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Thank you Clarice! I will be sure to check the TV listing for this~I would love to see it.


I should set my tivo.


Yippeee! I need to go set my TiVo right now. My mom is here is this weekend and she'll be so excited, too.

Cheers! LA

sara, the wine makers wife

I shall keep a watchful eye out for this one!

Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice,
Thank you for the heads up about this one. I generally enjoy Masterpiece Theater ~ especially the recent Jane Eyre. I have heard of Mrs. Beeton ~ this looks very good.


Clarice, you're very welcome! I am SO looking forward to this program - hope it's a good one! :)


Martha Stewart of the Victorian Days...

Thanks for sharing Dawn and Clarice, I will be sure and watch..

Jill 00

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