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Even though my hubby never comes to my blog (I will have to print up this post for him ;-) I wanted to write him a thank-you. Since it is Fathers day, I have been thinking about the kind of father David to our girls. I was thinking how he is a place of safety for them. Both David and I know all to well the consequence of having fathers that are not a place of safety. The good side of this is we both know the importance of a loving and giving father. A father who builds up his children, a father who put his children’s needs first, a father who delights in his children and mostly a father who creates a safe place were a child can be themselves. David always makes his time with his family a priority, everything comes second. He plays, he listen, he sets boundaries and he loves unconditionally.

I want to thank you David for how hard you work for us, how you always make your time with the girls important, how hard you try and for being a places of safety for our girls (and me too) xoxoxo


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Of Fly Catchers and hidden lakes.

Of sleeping lizards and morning dew.

It is of birdsong and misty dawns

and fleeced clouds floating in a still pool.

The waters ripple awake in the gathering morn.

The first water birds head out for the far shore.


This was just lovely, Clarice. What a blessing your husband is to your family. Happy Father's Day to him!



PS I just posted on this, couldnt resist : )
Hope thats okay...


This truly its beautiful Clarice, it goes to the heart of things : )

And so glad to know i'm not the only one who's partner doesnt read my blog (he isnt online much period, not a computer person).

Peaceful Sunday to You : ) Wendy

karla nathan

That is sweet. Yes, print it for him, he needs to see it. My husband doesn't read my blog either, but I told him he had to, today and he was glad he did. I doubt if he'll become a regular though!

thanks for the kind thoughts and tell your nice husband happy fathers day too from Sugarwings and I!


Beautiful tribute! Love that thought:
Place of safety!
Such a blessing to have that in a world that offers little stability and safety!
Keep up the great job, David!
Blessings to your family!
Love from J&J


A very lovely way of expressing your sentiments. I'm sure that David is touched and honoured by knowing he's thought of as being a place of safety.


That is so very nice.
Hope you are having a great Father's Day!


What a lovely sentiment, what a lovely family.
Happy Fathers Day David.

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