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Violet Spritzer


Violet Spritzer

1 TBL. Violet Syrup

1/2 glass dry Gewurztraminer , I love Navarro gewurztraminer

1/2 glass bubble water

This is a wine spritzer with the violet syrup added. I choose a dry Gewurztraminer because of it fruity and floral character. I think it would go well with the violets. I posted a half wine, half bubble water ratio. But I have learned working at a winery that everyone taste things differently, so you need to play with the amounts to find what suits you. Also any fruity (which is different from sweet) white wine would work.

I sadly did not have any more violets to garnish my drink, so I use a pansy. But a floating sugared violet would be the perfect garnish. La-Tea-Da has the most interesting recipe for sugared flowers that does not use egg whites. Check it out.

Thank you La-Tea-Da and thank you again Joanne for sharing with all of us. I will be posting in a couple of weeks a rose syrup recipe and my all time favorite summer cocktail. So stay tuned !!


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Blame It on Paris

Pretty! Someone on my blog was just wondering what to do with her violet syrup. I need to send her your way! :)

Laura F.

Andrea S.

oh my gosh, this sounds good! I love violet flavored anything. YUM!


Leave it to you and Joanne to collaborate on such a wonderful idea. I wish I had all those violets that Debbie's growing in her yard! I only have a few out by the pond, but maybe some day! I bet the violet syrup smells really nice. I'll look forward to the rose syrup...I have lots of those!


What an absolutely beautiful photograph! I love the setting, the refreshing look that you've depicted. Lovely! And thank you for mentioning a link to my site. :)

Terri Pollhein

My husband likes to drink Gewurztraminer....mostly, I think, because it's so much fun to say Gewurztraminer! LOL May have to try this drink sometime. Heading to the Finger Lakes this weekend, so maybe we'll pick up some Gewurztraminer.
God bless.

Susan P.

Clarice, I must comment on how absolutely gorgeous your new blog look is. I have been away for several weeks and when I popped on here it was a true "feast" for the eyes! Your photography is so lovely, as well as all of your ideas. I have so enjoyed "catching" up with you, dear friend:o) Big hugs, Susan P.

Mary T.

What could be better...? I've just woken up from a two hour long Sunday afternoon nap and have just got caught up with reading your wonderful entries from the last few weeks! You inspire so many with your great ideas. I loved your comment, "So the moral of the story is to dream, but hold onto it lightly." from May 14th.

Miss you everyday! Mary T.


Sounds yummy!
Can't wait to hear about the Rose syrup.


Your photography is once again exquisite! I just love the way you 'set up'/stage your lovely!
Thank you for sharing that recipe with us!

Gumbo Lily

This sounds really special and smooth. Thanks for showing us how to live more beautifully every day.


Another wonderful recipe! Violets are definitely on my list of flowers to add to my garden next spring. (By the way, I hope you don't mind that I've tagged you today!)



Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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