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Here is my recipe for yummy rose syrup. I will talk in my next post of ways to use it and my rosey cocktail. About what roses to use, first of course know where your roses come from and do not use any sprayed with pesticides. Second use very fragrant roses. If they do not have much smell they will not make much of a fragrant syrup. I have a friend who has a lot of old moss roses, the kind with zillions of petals. Thank you Angie. I just pull all the petals off the stem and put those in a bowl.

Tip: Pick your roses in the morning before the sun hits them and they will be more fragrant.

A mistake I made this year was I used evaporated cane sugar. Not thinking, it is light brown and it changed the color of my syrup. The syrup usually has a slight brown color but this was really brown. I always add a bit of pink food gel to the syrup for color. But my girls had put the wrong lid on the wrong color. So my syrup this year is a deep purple brown :-{ 

Tip: Use white sugar and check your food gel coloring in water before using 

What you are doing is basically making rose water and turning that water into a simple syrup. The recipe can be halved or double. I made the rose water one day, strained it,  put it into the fridge and the next day made the syrup and canned it.

Tip: if short on time make water one day and syrup the next

Make sure you quickly cover your rose water as soon as you pour the water over the roses and use a tight fitting lid so the fragrant oils that first come off the roses do not get lost. Also when you heat the rose water and sugar do not boil, so again you do not loose the oils.

Tip: you might want to use saran-wrap and a lid for a tighter seal

Lastly if your rose syrup is not very fragrant (that happens sometimes) you can cheat two ways : 1 add some store bought rose water or 2 add food-grade rose oil.

Tip: Go very light on both store bought rose water and food grade rose oil. You can add but never take away. Also it will taste more rosey once cooled.


Rose Syrup

makes 12 cups

6 packed cups of rose petals

12 cups water

6 cups white sugar

*  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In large bowl add rose petals, have a large heavy platter that fits over the bowl snugly.

Bring to a boil 12 cups of water and pour over rose petals and quickly cover with platter.

Set bowl aside till water cools.

Strain water and discard petals.

Mix water and sugar in a  large pot and bring to boil till sugar is dissolved. But do not boil, only heat water enough to dissolve sugar.

If the color is not to your liking, you can adjust it. Keep refrigerated. Will last about 1 month in fridge. You can also can the syrup.

PS: I am SO excited about the Beatrix Potter movie coming out Tuesday. I never got to see it in the theater. I am all ready, I will head to costco Tuesday morning, I have scones in the freezer and clotted cream in the  fridge. You know what I am doing Tuesday afternoon. Also don't you love my rosey lady above !!!!!



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thanks for recepie now i can use better my husbads factorys gardens roses and i also gives this to my fridens


hello .dont discard the rose petals.you can boil them with the syrup all together .greek people eat the rose petals as a desert or serve it on icecream . bye

Caitriona and Orla

Just spent a rainy day at home with coldy daughter collecting petals from bush to make rose petal syrup. She is now drawing the labels. Thanks for recipe...now what to do with our two jars of syrup?


Thank you for posting this lovely recipe. Now I can make my own rose syrup!


Hi Clarice: I really need a good recipe for rose petal jam. One that can be put in jars and kept for a long time. Would u or one of your readers have one! Thanks I love roses too!


I absolutely will be trying this recipe!
Hint: I make rose petal jelly yearly but when preparing the roses I snip off the white tips of the petals because they tend to be bitter.
Note: To make the syrup pink you can add 1/8 cup or 2 tbsps. lemon juice to each cup of rose infusion. It is fun to watch it turn pink before your eyes. The lemon juice may also act as a preservative and lengthen the shelf time.


Thank you! I could just smell them as I was reading..lol.. I will be trying this next year.


Good Morning, Clarice!! The joke of the shirt is that all the fruits have a word that they rhyme with, except for the orange...that is why he is crying. It's a *very* silly shirt! LOL
Did you find a copy of Miss Potter?? Grace and I found the last copy at Walmart last night...we are so excited to finally watch it! I heard from Susan that we'll need a box of tissues. :0) Have a wonderful day!

Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice,
What a perfectly lovely post! I have never tried to make rose syrup, but this is something I would like to try and I am looking forward to reading about the rosey cocktail.
I can't wait to see the Beatrix Potter movie ~ enjoy your scones and clotted cream!!

jJJennifer Paganelli

Clarice, so decadent of you but let me tell you of all of us in blogland you deserve it!!! You are amazing running around supporting all of us and then giving us fabulous stories and recipies...enjoy yourself in the comfort of your home be transported by Beatrix Potter Love, Jennifer


Really beautiful recipe! I'm going to search for petals in my garden, I never did it before , it 's look delicious and poetic!


Dear Clarice,

My rosa rugosa roses are out now...so I know what I shall be doing soon!

We have a large family of baby rabbits at the moment who run around our lawn freely and boldly and I love to see them there.I feel just like Miss Potter as I chat to them whilst I garden! Enjoy your tea and movie; I really enjoyed it (I had to get the dvd too.) Gill.


Those rose petals are the most gorgeous colors!
Miss Potter never came to my town, so I can't wait to see it as well. Your afternoon sounds perfect!

lauren Mumford

Beautiful photos and the recipe sounds simple and divine! It sounds like you have a lovely day planned for today...do enjoy it!

sara, the house of charm

I agree! I want to see the movie too. I missed it in theatre, but Thursday Ryan is taking me to see the latest Pirates movie in theatre. I also want to see that new Pixar film about the french rat who cooks...


This sounds so interesting...I wish I had some fragrant roses in my garden to give it a try!


How lovely! Rose syrup sounds old-fashioned and a proper treat. I think you'll enjoy "Miss Potter", I know my eldest and I did!


Your rosey lady is lovely, the photo of the rose petals is stunning, the rose syrup sounds divine, and yes, I am excited with you for Miss Potter and plan to pick it up for my dd's birthday this weekend!
It was a very well-done movie with wonderful scenes of the Lake District in England, which dd & I hope to visit next Spring!
I love your scones and clotted cream idea! We just watched ladies in Lavender again and enjoyed our tea party while watching!

Gumbo Lily

Thank you for the recipe Clarice. Next, we'll need recipes on how to use rose water. (I've never used it). I like your Rosy Lady too!



That rose petal photos is beautiful!

I'm excited about Miss Potter, too.

karla nathan

Rose syrup sounds like a lovely potion to have on hand

And yes, I HAVE to see the Miss Potter movie too! My husband is out of town, so I will have popcorn for dinner and rent this, thanks for the reminder!


Wonderful rose syrup recipe! I'm eager to try it!!!

And yes, Mrs. Potter, the movie --- SOON! I have been eagerly awaiting for weeks and weeks!!! I raised my boys on Beatrix POtter stories. . .

:) LaTeaDah


Love the rose petals.
I can't wait to see Miss Potter too. I missed it when it was out.
I saw Waitress last week, and it was so cute!
Have fun watching the movie,


I wanted to see that movie too, but it wasn't showing anywhere in St Louis! (And I still need to get myself to the theater to see Waitress. I think I need to clone myself!)


Sounds wonderfully Victorian.

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