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I was wondering if any one who bought a copy of my petite magazine, would consider going to my store and writing a review. I also want to thank you, I have sold 24 issues. I have been asked when the next issue will be out. I do not have a lot of extra time and this next issue will require me to go on several photo shoots in different locations. So it will probably be the end of summer beginning of fall. But I will let you know.

You ladies are wonderful, all comments about my fireplace was very helpful. I did want to say that is was given to me to sell or keep. We are free to do what ever we want with it. I am still thinking about it.


Also thank you Susan and Cynthia at T-Cozy for the wonderful tea. They sent me

Vintage Rose: A step back into the past! This Victorian Earl Grey is a wonderful mixture of Rose Congou, rose petals, lavender, rosemary and natural Bergamot oil. This tea has a sweet, floral taste that is adored by old and young alike.

We loved it (great packging by the way !!!) Thank you soo much xoxoxox


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The Wine Makers Wife

What a gorgeous store you have. I will be back!!


Hi Clarice,
WOW at lot has changed since I last stopped in. Everything looks wonderful, new and fresh! The egg pillow is a darling idea.


Dear Clarice,
Your welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed our Vintage Rose tea.


Not sure if I did it right, but I wrote one for the bird nest (as that's the one I've done so far!)

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