Mother's Day Blessing
Violet Syrup

The aftermath




Well I have been debating what to write about mothers day after my little sermon. My mothers day weekend did not quite turn out like I dreamed. It was not that my family was not wonderful, it was just one of those weekends were one problems after another, conspires against you. Things break, bumper-to-bumper traffic, closed bridge, no sun, hurt foot, ect.

I will be honest and say I had a little cry. Then counted my lucky stars, loving family and salvaged what I could. I did get a wonderful breakfast on bed. Bagel with cream cheese, capers, chives and lox's. Fresh strawberries with yogurt and T-party tea !!!

Aubern'e made me a beautiful pencil holder and Paris card. Chloe shopped at the Christmas house. She got me lovely hankie and Mary bear ornament. (I miss Mary bear by the way). Hubby bought me this beautiful pressed glass for our bathroom and at Costco a clematis with the cool metal trellis. We are got a horse shoe game and had fun playing.

So the moral of the story is to dream, but hold onto it lightly.


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It is good to dream! :)


Goodness, it sounds like you could use a hug Clarice! I hope your foot isn't too serious and that it's well on the mend now.
Expectations can suck all the air out of a lovely day sometimes if you let them. I think your gifts and the efforts by your family sound so wonderful! All of it was given from the hearts of the ones who love you. That sounds like a dream come true to me!

karla nathan

Sounds like your day didn't go wrong due to uncaring people. As long as you have them and they show they care,then it can't be all bad!!


Life just isn't perfect, is it? I have come to terms with that also, but I know that we are blessed with our families and that is the most important gift we can have!
BTW, you did get spoiled....sweet family!


Even though your Mother's Day might have been less than you dreamed, I know your family loves and adores you even more than your dreams! Maybe next year will be better --- and every day inbetween. Thank you what you call your 'sermon' post. I directed several friends to your site whom live far from their children. Some they didn't even hear from on Mother's Day --- so sad. We talked about care even when other's don't care as they should and they were blessed. Thank you for your thoughts.



Your family is so sweet.

I guess they had a good example.

I love the little bouuqet of flowers, so pretty!
Don't forget to update us on the climber.
I bet it's stunning in mid summer.

I bet your baking something:~)

Jill 00


I always say, stuff happens, but we make the best of it.
It sounds like it was nice anyway.

cheryl (Copper's Wife)

It sounds as though your Mother's Day was wonderful, Clarice. What lovely gifts your family bestowed upon you!


Oh it sounds like Mother's Day was a day strong in love and thoughtfulness. So sorry about the mishaps. Funny how they work they into even the grandest of events to test you. Love that clematis!!! hugs to you!

The Glitter Fairy

Hi Clarice,
Loved reading about your Mother's Day. Your blog is beautiful...Continue holding onto those dreams...and have some chocolate!
Yours in glitter,


Thank you for the good advice! It's disappointing when things don't go as planned, but your wonderful family more than made up for it. And I do hope your T-Party cup of tea helped to warm your heart, as well.


You're right, Clarice. Even though things didn't go as planned, you were surrounded by loving family. And breakfast in bed~how great!
Hope that foot is better soon!


Oh no! I am sorry things didn't go as planned. We had a bit of trouble over here, which involved being locked out of our house for hours! LOL The glass is gorgeous, btw.

Mrs. X

Do we live in a parallel universe?! Sunday at the X house included charred bacon, smoke alarms, closed shops, missing ingredients, changed dinner plans and even a sore foot! Sometimes the best laid plans... Yet, how blessed we are to have dear ones to love and cherish in the midst of it all. (And some dark chocolate doesn't hurt either)!


I'm sorry your Mother's Day was less than blissful but how wonderful to have a family who loves you so! I hope your foot injury isn't too serious. Dee

Gumbo Lily

What special gifts you received Clarice. I'm sorry that your day wasn't just perfect, but you realized the Best Part -- love of family.


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