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du Puy


Say hello to my little froggy friend du Puy. I named him du Puy because he is filled with little french lentils (and I name everything after food ;-) I saw this wonderful project over at Pearl Bee. Have fun making one yourself !!!!



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This frog pattern looks very similar to a pattern my mother sewing for me when I was in the 2nd grade...many moons ago! Our teacher would like us put the little frogs on our desk in school. Nice memories.


He's great Clarice! I love the fabric, and the name!

Alice Cantrell

He's so cute!! Thank you so much for the link! My daughter is going to love trying him out. :-)

Gumbo Lily

I like him!
And I'm enjoying the "Unforgettable" Nat King Cole as I read. Swwwweeeeet!


du Puy is adorable! He reminds me of a similar critter my mother made (or did I make it?) back in the 1960's. Cheerful stuffed frogs, turtles, and other critters were very popular back then. I even had a stuffed octopus that we made. It had LONG braided legs and looked awesome displayed on pillow-top after making the bed! My sis had one too --- so we had matching twin beds with colorful octopi adorning our pillows. Not too shabby chic, but very 'mod' instead! Great memories!


What a cutie!!!



Awww, he's so cute! I love your choice of fabric!


What a playful guy!!!


Very cute and a cute name.



I love that name!

Jill 00


LOL! Great name!
I like seeing all the things you've been busy crafting lately. I've been staying up late at night to craft, but I feel better for doing it. It's been awhile, since I've put any real time towards making things. You know how sometimes you just start with an idea, then it leads to another, and then another? It's such a nice feeling when that happens. Hopefully that's starting to happen to me a little bit.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next!

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