday from my local farmers market, or le marche. In fact, when eating this breakfast, I know that everything is grown or made locally.

  From the porch, I can see across the nearby fields and smell the wildflowers that the bees visit for nectar. The honey that I am eating comes from those flowers and smells like those flowers. I can also see the fields of wheat being harvested by my neighboring farmer and I know that, eventually, this grain will become the bread that my family enjoys each morning."

    Now doesn't that sound like how our breakfast should always be. This is from the Joie De Vivre by Robert Arbor. I love this book and reread it from time to time when I need inspiration on making the most of my life. Joie De Vivre is much more then a cookbook or a book about the way the french live. It is a book about how to stop and smell the roses, how to make the most of what you have, about how to really be in the moment, all witha French touch!

   The reason I pulled out the book is I needed breakfast motivation. I love breakfast but HATE to cook first thing in the morning. Breakfast is such an important meal and I tend to skip it. I wanted some motivation and found it in the idea of breakfast brushette's. I love the idea of this and have been able to make it work for me. I took a picture of my brushette, a walnut bread, honey Greek yogurt, blueberry brushette and tea.

    Here is my plan because I do have my budget to consider. I am going to Costco and get the La Brea demie-baguettes. There is 6 of them, so I will cut them in half and freeze them. This way I will always have yummy bread on hand. Then I got a few bits and bobs. Some slice prosciutto, fresh fruit, cheese, ect. Below I listed a few sweet and savory idea. Some from Joie De Vivre and some of my own. But really the sky it the limit. I think being pre-pared it what is important. Making sure you have the bread and a few items and then let your creativity flow!

    One last thing, make your breakfast something to remember, a special moment. Pick a lovely spot in your home, make sure it is clean, pull out a special piece of china and tea cup. Use a pretty cloth napkin, maybe some lovely music in the background. These really are small things but will help you start your day on the right foot. If you have children I think this sends two important messages. Eating is something to be savored and appreciated. Also momma is to be appreciated. We do need to teach this to our children!

Breckfast bructa 2


Breakfast Brushette

Sweet ideas:

almond butter and peach slices drizzled with coconut sugar

ricotta and berries drizzled with honey

yogurt (Greek honey yogurt is perfect for this) with fresh plum slices

butter sprinkled with coco-powder  and sugar

nuttella with sliced bananas

orange marmalade and a pice of bittersweet chocolate

Savory ideas:

olive oil and mozzarella w/ salami

ham and swiss cheese

olive tapenade and goat cheese

sliced avocado and mushrooms

melon or fresh figs and prosciutto

scrambled eggs, tomatoes and pesto

gilled veggies and fontina cheese


Name my Deer, Please


See my baby deer and mama. These deer came with the house. They have been lounging under a tree, but they are really old and I am worried they are jut going to fall apart.  Plus I am affraid some child will sit on them. So I decided to drag them in the house were hopefully they will be more protected. Now I am pinching myself I did not do this 6 years ago when we moved in. I love them and think they are appropriate for my storybook cottage. I wanted to name them but can seem to come up with anything. I would love ideas (no bambie, please) If you can think of any wonderful names for my deer, please share them. Thank you!!!

I hope everyone has a yummy Saturday. I am off to Sequim to pick pounds and pounds of raspberries for the freezer xoxoxox


Island Hearth & Handicrafts


My good friend Angie has finally gotten sick of listen to all of us ladies talk about our blogs and decided to start one of her own Island Hearth & Handicrafts.  She is a very gifted doll maker, as you can see from the elf she needle-felted above. I have posted one of her dolls before. She is also my foodie friend. She is the one I can call when I get all exited about a certain type of whole wheat flour or want to discuss leaf lard. She puts up with me and she is an amazing cook. Both her and I are brutally honest (especially me, see I told you she puts up with a lot) and we know when one of us says something is yummy, we mean it. Also she has her own outdoor wood-burning oven were she makes unbelievable bread. I am sure she will post more of her charming farm and old farmhouse that was her husband grandmother and now they raise their sweet children on this little slice of heaven on Bainbridge Island. ( the girls I and I want to move in or at lest live next door)

Menu Of The Week


I hope you do not mind another veggie pasta dish but that is what I have been craving lately. We love this pesto, green bean, potato and pasta dish. Now potatoes and pasta together may sound a bit strange but really they are very yummy together.

You all may know this but pesto freezes really well. I like to make big batches of pesto in the summer. I freeze the pesto in ice cube trays and then transfer the cubes to freezer bags. Also if you do not have a lot of basil you can use half spinach.

A yummy tomato and mozzarella salad on the side is a perfect complement. If you are feeling the need for some meat you can make the salami version.

Zucchini's are starting to come to the market. I love my zucchini cake with lime curd and whipped cream fraiche. You can make the lime curd a couple of days ahead to save some time.

I think this meal is a wonderful healthy way to highlight summer veggie !!! 

Pesto Pasta with Potatoes and Green beans

This is basically a pasta tossed with pesto, cooked potatoes and green beans. There is several way to cook the veggie. You can steam or roast in the oven or stir fry your potatoes and green beans. I have made it all three ways and it is yummy but I love the roasted way the best. It is what sounds good to you at the time.

Mozzarella Tomato Salad or

salami version

Zucchini Cake with Lime Curd and Whipped Cream Fraiche

Picture by Beatrice Emma Person

Birthday Thank-Yous





Thank you ladies for all the kind birthday wishes. It means so much to me that you would even bother coming by my blog, let alone leave a comment. It brightened my whole weekend. I had a lovely relaxing weekend. I got breakfast in bed (I had already well stocked the frig !!!) We went out to dinner with my sister and mother to Ajax cafe. This restaurant has hats everywhere, we had a blast trying them all on. I had grilled duck with wasabi mashed mashed potatoes, tempura green beans, garlic honey sauce and a dry rose'. It was heaven !!!!


I got the loveliest of gifts. Aubern'e wrote me the most amazing poem and Chloe sang me a song in elf language. Which she explained that only those of high class could hear. If you were of low class and heard it you would be banished forever. I was a bit worried I might be of low class and be banished but Chloe assured me I was of the highest class (I do not know were she gets her imagination). She also painted this lovely gold rose.

Picture_1035 Picture_1039


                                                 Picture_1037_edited1 Picture_1029_edited1

PS. I was chatting (actully lecturing, sorry) with another blogger about how it is important for us to not worry that we do not look perfect and just share pictures of ourself. Because it is nice for the reader to see the person who is writing the blog. So I am taking my own advice and posting this not very flattering picture of myself in a crazy hat xoxoxo

Awards, awards


Well this week I have been awarded the Rocking Girl Blogger by Heart Of The Prairie and the Blogger Reflection Award by LaTe Dah. Why thank you ladies, you are both so kind.

Michele I am so glad my blog is like a magazine for you, this is what I am hoping for.

LaTeDah you are soo inspiring to me, it means a lot to me that you would pick me xoxoxo

The Lovely thing about being picked for two awards, is I get to pick twice as many blogs (Although I have a 172 blogs in my blogfeeder, so choosing is almost impossible) and it is a great way to celebrate my birthday !!!!


Girls who I think are rockin'

1. Mrs. Staggs at Happy Miscellany my not seem like a rockin' girl but I know in her heart she is xoxoxo

2. Miz. Smoochie Lips she is a Harley chick after all !!

3. Ms. Jennifer at Sis boom, one could not make all those yummy fabrics and not be rockin'

4. Andrea at Velvet Strawberries she is girly rockin'. This is why we are kindred spirits.

5. Gina who live a life full of creativity and rockin' love for her family


The Blogger Reflection Award originated from the lovely blog owned by a sixteen-year-old, home schooled girl at Lothlorien, Realm of the Lady of Light! This was the description of who should be recipients:

"As for my award, it is called The Blogger Reflection Award. Why? The reason for the title is because this award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy... of knowing them and being blessed by them."

Ladies who encourage me to keep going and serve my family xoxxo

1.Kelli the most creative and fun mother xoxox

2. Isabella of the 21st Century who makes homemaking soo interesting, it actually makes me want to do it ;-)

3. Susan who brings heart to homemaking xoxox

4. Jill who brings energy and creativity to homemaking. I wish you could bottle some of that up for me !!!!

5. Debbie who has such a gentle spirit which I need more of. Thank you for teaching me xoxo

I am off to be a birthday Diva for the weekend

Dust Under The Rug


I have been reading the Book Trails books to myself. I LOVE old children's books. I read this wonderful story, it is a typical moral story that was written to children at that time. But what I loved was how the moral was handled. I will confess that when I read that the little girl had not swept the dust under the rug, I though oh great the dwarfs will not pay her (I was getting pretty mad). But no they did. I am sure at that time a grot was what she would be paid for, for the work she had done and was all that she had expected. But unbeknownst to her there was sooo much more. I am like that little girl, I tend to take the easy route. Which works but there are greater rewards for me, if I would dust under the rug. 



Dust Under The Rug

Well for the child, well for the man, to whom
throughout life the voice of conscience is the prophecy
and pledge of an abiding union with God!

There was once a mother, who had two little daughters; and, as her husband was dead and she was very poor, she worked diligently all the time that they might be well fed and clothed. She was a skilled worker, and found work to do away from home, but her two little girls were so good and so helpful that they kept her house as neat and as bright as a new pin.

One of the little girls was lame, and could not run about the house; so she sat still in her chair and sewed, while Minnie, the sister, washed the dishes, swept the floor, and made the home beautiful.

Their home was on the edge of a great forest; and after their tasks were finished the little girls would sit at the window and watch the tall trees as they bent in the wind, until it would seem as though the trees were real persons, nodding and bending and bowing to each other.

In the Spring there were the birds, in the Summer the wild flowers, in Autumn the bright leaves, and in Winter the great drifts of white snow; so that the whole year was a round of delight to the two happy children. But one day the dear mother came home sick; and then they were very sad. It was Winter, and there were many things to buy. Minnie and her little sister sat by the fire and talked it over, and at last Minnie said:—

"Dear sister, I must go out to find work, before the food gives out." So she kissed her mother, and, wrapping herself up, started from home. There was a narrow path leading through the forest, and she determined to follow it until she reached some place where she might find the work she wanted.

As she hurried on, the shadows grew deeper. The night was coming fast when she saw before her a very small house, which was a welcome sight. She made haste to reach it, and to knock at the door.

Nobody came in answer to her knock. When she had tried again and again, she thought that nobody lived there; and she opened the door and walked in, thinking that she would stay all night.

As soon as she stepped into the house, she started back in surprise; for there before her she saw twelve little beds with the bed-clothes all tumbled, twelve little dirty plates on a very dusty table, and the floor of the room so dusty that I am sure you could have drawn a picture on it.

"Dear me!" said the little girl, "this will never do!" And as soon as she had warmed her hands, she set to work to make the room tidy.

She washed the plates, she made up the beds, she swept the floor, she straightened the great rug in front of the fireplace, and set the twelve little chairs in a half circle around the fire; and, just as she finished, the door opened and in walked twelve of the queerest little people she had ever seen. They were just about as tall as a carpenter's rule, and all wore yellow clothes; and when Minnie saw this, she knew that they must be the dwarfs who kept the gold in the heart of the mountain.

"Well!" said the dwarfs all together, for they always spoke together and in rhyme,

"Now isn't this a sweet surprise?
We really can't believe our eyes!"

Then they spied Minnie, and cried in great astonishment:—

"Who can this be, so fair and mild?
Our helper is a stranger child."

Now when Minnie saw the dwarfs, she came to meet them. "If you please," she said, "I'm little Minnie Grey; and I'm looking for work because my dear mother is sick. I came in here when the night drew near, and—" here all the dwarfs laughed, and called out merrily:—

"You found our room a sorry sight,
But you have made it clean and bright."

They were such dear funny little dwarfs! After they had thanked Minnie for her trouble, they took white bread and honey from the closet and asked her to sup with them.

While they sat at supper, they told her that their fairy housekeeper had taken a holiday, and their house was not well kept, because she was away.

They sighed when they said this; and after supper, when Minnie washed the dishes and set them carefully away, they looked at her often and talked among themselves. When the last plate was in its place they called Minnie to them and said:—

"Dear mortal maiden will you stay
All through our fairy's holiday?
And if you faithful prove, and good,
We will reward you as we should."

Now Minnie was much pleased, for she liked the kind dwarfs, and wanted to help them, so she thanked them, and went to bed to dream happy dreams.

Next morning she was awake with the chickens, and cooked a nice breakfast; and after the dwarfs left, she cleaned up the room and mended the dwarfs' clothes. In the evening when the dwarfs came home, they found a bright fire and a warm supper waiting for them; and every day Minnie worked faithfully until the last day of the fairy housekeeper's holiday.

That morning, as Minnie looked out of the window to watch the dwarfs go to their work, she saw on one of the window panes the most beautiful picture she had ever seen.

A picture of fairy palaces with towers of silver and frosted pinnacles, so wonderful and beautiful that as she looked at it she forgot that there was work to be done, until the cuckoo clock on the mantel struck twelve.

Then she ran in haste to make up the beds, and wash the dishes; but because she was in a hurry she could not work quickly, and when she took the broom to sweep the floor it was almost time for the dwarfs to come home.

"I believe," said Minnie aloud, "that I will not sweep under the rug to-day. After all, it is nothing for dust to be where it can't be seen!" So she hurried to her supper and left the rug unturned.

Before long the dwarfs came home. As the rooms looked just as usual, nothing was said; and Minnie thought no more of the dust until she went to bed and the stars peeped through the window

Then she thought of it, for it seemed to her that she could hear the stars saying:—

"There is the little girl who is so faithful and good"; and Minnie turned her face to the wall, for a little voice, right in her own heart, said:—

"Dust under the rug! dust under the rug!"

"There is the little girl," cried the stars, "who keeps home as bright as star-shine."

"Dust under the rug! dust under the rug!" said the little voice in Minnie's heart.

"We see her! we see her!" called all the stars joyfully.

"Dust under the rug! dust under the rug!" said the little voice in Minnie's heart, and she could bear it no longer. So she sprang out of bed, and, taking her broom in her hand, she swept the dust away; and lo! under the dust lay twelve shining gold pieces, as round and as bright as the moon.

"Oh! oh! oh!" cried Minnie, in great surprise; and all the little dwarfs came running to see what was the matter.

Minnie told them all about it; and when she had ended her story, the dwarfs gathered lovingly around her and said:—

"Dear child, the gold is all for you,
For faithful you have proved and true;
But had you left the rug unturned,
A groat was all you would have earned.
Our love goes with the gold we give,
And oh! forget not while you live,
That in the smallest duty done
Lies wealth of joy for every one."

Minnie thanked the dwarfs for their kindness to her; and early next morning she hastened home with her golden treasure, which bought many good things for the dear mother and little sister.

She never saw the dwarfs again; but she never forgot their lesson, to do her work faithfully; and she always swept under the rug.

This story can also be found in From Mother's Stories by Maud Lindsay I love Maud Lindsay's books too

The Mistress Of The Spices


I just watched the most fascinating movie called The Mistress Of The Spices

"Tilo, a beautiful but lonely “Spice Mistress,” one of a secret group of women trained in the healing powers of herbs and roots. From her fragrant spice shop in Oakland, California, broken hearts, strained relations and runs of bad luck can all be contained within the remedying powers of fenugreek, chilies and cinnamon. Tilo is bound, however, by the rules of her craft: she may only use her powers for others, can never leave the spice shop, and must never touch another’s skin.

A steady stream of customers populate the shop: the taxi driver Haroun, who has a dark cloud over his future; Geeta, a woman in love with a forbidden man; and the adolescent Jagjit, drifting from his family into a thug life. Tilo selflessly looks after all those who enter her doors, until one day, fate—and romance—intervenes, in the form of a handsome stranger (Dylan McDermott) who forces her to choose between her long-held vows and her own desires."



It was a captivating movie, that I could not wait to see how it ended. But also beautiful. I mean that spices shop, I want a shop like that. You know how in the movie "You Got Mail" and that amazing children's bookstore. I mean everyone wants a bookstore like that. That is how this movie is. I could watch it over and over just for the store !!!!


Book Trails


I have had several people ask me about the books I posted. They are called "Book Trails". They are a set of children's books that are collections of stories from many authors. Each book has a theme and the stories in that book are based on that theme. There is a total of 6 books. They are originally published in 1928, but my books are from 1946. They are beautifully illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham. The sad news is they are hard to come by and are expensive to buy. The reason I posted them (but was too hot and tired to write about them) is I was lucky enough to be given a set by a dear friend. I have tried for years to buy a set without paying a fortune. I collect old children's books (by the way my favorites are My Bookhouse books, which I will post about another day) I love how old children's books are written, much more then a lot of new children's book. So if you are lucky to own some of these books or have family who does (Kelli !!) you are a lucky girl. 


Mixer Cover


I got sick of cleaning dust off my mixer all the time. I use my mixer a lot and wipe it down but it still seemed to get dusty. Especially the top and back. Maybe because I have no carpets in my house and everything is dusty ;-) I saw a cover for a mixer in a catalog but it was $50. Sooo my mind started thinking, what could I use that I already have. Yeahhh for reusing. A vintage pillow case seemed to fit my kitchen-aid mixer perfect, only it was to long. So I measured the hight and added an inch extra. Cut off the excess and stitched it closed. Added some pretty seam binding and wha-la. Make sure if you use some ribbon it can be something you can throw in the wash. Also you can see my pillowcase has satins. I did not want to use something to precious. Like I said I wanted to use something that I could throw in the wash. I think I will make a second one as a back up.

PS. Look at my 50 cents bark cloth !!!!!!


A seed is sleepy


An_egg_is_quiet_jpg      A_seed_is_sleepy

I found the most wonderful books (thank you Leslie) called "An Egg Is Quiet"and "A Seed Is Sleepy" by Dianna Hutts Aston. They are just beautiful and have inspired us to sketch away. I find beautiful picture books likes these can be a wonderful place to motive and give ideas for sketching and drawing. Especially books like these, that have the look that they have been sketched themselves. Even though I started doing these sketchbooks as a homeschool thing, (I try to lead by example in our school) it is now a passion I will be doing the rest of my life. There is something about stopping and really looking at an object. Taking the time to examine and think about it. It is very calming. I think it makes us slow down and appreciate the world around us, value the small things, stop and smell the roses.

Menu Of The Week


I was reading abour Eye Of Wonder  uncooked tomato sauce and it made me think of our BST pasta. This is a recipe we make a lot in the summer. BST pasta is like BLT but I used spinach instead of lettuce. So here is my tribute to a BLT sandwich (with an Italian twist). An easy one bowl dish.

For dessert I love Lucullian Delights chocolate tart with orange marmalade and pine-nuts. Well who does not like chocolate and orange together, a match made in heaven. It is a very easy dessert. You make a chocolate dough, fill it with marmalade and pine-nuts and bake. With a glass of sparking wine, perfetto !!!!

BLT pasta

1 pound of pasta (like penne)

3-4 ripe tomatoes

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

4 strips of bacon, you can use pancetta too

1 bag of spinach

1/3 cup olive oil

1 TBL. balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

5 basil leaves, torn into pieces

1 cup (or more to your liking) fresh mozzarella, cubed

At least 3 hour before dinner cube tomatoes and mix in a bowl with  olive oil,  balsamic vinegar,  garlic, basil, salt and pepper to taste. Cover bowl with a plate and let is macerate on counter.

While pasta is cooking, cook bacon in a pan. Save some bacon fat and wilt spinach. It only take maybe a minute. Add spinach and cheese to tomatoes, then cooked pasta. Crumble bacon over top and toss.



Tart crust:
1/3 cup salted butter
1/3 cup sugar
2 egg yolks
1  1/2 cups flour
4-5 TBL cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder

1 jar of good orange jam or marmalade
1/2 cup pine nuts

- Blend butter and sugar well in a bowl and add the egg yolks. Mix it well.
- Sift the flour, cocoa powder and the baking powder into the bowl and mix it into a dough.
- Set the dough in a pan and push it down. My tart pan is so big that I need all the dough but if you have a smaller one you can use a part of it to decorate the tart.
- Spread out the orange jam and distribute the pine nuts on top of it.
- Bake in a pre-heated oven 350 for about 30 minutes.

Valley Nursery








We were at our local nursery Valley and Chloe took some lovely pictures. It all started because I was dying over the pink clock and wish I could have it for my yard !!!!!!

Vintage Storybook Woods


Now that we are finally sunny and having summer like weather, I am busy setting up my outdoor living spaces. I have been going over my summer corners for inspiration (it is fun to go to your own blog and read your own ideas to get inspiration). I am setting up our new "living-room" and reading my past posts reminds me to pull the fondue pot and the giant pick up stick. We had such a blast with those last year. I hope you are inspired to make the most of your space this summer. I am also glad that everyone loves "unforgettable" it is one of my favorite songs.

Happy 4th


Happy 4th of July and for those not living in the states, well just happy day. It is sunny here and actually warm. It finally feels like summer !!!! Although warm in western Washington is like 74 degrees. Sadly we are all sick with summer colds, yuck. So there is not much celebrating around here. We can hear the fireworks just over the trees but the trees are too tall for us to see them. Across the water is the Indian reservation, that has been shooting fireworks off every night for like 2 weeks. If we sit on my bed just right, we can see a few ;-)

With our summer colds, only cold things sound good on our throat's. So lots of fruit-pops, smoothies, ices, ect. I make this frozen strawberry treat, that we all love. Plus it is another recipe that uses the rose syrup (one more reason to make it). I hope everyone has a lovely day full of watermelon, potato salad, pie and ice cream. Enjoy it for us xoxoxox

Frozen Rosey Treat

This is basically a very thick stawberry buttermilk smoothie, frozen in a cup. If you have some smoothie you love to make, you can do the same thing.

1 cup frozen or fresh strawberries

1 cup buttermilk

1/4 cup rose syrup or honey


ginger anna's thin cookies

In a blender add everything but milk. Then add just enough milk that looks like it will help mixture to blend, but try to keep the smoothie on the thick side. Blend till smooth. In a small bowl or cup set one anna's cookie in the bottom, fill with strawberry mixture and top with anna cookie. Set in freezer, uncovered about 3-4 hours or till frozen. If you are not going to eat it right away, then cover dish with foil, to keep fresh.

Can I brag


I hope you do not mind me bragging about my daughter Aubern'e !!! She has posted on Aubern'e Ancalimon the most wonderful Hobbit story. I was soo impressed with her writing style and her ability to tell such an engaging tale. I was thrilled to see all her reading (she brings home at lest a dozen books from the library every week and devours them) has taught her how to tell a story well, the use of language and how to engage her reader.

I also was soo touched by this story because it is based on David and I's story. Aubern'e used a lot of the facts about our life. I did get David hired at my job because I thought he was cute. We did date 3 years. David is very serious about his brewing of the most yummiest beer. We do have two daughters and of course I cook.

Aubern'e this story made me cry because it was such a loving tribute to your father and I. Thank you sweetie and I hope you write more. You have such a gift and I am not just saying that because I am your mother xoxoxoxox 

Mango Margarita


At the risk of sounding like a lush, I am posting another cocktail recipe (at the request of a friend). One of the things I did on my break was have a birthday party for my dear friend Kristin. She is always saying she wishes she could spend time on a deserted beach drinking my margaritas. Unfortunately we did not have a hunky margarita boy, our butler had to do. Look at these pictures of the amazing doll Angie's needle-felted for Kristin. I am always blown away at Angie's dolls. I have to say it was a pretty amazing night, for an amazing woman. We love you Kristin xoxox


Mango margarita

1 ripe mango, cubed and squeeze juice from pit

1/2 can mango nectar

1 lime

1/2 cup tequila

1 cup Margarita mix 


In a blender add mango, juice of 1/2 a lime, mango nectar, tequila, mix and ice. Blend and taste to see if you need more of lime or mango nectar.  Makes one pitcher.

To be honest I just throw everything in the blender and never measure. But I had to give you something to work with, so feel free to play with the amounts to your liking.