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I wanted to share my door with you. For a long time it was in my living room, but then I moved it upstairs to my bathroom. It has my favorite child's apron on it. But I see now, that you can not see it well. I will take more pictures soon. The funny thing about this door is it was up in the attic of the farmhouse I use to live in. It was covered in dirt. But when I went to wash it, I did so painstakingly, so none of the chipping paint would come off. My hubby just shook his head and put it the chick file (the chick file, is all the girls things I do that confuse David :-)


I love this mirror. It was my MIL but it was just ugly brown (I do not like brown much) wood beads. So I painted the whole thing white and wired on all these little do-das. Like old buttons, price tag, little pear, a old rose, ect. The cool thing about wiring them, is I can move each thing to my liking.


Also look at my new little pale pink compost pail. I love it and it was only $7.00 at TJ Maxx !!!!!


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Just found your blog today. I've enjoyed looking through it. I love your door. I have one similar to yours that my husband "installed" beside our refrigerator. Our fridge is in a corner of the kitchen - I wanted something on the other side of it to give it a built in look. The door does that perfectly. I also love your Father's Day entry. We have 4 girls (and a boy!). It is a blessing to have a husband who protects his family and teaches his son to watch out for his sisters.


Oh I love that door! yes I know that shaking of a husbands head so well! but you have a good eye for faded elegance Clarice,lovely post.

Jennifer Paganelli

Clarice diggging that mirror so much....and of course everything else too!!! Hugs Jennifer


Perfectly lovely! You have made the mirror look gorgeous. And a pink compost pail, how lucky!!


love your mirror, you did a great idea to paint the wood beads white!!
this is really pretty!!


I *love* your door!! Beautiful beyond words... Hope to see you back here soon with all sorts of new ideas and thoughts. Blessings, Debra


That is a great door and I love how you adorned it and the mirror is amazing!! The pail is nothing to sneeze at either (incidently I have a cold and sneezing is running rapant so that is a literal compliment ::Grin::)


I love your door too! You have a real flair for decorating Clarice.
The comment about your husband's chick file made me laugh. I think my guys have one of those too!
Isn't this weather something? I think summer may be here!

Andrea S.

beautiful stuff! I love how you rescued the frame! So pretty!


I think Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic could learn a few things from you, Clarice! That door is perfect!


So interesting! Clarice, you are so gifted! I would never have thought of using an old door as decor!
Good for you!

Gumbo Lily

Chic, chic, chic!


I think my very favorite posts are the peaks into the blogger's homes. What a lovely door - all full of memories and trinkets.


Oh, I just love your door....its beautiful! The apron is so pretty and so is your mirror! I love the little "do-das" you added!! Your new compost pail is the cutest thing too!



I love the colors that you've used in this door arrangement. Love, Mom


What a cute apron. Great vintage treasure.


There you go again...putting all of my great ideas *wink* into practice! Things I've "thought" of doing, but never dared in my own home. I love the thought of you carefully cleaning it up so as to preserve it's shabbiness. Good for you!


I really like the door.

Who would have thought under all that dirt, a beautifully aged crackled door adorned in Beauté de Clarice.

Jill 00


YEAH for 'Chick files'!!! Love your door, and the mirror is really fun, but I gotta tell you, a pale pink compost bucket is truly over the top WONDERFUL!!!


Gorgeous! I love what you did, Clarice. Thanks for sharing.

Cheers! LA


I knew I liked you. I have a door almost like that one. It is in my entry area. I will show you sometime. Love the compost pail too!


Beautiful collage effect. I love old doors...skeleton empty picture frames too. There's just something intriguing about them.


I love your door! I have a robin egg blue one at the end of my hallway, and I hate it when someone tries to brush the flaking paint off it!

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