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Thank you ladies for all the kind birthday wishes. It means so much to me that you would even bother coming by my blog, let alone leave a comment. It brightened my whole weekend. I had a lovely relaxing weekend. I got breakfast in bed (I had already well stocked the frig !!!) We went out to dinner with my sister and mother to Ajax cafe. This restaurant has hats everywhere, we had a blast trying them all on. I had grilled duck with wasabi mashed mashed potatoes, tempura green beans, garlic honey sauce and a dry rose'. It was heaven !!!!


I got the loveliest of gifts. Aubern'e wrote me the most amazing poem and Chloe sang me a song in elf language. Which she explained that only those of high class could hear. If you were of low class and heard it you would be banished forever. I was a bit worried I might be of low class and be banished but Chloe assured me I was of the highest class (I do not know were she gets her imagination). She also painted this lovely gold rose.

Picture_1035 Picture_1039


                                                 Picture_1037_edited1 Picture_1029_edited1

PS. I was chatting (actully lecturing, sorry) with another blogger about how it is important for us to not worry that we do not look perfect and just share pictures of ourself. Because it is nice for the reader to see the person who is writing the blog. So I am taking my own advice and posting this not very flattering picture of myself in a crazy hat xoxoxo


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Cherry Menlove

You're so beautiful Clarice. Thank you so much for sharing the picture. Ahhhhhhh, it's wonderful to know what you look like.

Lady Laurie

I am wishing a very lovely Lady a very belated Happy Birthday!!


Oh Clarice ~ so sorry that I missed your birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day, sweetie (((hugs & kisses)))

The Glitter Fairy

Well...happy birthday to you, Clarice! Sounds like you had a spectacular weekend celebration. Congrats and may you have many, many more!
All the best,
p.s. You look adorable in that hat!


It is so nice to see that lovely face behind your words. And it sounds like a weekend well enjoyed.


Your pictures is so cute! I love it and you are beautiful.

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was FAB!

Susan P.

Happy, happy birthday dear Clarice!! It was so wonderful to see your lovely face and BTW, I LOVE the hat:o) Aren't hats fun?? I so enjoyed reading the amazing poem from your dear Aubern'e and I had no doubts that you would hear it because you are definitely of the highest class, my friend!!!


I am SO glad you posted a picture of your lovely self!!
I'm horrified that I missed your birthday... Happy New Year to you!!!! The gold rose is beautiful... what a delightfully creative and imaginative daughter!


I think you look lovely, Clarice! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Isabella in the 21st Century

Hi Clarice
I was wondering if you or Auberne know of this site. I think you and she may like it, it's all about fairy tales. They have a spiffy shop too where you can buy t-shirts etc with your favourite fairy-tale illustration on it. It's called Sur La Lune. Here's the link:


It sounds as though you had a lovely B-day.
I like the photo Clarice, you look as though you are relaxed and in deep thought.
Thanks for sharing..

Jill 00


I was surfing and came across your lovely blog. Apparently it was your birthday and I too wish you happy birthday! Hope it was a good one and may you have many more!
I take note of the "Book Trails". I went and looked at my set and it is from 1928. When our daughters were little, I always read to them before bedtime. They had their favorites and one was "The Little White Bed that Ran Away". I never thought that the set might be worth something and I'm glad I know.
Keep up the good work!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Happy birthday, though my wishes are a bit belated! It sounds like your family gave you a wonderful day. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely picture!

molly mcgovern

Wonderful! You sound like you birthday was filled with love! PS I like the photo of you and the great hat!


Well I really like the pic of you in the hat Clarice :) And, your gifts look wonderful, especially the golden rose.



I'm glad your weekend was a happy one. Your gifts are so lovely, and from the heart. The very best kind. What lovely girls you have.
'Course, you're pretty lovely yourself!


Happy, happy day, my friend! I love all of your lovely gifts. Your meal sounded wonderful, too!

I'm finally back to blogville after a long few weeks and catching up. It looks like you've been busy. :)

Cheers! LA xo


Oh Clarice I think yuor hat is marvelous!! Love the photo....because it's "real", ya know!? Sounds like you had a fab birthday weekend. So did I!!!


Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love the hat! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet words. Please visit anytime.



Happy (belated) Birthday Dear Clarice!
Your day sounds wonderful, and your picture is a treasure.
Have a beautiful personal year ahead...
hugs, Kali xoxox

p.s. thanks so much for your kind birthday sentiments over at mine :-)


Glad you had such a great birthday!!
I know you are of the highest class!

Gumbo Lily

You're adorable in that hat Clarice! High class to boot! Glad to hear you had a swell birthday.



Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like you had a delightful celebration -- loving family and good food -- what could be better? Best wishes and many blessings, my friend.



Happy belated birthday! I love how your girls gave you homemade gifts, those are the best kind. What a sweet family you have and you are a wonderful person!



Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday dear diva, high-class, elfin Clarice,
Happy Birthday to You!




It sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend. The poem is so sweet and that card is lovely~you have such thoughtful daughters! Nice to 'see' you also; you look beautiful & happy!

Terri Pollhein

Dear Clarice,
Happy belated birthday.
Those sound like some of the nicest birthday gifts I've ever heard of. You are truly blessed.

karla nathan

Happy birthday! I wish someone would sing to me in Elf Language!! how lucky for you. Also, what a pretty rose she painted.

I know exactly what you mean, posting with no regrets about how something looks. I wonder at myself sometimes about the things I show that years ago would have humilated me! But no worries about you in the hat, you look adorable, pensive and day dreaming!!


You are so blessed to have such wonderful daughters....the poem is so so lovely!! And I love seeing your are quite lovely too!! Happy belated birthday, Clarice.


Laura at Blame It on Paris

Happy belated Birthday! I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend!


Happy Birthday Clarice! You look beautiful! I'm happy about my pic and I hope that you're happy about yours! I guess you just have to put it out there, real pals will see the beauty.
I'm so happy that your girls had such wonderful gifts for you...and of course you are in the 'highest class'!
Happy Birthday.

Mrs G

Happy Belated Birthday! an elf song and a poem :) what a lucky Birthday Girl :)

(and love the flower garden at the restaurant ya'll visited)

Isabella in the 21st Century

Looks like you had a terrific birthday. Actually, I love that hat you're wearing! You look very nice too, are you a hat person?


A very, very happy birthday to you, Clarice!! It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend, just as you deserve. :-)


Oh, Clarice--that poem from Aubern'e is so lovely. And so perfect for you : )

Happy Birthday! Is the cameo in the last photo a birthday present? It's so pretty!

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