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Violet Syrup




Joanne was kind enough to let me share her recipe for violet syrup with all of you. She was inspired by a friend of hers who gave her a jar last year. Joanne says it is yummy on pancakes. I have a cocktail using the violet syrup.

Violet Syrup
Gather your violets and rinse well.
Pack them in glass jar and cover with pour boiling water.
Let sit in a dark place for 24 hours
Drain violet' using cheese cloth/sieve into a bowl. Squeeze cloth to extract all the liquids.
Measure the amount of liquid and add same amount of sugar. For instance, if you have one cup liquid, add one cup sugar. You can use less sugar but that will affect the viscosity and you will have a thin syrup.
Pour syrup in a pan and add sugar. Cook on high heat until sugar has melted.
Pour into jars.

Here is a violet tea Joanne shared. Thank you Joanne for being so gracious to share with us and to inspire us xox



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This looks delightful, I will have to try it as violet creams are my favourite chocolate.

The Glitter Fairy

Oh Clarice!
How wonderful...what a great way to celebrate those sweet little purple blossoms that look up at me just before I get ready to cut the grass! Our yard is full of them! I always have to pick as many as I can because I just can't bear to mow them! Now I have something special to do with them. I have a small glass holding a handful right now on my kitchen counter!
Thanks for the recipe and inspiration.


Wonderful! Wish I had some violets in my garden!


eXquisite! Clarice & Joanne, you two should collaborate more often. This post is both breath-taking and awe-inspiring. But I am not surprised to see quality of this caliber from either of you. (Yes, I am eXuberant)!!! XXX's

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Thanks for sharing this!!


hmmmmmmm sounds wonderful.....your top picture is so beautiful, Clarice...looks like it came out of a magazine!


Some answers:
My 11yo dd and her friend spent about an hour picking the violets which were growing wild on our property(wooded area). When the flowers are picked, they are a violet purple, but when cooked down the syrup becomes more of a cranberry/violet colour.
It was such a joy to make this with my dd who enjoyed the 'fruit of her labor'!
This was the label we attached, only we used the cursive writing type-set.

Violet Syrup
Use as a replacement
for sugar or honey in tea,
or lovely served on icecream

Gumbo Lily

Oh! I just read the other recipe link for the syrup and it says 1 lb. voilets to 1 pint water and 2 lb. sugar. That's fairlly easy to remember. Now.....where do I find an entire pound of those fairy-light voilets???

Thanks Joanne and Clarice!

Gumbo Lily

What a beautiful jar of voilet syrup. Wouldn't this be a treat to receive?

About how many voilets are we talking for a quart of syrup? A full jar?

Looking forward to the new recipe.


Oh my...violets!!!! Awesome. I wonder how it tastes!


Oh, how pretty! I just love the doily and tag on the jar. Your photos remind me of Victoria magazine, Clarice!

lauren Mumford

P.S. Very pretty post!! Love it!

lauren Mumford

Where on earth would one get so MANY violets? I've had about ten on my two plants. I think I need to plant more? I didn't even have the heart to pick them when I was sugaring rose petals. But, yes, rose petal or lavendar syrup would be nice too, wouldn't it?

the wine makers wife

Brilliant idea! I hav enever had such a thing, mmm, drizzled over icecream would be marvelous!


I guess you would need a lot of violets.
It looks wonderful though.


Stunning Clarice,

I can't wait for the cocktail recipe.

Jill 00


Isn't that a pretty presentation?? Why is the first jar a bit redder than the others? It's the same thing, no?
I'm dying to see the cocktail!!! That sounds outstanding :) Something I would probably love to serve in teacups.... heh heh!


Are these wild violets?


Like LateaDah I was wondering if other blooms could be used??? What about pansies? I guess I'm supposed to be making sugared pansies with those, right?

This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Clarice and Joanne! (Is this "our" Joanne? If so, big hugs!!!)

Do you know, Clarice, if other flowers can be used?



I have never heard of violet syrup. Our violets won't be blooming for awhile yet but I will give that a try when they do.


Oh, what a delightful recipe. Sadly my violets are done blooming, but I imagine I could use the same process for rose blossoms or lavender bud. Thank you so much for sharing the 'how to's' for this great idea!


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