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I have had several people ask me about the books I posted. They are called "Book Trails". They are a set of children's books that are collections of stories from many authors. Each book has a theme and the stories in that book are based on that theme. There is a total of 6 books. They are originally published in 1928, but my books are from 1946. They are beautifully illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham. The sad news is they are hard to come by and are expensive to buy. The reason I posted them (but was too hot and tired to write about them) is I was lucky enough to be given a set by a dear friend. I have tried for years to buy a set without paying a fortune. I collect old children's books (by the way my favorites are My Bookhouse books, which I will post about another day) I love how old children's books are written, much more then a lot of new children's book. So if you are lucky to own some of these books or have family who does (Kelli !!) you are a lucky girl. 



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Hi...I was just fortunate to buy a set of EIGHT book dated 1928--so there are Eight volumes from 1928!

Audie Siegel

You can find a set on Ebay. Good luck. Yes, I grew up with 3 of the books, and I became..you guessed it, an English Teacher. I love the story of Little Black Sambo, although it has been censored for some foolish reason. I don't think it was ever, or ever meant to be racist. I guess some people saw it that way, though. the story originated as an urban legend in India, to help teach children not to play or go near wild animals (tiger), anyway...Good luck with your hunt!!!!!

Rita Jenkins

I also love the Book Trails books! I wonder if you can help me identify another book from the same era? It was a large book with a plain orange cover. It had stories, poems, songs, activities, etc. I particularly remember an activity where I would trace drawings of dolls and furniture, color them, and cut them out. There were two dolls, a bed, a table, and I think a dresser for the clothes. It was similar to the Junior Instructor books, but just a bit larger. Do you remember the book?

Rosalie Chereskin

My mother sold "Book Tailss" in the thirties and for selling more than anyone else during the depression we were given a set. There were 8 books, the first one titled " Baby Feet" They were dark green and there was a beautiful illustration on the cover of every book. I tried to buy a set from one of my mother's customers and he refused to sell them. Our set got lost when my mother became very ill in l939. the red ones publishered in the forties were inferior because there was a war on and materials were hard to come by. If you have the original set I wouldn't sell them for any money but would will them to my children and their children and on. They are so precious!


You wrote an article about Book Trails.

You mentioned that you had 6 books from the 1946 edition.

I actually have the whole set of 8 of these books - all in PERFECT condition. (aside from age!!!)

You also mentioned that they were quite valuable.

Do you know how I would go about pricing them??

Laura at Blame It on Paris

Very nice!

And I made your BLT pasta the other night, we really enjoyed it. Especially with all the tomatoes we had from the market!


Your mixer cover below is just too cute! The illustrations in old books are usually so fabulous! What a lovely friend to give a set.



These look like real treasures Clarice. What a kind and generous friend you have to share them with you.
I really like your mixer cover. It's a fun piece of embroidery you've used. It's always a pleasure to see the things you craft



The illustrations are stunning.
They look so twenty's, my favorite era.

Jill 00


Lovely books!
You are lucky to have some.

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