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I have gotten several e-mail about how I made the nest pictures. I decided to do a tutorial. I a used cereal box and cut off the extra part of the box. You will need soft pastels, damp paper-towel, hairspray and embellishments.



To make the nest, I shredded a page from an old book. I just drizzled glue in a half circle and set a handful of shredded paper on the glue. DO NOT push it down. Let is dry and shake off what did not stick. Then add dabs of glue to the nest (to fill in) and do the same thing again with the shredded paper. I copied a picture of a bird from an old book and cut that out. I tore paper that looked like old wallpaper and then glue the rest. Ta-da. Very easy and fun.

PS. I am sorry for the misspelled words. I saved the pictures before checking them and do not want to redo them :-)



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It's a bad link


It's a bad link

karla nathan

I have missed visiting! It is good to be home, but might be awhile before I get caught up. I'll come back to get details on the nest as soon as I get settled in, I would love to make one. They are so pretty


Great tutorial, thank you!


Thanks for sharing. I do love these. It is such fun to see where you displayed yours. So perfect! What a welcome!

LA xo


A great collage idea, Clarice, and yours looks beautiful on the wall. I like that it can be made from items we all have around. Thanks for the directions!



Thanks for sharing the instructions, which by the way, are classic Clarice instructions...
Jill 00


What a wonderful project! Thanks for the step by step. You're an artist, Clarice!


Dear Clarice,
your nest is beautiful. I really like the luck little bird with the crown.


Love the nest! I am just beginning to delve into collage, and I appreciate the tips. Thanks!

Gumbo Lily

How do you do it.....making *something* beautiful out of bits of nothing? You MUST be a fairy!

Isabella in the 21st Century

Hi Clarice
I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I loved the post on making violet syrup. I make my own cordials but I've never seen this one before. I've linked to you if this is ok.


Clarice, how fun, a mini class, right here on your blog! Thank you so much for the instructions, it is so nice of you to share! I love how yours turned out, and it looks wonderful in your home.

Wishing you a lovely week,


A cereal box? Leave it to you to be so resourceful!


These are lovely in the pictures (and your tutorial is very helpful) but they are even more gorgeous in person.

Very nice, Clarice!

sara, the house of charm

Clarice, I love the photo of this colage by your front door with the urn and nest below it. How welcoming and creative!! I love this project, but I couldn't make nything as wonderful as yours!


It's very generous of you to share your tutorial Clarice. I think these turned out really wonderful. I like the paper nests too!
Thank you for taking the time to tell us how you made them!


Thank you so much for the instructions, Clarice! I love the shredded paper nests!

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