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I have had several e-mails asking me if I liked the Miss. Potter movie. Well yes and no. Let me say I thought the movie was like a perfect box of bon-bons. It was sweet and beautiful. Unbelibly beautiful !!!                     

I am so glad I bought it. I know when I am having a bad day this movie and a cup of lavender tea will cheer me up. I loved how they showed how Beatrix books were such a part of her and how important her imagination was to her.

What I did not like was there was not enough of what an amazing woman she is. Her life is much more then her books and her romance with Norman Warne. I felt the movie was a bit fluffy. Even though I normal love fluff, I am hoping someone still does a movie about what a truly amazing woman Beatrix Potter was. Also I felt they glossed over her relationship with her parent.

So I highly recommend the move but know it is a cotton candy version of her life. Which I like cotton candy, but would have liked it a bit more real. By the way we had a proper pot of tea and scones with the movie !!!


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The movie wasn't released in our town :( so I haven't seen it yet. I didn't feel Hollywood would do justice to her story (seems more of a Masterpiece Theatre or BBC project to me) but it sounds like it would be a nice treat.
I don't know how you feel about fictionized accounts, but Susan Wittig Albert is writing a series of "cozy mysteries" based on Miss Potter's life after Norman's death, when she buys her farm in Near Sawrey. The stories are entertaining (you hear from her animal companions & follow their adventures as well) as well as informative, giving a glimpse of her life.


Beatrix is one of my favorites. I have the book with all her stories put in it. The movie was nice but it seem to lack something for me. Don't know what but just something.

Stephanie A

I haven't seen the film yet but we did spend half term (a week in March) staying in a cottage in the Lake District, almost on the shore of Lake Windermere. We only live a couple of hours away and it's a truly magnificent landscape. I looked at the same view out of our dining room dozens of times and nearly every time it looked completely different depending on the weather. It's very easy to see how Beatrix loved the place and found it so inspiring.
In the National Trust (UK) magazine there is an interview with the couple who own the farmhouse where some filming took place and how heaps of plants were brought in to make the garden looked seasonal. It's a Bed & Breakfast place so some of the guests woke up to see Renee wandering around! It's a fabulous part of the world.


I loved the movie. I guess I'm fluffy!!! I adored the garden scenes. Aaahh. So beautiful. I actually said "no" outloud when my son declared that the movie was over. I subjected my entire family to watching it with me. I'm definitely buying it.


Love the photograph and thank you for a very honest review.


Hi Clarice,
My sentiments exactly:-) I will buy the DVD too though. I have to say it is the type of movie that will help on an off day--just like Tasha Tudor's movies:-)


I enjoyed watching it, but it wasn't the amazing movie it could have been. I still think I want a copy for those days I feel like a visit to England along with my cup of tea. If it's English it can't be all bad.Love, Mom

Gumbo Lily

Thanks for the honest review, Clarice. I'd like to rent it. I'm a fan of BP and enjoy her "real life self" very much.


karla nathan

I didn't get to rent it yet after all. But I could use some cotten candy, and am looking forward to it!


Light and fluffy yes, but also so lovely! I loved the sweet dance scene...didn't you?
And the scenery was just as I imagined it to be!
The movie should encourage all budding artists to persevere and never give up! Follow your heart and your passions no matter how odd they may seem!
I have such admiration and respect for Beatrix Potter, even in how she obeyed/respected her parents wishes despite how unreasonable they seemed.
I give the movie a thumbs up and worthy of creamed tea and scones!:)


I haven't seen it yet but its on my list :)


Hmmm, now I'm curious about the movie!


I did enjoy the movie but you're right they cheated. If you're going to make the movie then make it factual and complete. There was so much more to her than what the movie showed us.

Mrs G

sigh...I cheaped out on the flight back from San Fran (I guess airline get new releases before the general public?) so I was busy trying to follow the movie & couldn't make much sense of I'm waitin' my turn on netflix :)


Ugh, I was actually at Costco on Tuesday, but it wasn't there, so I still haven't seen it!


I watched the movie as well. I really liked it. I didn't really know much about her to begin with. I would like to know more.


We watched the movie this week as well. I was a little disappointed that it didn't seem to be extremely historically accurate, but I understand they may have had to change a few things for creative purposes. I agree with you that they didn't explore her life throughly enough. I would have liked to of seen more of her life in the Lake District. Have you read the fictionalized books about B. P. written by Susan Wittig Albert?

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