Christmas House !!!!!
Opinions needed

Vintage Storybook Woods


Well now that my blog is a year old, I can post vintage posts :-) Thank you Mrs. Cooper for the idea. I have been going through past posts and boy there is a lot. So I will now and then highlight a favorite. I loved these cake plates . I am always looking for new ways to use what I already have.

I also wanted to post about this because I have always used museum wax but started to use the gel. Well I do not like it, it does not hold well. So even though the gel is clear, get the wax instead. It works much better.

Dannielle at Princess Nimble Thimble has tagged me to pick five of my favorite blogs. Well that is just impossible. There are tooo many. I have a 149 blogs on my blog feeder. Plus I could not leave someone out and possible make them sad. So I have picked five blogs I have never mentioned on my blog before. Hopefully there will be one or two you have not seen before. Thank you Dannielle for liking my blog !!

Nicol Sayer

Folded Gingham

Live Lovely

A Number Of Things

Louise Loves Pin-Board


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Jennifer Byrne Paganellli

You have so much fun over here!!! Did Your daughter like the fabrics forgive me if you have mentioned it Christmas time is zany around here..getting use to this new typepad format and not really sold on it..change is never easy!!! HUGS MISSY..


wow, I am so flattered! I know that this post it almost a year old but I just found that you tagged me! Thanks!


Oh, Clarice! That was SO sweet of you to mention little 'ole me! :-) Thank you so very much!


Catching up on my blog reading. This is a very clever idea. It is also a reminder to me to get some of that museum wax. I live in earthquake country and I think it would come in handy in several places.



Yes yes! I love doing this too!
I've considered actually using e6000 on some that I want to keep stationary, but I'm still not quite sure....


Your cake plates are a favorite! I made something very similar recently using a candle holder and an vintage plate. Great idea!


I think this is a wonderful idea too Clarice! Now every time I'm out treasure hunting I will be putting elements together like this to see how they look together.
Thank you for the wonderful links!


What a lovely idea...vintage posts! I adore your little cake plates! Perfect for cupcakes too!
I have a question about your Guinness Chocolate Pudding. Do you think I could substitue some kind of flavored liquor for the Guinness?? Don't tell Phillip though, he wouldn't want me messing with this perfect recipe. ;0)


test. clarice

karla nathan

Oh, love th ecake plate idea! Is the wax you mentioned permanent?


I remember this post from your beginnings Clarice and I have to say that I love these little pedestal plates too! I have used your idea a number of times when displaying cupcakes or whatnot.


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