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Name my Deer, Please


See my baby deer and mama. These deer came with the house. They have been lounging under a tree, but they are really old and I am worried they are jut going to fall apart.  Plus I am affraid some child will sit on them. So I decided to drag them in the house were hopefully they will be more protected. Now I am pinching myself I did not do this 6 years ago when we moved in. I love them and think they are appropriate for my storybook cottage. I wanted to name them but can seem to come up with anything. I would love ideas (no bambie, please) If you can think of any wonderful names for my deer, please share them. Thank you!!!

I hope everyone has a yummy Saturday. I am off to Sequim to pick pounds and pounds of raspberries for the freezer xoxoxox



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Clarice, I couldn't think up anything, but I love Carols idea of Flora and Fauna! So clever and pretty. Gill.

Gumbo Lily

I'm sure this is too obvious, but since I live on a ranch, the names we often give our animal pets are simple ones, obvious ones. We have a red sorrel horse who's name is "Reddy" and we had a cat called Kitty so.....I would call the mother "Doe" (because doe is a female deer) and her baby, "Fawn" or "Bucky" (because boy deer are bucks). We had a milk cow named "Fawn" because her eyes looked fawn-like.

Enjoy your critters.


I love those deer! They are fantastic!! And I agree that their patina is wonderful too! I think whatever you name them will be great :-)



How about Lotus & Lily....

Jill 00


Chloe and Baby Grace


I think you shcould choice a frenchie name . I'm goign to think about it.
and I send you some ideas tomorrox.
Mélanie xxx


What nice deer - I wish I some like them. I think Flora for the mama and Fauna for the little one would be nice names.


Clarice, the deer are wonderful! I immediately thought of Penelope but called Penny for short (she is the color a penny) and maybe Rosebud for the baby. Also love the name "Buttercup" from Princess Bride. They really should have storybook or fairy names don't you think? Let us know what you decide. Glad you "rescued" them. Love, Abby


Hi, Clarice! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I haven't posted in so long. Anyway, I love your deer(s). I like the name Falene -- like in the movie, Bambi. I think that was his twitterpated gal's name.


How about Twinkie and Bubbles? I think your deer look lovely in your house.

:) LaTeaDah

PS: I had distant cousins named Twinkie and Bubbles --- two lovely girls. I still don't know what their 'real' names were --- this is what they were always called. I was always very intrigued with their names.

Robin Adair

Clarice, I have been back to Mrs. Catherine's site and with MIH and noticed that you were not there anymore and someone posted tonight the link to your blog yeah I found you again...we have a new computer so I had lost your blog address I am the one who was Always asking you cooking questions!!! Have a great weekend!!! Blessings, Robin Adair


Your deer are just lovely, Clarice. What a wonderful idea to bring them inside. I will be thinking of names!


Sweet, "Lady" and her "Darling". Grace and Grandeurs?


I love your deer statues. So cute.
I like the name Sophie and Chloe.
But come to think of it, the pretty deer in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Christmas show is named Clarice.
Have a great weekend,


SO cute! How about Sarahfae and Annabell?


I don't know why, but the names "Seraphim" and "Cherubim" keep going through my head. Yes, I know they are deer and not angels, but they certainly are sweet!!

Lady Laurie

I am not very good with names ~ but I just love these little deer, they really are perfect for your cottage!
Have fun picking rasberries ~ yum!


I don't know much about names... I like off the wall ones myself, heh heh... like See-eh-tea and Dee-O-Gee. (ha!)
Or how about O-ran-jel-low & Leh-mon-jel-low. ( Orange and lemon jello said with a french accent of course)

But but but the first thing I thought was oh my... they would be adorable with party hats on! And how about little "welcome" banners hanging from one of their necks? Or!! "HOME" banner made of stencil forms? soooooo sweet!

Good thing you brought those babies in. I would've stole them for sure!! lol


I think The Glitter Fairy just came up with two great names--Patina and Glitter ; )

The Glitter Fairy

Just love those little beauties and they look great the way they are. The patina is quite charming, although if some of that "patina" is mold, you might want to clean it off!
A touch of glitter might be nice!!!

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