Rose Syrup
Miss. Potter

Rosey Cosmopolitan


I use rose syrup a lot. I like to use it drizzled over fresh fruit, in custard, on pancakes with fresh berries, in iced tea. T-party's Vintage Rose tea has roses in it and it would be lovely with the syrup. A favorite I make is a strawberries buttermilk smoothie with the rose syrup, yumm. But what I mostly use my syrup for is a rosy cocktail. I will be honest, I just eyeball the amounts (but I had to give you something to work with). So feel free to play with what you like. This rosey cosmopolitan is very refreshing on a hot day and it is pink !!!!!

Rosey Cosmopolitan

1 oz. vodka (although I only use 1/2 oz I am a wimp)

2 oz. unsweetened pink grapefruit juice

1 TBL. rose syrup


Fill a cocktail shaker (so it will strain off the ice) half way with ice. Add vodka, juice and rose syrup. Shake well, pour in glass and garnish with a lovely rose !!!

PS. I forgot to say in the rose syrup recipe, to keep syrup refrigerated, unless you can it.  Whitebloom   




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Mmmm...sounds delish and looks even better!


Oh wow wow wow! I can't believe you cook and bake and concoct like this! It's so romantic!!! Thanks for sharing these recipes :)


Oh my... I like the looks of that!
I will certainly be making this while I enjoy my time off.
Thanks Clarice for the wonderful recipe.

Jill 00

Susan P.

Clarice, that is so beautiful it's almost too pretty to drink!! Everything you make is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the stomach!


What a pretty summertime drink, Clarice!!


Blame It on Paris

Lovely! Since I happen to have some rose syrup (as I think you saw:) ), these are wonderful posts. Now I'll have some ideas as to what to do with it!


Oh my that sounds yummy!! Can you buy rose syrup? I don't think I have the patience for making it myself plus (blush) my roses aren't organic. :)

Gumbo Lily

Thanks for sharing some of the ways you use rose syrup.


Well, I already like Greyhounds.
Vodka and grapefruit juice. So I bet I will like your drink. Sounds pretty good.


Oh looks so delicious and beautiful!!


Darn - wish I had a cocktail shaker. Those sound and look divine.

sara, the house of charm

Cosmo's are my signature drink!! But grapefruit and rose??? I have never had that. I'll have to get Ryan to shake this up for us. Thank you Clarice!!

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