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A seed is sleepy


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I found the most wonderful books (thank you Leslie) called "An Egg Is Quiet"and "A Seed Is Sleepy" by Dianna Hutts Aston. They are just beautiful and have inspired us to sketch away. I find beautiful picture books likes these can be a wonderful place to motive and give ideas for sketching and drawing. Especially books like these, that have the look that they have been sketched themselves. Even though I started doing these sketchbooks as a homeschool thing, (I try to lead by example in our school) it is now a passion I will be doing the rest of my life. There is something about stopping and really looking at an object. Taking the time to examine and think about it. It is very calming. I think it makes us slow down and appreciate the world around us, value the small things, stop and smell the roses.


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What great books and beautiful illustrations! I know I enjoyed keeping a nature journal along with the kids when we were homeschooling, and I would really like to get back to it. Love your sketchbooks!


I will be looking for these books, Clarice, they look wonderful!! Your sketches are beautiful!!!



I love these books!!! I will have to look to purchase them. I have been wanting to get my watercolors out and paint for weeks whole family loves to paint and draw. Someday when the delights of mothering,teaching, and homekeeping don't take up so much of the time, I will return to long hours painting & creating beautiful things. Maybe today? is summer :O) the laundry can wait, right?


I love drawings like this. My son used to draw all the time when he was younger. I try to encourage him to keep it up, but he's awfully busy these days, between work and school. I am not good at drawing, but I try from time to time. I think I'm improving as I become older.
Your family will treasure these books in the coming years.

The Glitter Fairy

What wonderful books you have found, Clarice! And how great to see your and your student's sketches. They are wonderful. Sketching does make you look at the world differently...more slowly, with attention to details you would never ordinarily see. What a gift you are giving your children! Can't wait to see more!

Isabella in the 21st Century

Oh, how beautiful! Such a lovely thing to do and keep.


Those sound like a lot of fun. I like what you did. Love, Mom

Blame It on Paris

These are really nice, I love the sketches.


I'm a cranky hot momma too. In November I'll be complaining of the cold. Lol. I'm so hard to please...


Thanks so much for sharing these lovely books. I will try to find them soon. I am teaching a Charlotte Mason based class for our home school group's co-op in the Fall. I am definitely planning some nature study and journaling as part of the class. These books will be a huge help. Thanks! Wendy


It does look like a wonderful book. I always did enjoy seeds and blooms, birds and eggs, and something about veggies and herbs that fascinated me too. Your sketches are very nice. Are you using pastels? Colored pencils?


What a wonderful summer activity.
Great art work too girls.

Jill 00

Gumbo Lily

Your sketch books are terrific! I have these two books on my wish list. I *say* they are for my grandchildren, but I know that I will spend much time with them myself! I agree that a good nature book can be so inspiring! And like you, I can while away the hours with a sketchpad and pencil. It's wonderful!


How nice for you Clarice...your drawings are wonderful! I love to draw, too, and you've reminded me that I should get back to it sometime. When I draw, time seems to fly by. Focusing on something that intently is almost like meditation.

Mrs G

that is a great japanese maple seed pod thingie :)

and I just requested A Seed is Sleepy from the library...thanks

lauren mumford

We have nature journals also Clarice. I too started them for homeschooling, but I wonder if I'm not the one that gets more enjoyment out of it! I do not draw worth beans, but I agree it is the slowing down and REALLY looking that seem to be the most fulfilling part of it. They sound like perfect books and I will have to look for them.


(I always have the sound turned off on my computer, so until I read a previous comment I had no idea you had Unforgettable here! LOL We did a vintage wedding with vintage music, and we used several versions of that song for our dinner music.)

ANYWAY, :-) as a biologist I have a box full of my biology lab books full of interesting sketches. It is always fun to browse through them.


What nice books!
Thanks for sharing.


I have come here faithfully since you put Unforgettable on here, it's so darn soothing to me. I'm going to see what I can put on mine. Hope you don't mind.

The sketch book idea is wonderful. I am always amazed by the beautiful journals that people keep with sketches, thoughts, etc. Looks like you girls are really doing a nice job too.



I love it! You are all doing a great job! We ordered these books at our library thanks to Leslie!
I also wanted to mention a few other wonderful books for sketching:

~ Marjolein Bastin:
View from a Sketchbook
~ Maryjo Koch:
Bird, Egg, Feather, Nest
~ Edith Holden:
Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady
The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
~Clare Walker Leslie
The Art of Field Sketching
Keeping a Nature Journal: Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing the World Around You

These are just a few that I have, but there must be more recommendations out there.
Guess what my dd is doing as I type? She is working in her journal...after I showed her your post!
Thanks for the inspiration!


What fun!!!!

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